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    Brad Kayaa

    Just to be clear, by posting this I'm in no way advocating for taking Kayaa with #6 or even a 3rd lol. I'm just curious why everyone is down on him.
  2. SR24

    Brad Kayaa

    Why are so many people down on him? Seems like he could be a solid qb. I don't really follow college or know how to evaluate qbs though but from the tape and stats I've seen he looks pretty good! Curious why he's not talked about as much as the others
  3. SR24

    Rate my Draft

    Just rounds 1-3 from a guy who doesn't watch much college football. 1st- OJ Howard-Alabama 2nd-Sidney Jones-Washington or Jalen Tabor- Florida 3rd- Antonio Garcia-Troy 3rd Comp Pick- Brad Kayaa.
  4. A lot can change in a year, Hack was projected to be the #1 qb in his class after the 2015 draft and look what happened. We can't just bank on tanking for a kid who could get hurt, could regress etc. However I don't really like any of these qbs in this draft except for Brad Kayaa I think his game will transition well into the NFL big arm, good size and a good football iq. If Kayaa is there when we are selecting with our 2nd 3rd round pick I would take him in a heartbeat. At #6 I'm only looking at 3 players- Jamal Adams,Malik Hooker and OJ Howard. I'm also looking for the trade back but it seems unlikely with the lack of superstar qbs in the draft. My ideal first 3 rounds would look something like 1st- OJ Howard-Alabama 2nd-Sidney Jones-Washington or Jalen Tabor- Florida 3rd- Antonio Garcia-Troy 3rd Comp Pick- Brad Kayaa.
  5. Odds are they won't be. If they are Mike Williams is a logical pick, Lattimore really scares me tbh he's got a bad injury history. Not really sure what to do if they're all gone but I think there's a better chance of 1 our of 3 being there than there is of all 3 being gone hopefully lol
  6. OJ Howard, Malik Hooker, Jamal Adams should be the only 3 names we're even entertaining.
  7. I will see your Pick and Raise you the next Gronk..
  8. @Adam Schefter: Jets are signing QB Josh McCown to a one-year deal, per sourxe.
  9. spend that extra 3rd on this kid. Kayaa Hack and Petty
  10. Just take Howard at #6 if Adams isn't there. Lattimore is Miliner 2.0
  11. Why is everyone so down on Trubisky? What are the big knocks against him
  12. I think we were hoping Trumaine Johnson was going to hit free agency. Sucks he didnt, I agree we need one but man Lattimore has some injury issues idk if i'd gamble on him. Definitely 2nd round I'd take one
  13. Schefter on twitter- Dont'a Hightower is returning to the New England Patriots, sources tell ESPN. New England's off-season rolls on.
  14. IMO here's how it's going to play out. He's going to ask NE to either match our offer or meet in the middle. They'll likely say no and he will be a Jet before tomorrow. Not really sure how I feel about it though to be honest. It's never bad to add high level young talent but at the same time he could just be a product of the Patriots scheme and could be benefiting so much from the elite level coaching and talent around him. I guess I just wonder how good he will be if/when he's not in New England. Would be an exciting sign but idk if it's the right time to add a salary like that to a team that won't be competitive until atleast 2019
  15. @MikeSilver According to source familiar with the negotiations, the Jets have been out of the Hightower market since he left the building @nflnetwork
  16. If Adams is gone and we don't sign Hightower, OJ Howard should be the pick. If we get Hightower we should take Soloman Thomas
  17. Big players get big money, that's the way it goes. Only way this signing makes sense is if we go Edge at #6. I like Hightower a 27year old David Harris is fine by me won't mind the signing, won't freak out with joy either. He's a great player and it never hurts adding that kind of talent, and if we're finding our qb next year we might not be that far away from some winning seasons than most people think.
  18. Petty has thrown more passes in 2 seasons than this guy has in 7 lol. His boy Doug Pederson just signed Foles as the backup isn't that telling? Pass. Petty/Hack and whoever you can get for 1yr 5mil or less
  19. He's a pistol qb who works best when running a ton of options. Dudes got a cannon but if the rumors about Morton running a West Coast style offense, Kaep isn't a fit. I also don't want the attention he brings either. Talented kid but not a fit here
  20. Williams will be to the Titans at #5. They just signed to dbacks to bolster their secondary now it's time to get Mariota a weapon. I would still take Howard over Williams though. He's a game changing tight end look at what Gronk,Reed,Kelce etc do for their qbs
  21. I'd take him at #6 may be a reach but we need to draft impact players and Howard is most definitely an impact player.
  22. Running 2 TE formations with ASJ and OJ Howard would be lethal. 2 6'6 250 pounders with Robbie and Q stretching the field
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