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  1. 8 mil for a 25 year old guard im not mad about it. if anything that number shows Mac is about to clean house lol
  2. Pryor is only good for big hits he's a liability in coverage
  3. t!ts you're right idek if i can edit it =( im a noob at posting lol
  4. Who would you guys like to see at #6?!
  5. Add Stephon Gilmore or Trumaine Johnson, Resign Winters and another olinemen through free agency. Draft Cam Robinson to protect this kid and I'm all for it. Before we find a qb we need to find a line to protect him you could put Brady behind our line and he'd get crushed.
  6. If the Jets Draft Cam Robinson, I will have faith in Mac and the rebuild
  7. Stephon Gilmore will be available as well. Wouldn't hate if we signed either, or both lol 26 and 27years old
  8. And with a lack of elite level qb talent the odds of that happening are slim
  9. Dude has a 64% completion, 7td-1 pick and over 800 yards in the 2 championship games against Bama kid can play. However Mac is probably unlikely to stray from Hack after one year with the plan not changing. I want Watson but with the gaping holes in the oline, the secondary that's in the trashbin idk if we can pass up on Cam Robinson or a Dback especially with Darnold most likely coming out next year. If its Watson,Robinson or a Dback I'm happy.
  10. Completely agree guy can penetrate deep holes in the secondary and load the ball right in our WR faces. Must sign
  11. Tyrod is interesting. He's shown flashes of potential decent ball security but it definitely not a finished product. I have 0 confidence in this CS to develop him further so if he is brought in we must must must spend as much money and draft picks as possible to build the best possible oline and establish a run game. When Sanchez was here all his job entailed was not turning the ball over while Thomas Jones rushed for 50348348r743342209303 yards and 15 tds behind a great oline. Tyrod has shown he can limit turnovers but without a good oline in front of him he's going to scramble 20 times a game
  12. I'd offer the #6 pick for whatever drugs you're on because damn those things must be good
  13. If we're going to bring in an ex headcoach to be the OC it should 20000000000000% be Bill O'Brien (If he gets fired). This team doesn't have the mental capability to run a fast paced offense. We don't do anything face paced lol unless its letting wrs go for 80yd tds
  14. All of the defensive assistants but no the coordinator hmm makes a lot of sense if you don't think about it. Get Rodgers out of here plays and he can take Bowles with him
  15. Use this offseason to rebuild the oline and secondary then we get this kid next man that'd be exciting
  16. Bye to everyone in the secondary except Burris and M Williams, Winters should be retained at a reasonable price if not there is actually a decent amount of depth at oline via free agency. Marshall should stay just to give whatever poor bastard qb we have next year as many weapons as possible. Trade Sheldon for an early 4th if we can get it, Cut Mangold if he won't take a monster paycut. Use the first pick to draft a Safety, Sign Stephon Gilmore to be the #1 cb use free agency and the 2nd and 3rd round picks on the oline. Bring in a qb like Glennon or if he's too expensive roll with Mccown for a year. That option sucks but if we're committing to a rebuild it's gotta be done.
  17. Not sure how you fire one without the other both need to go. Chan was awful, Bowles was even worse
  18. We have so many holes it's insane and a pass rusher right now isn't our biggest one. If Revis is cut we're out a #1 corner (not like he played like one this year but still). Our O-line is banged up and besides James Carpenter noone else has shown they deserve to be here. When Gilchrist is cut we won't have a safety who can cover #3 wrs lol. Also Richardson did everything he could to demolish his trade value pairing him with a 1st is more enticing but idk if the Browns would pull the trigger. We should trade this pick back to get more picks because this roster has more holes than a slice of swiss cheese
  19. Well if O'Brien is fired bring him in as the highest paid OC in the league or fire Bowles. He can develop Hack and is also a solid coach.
  20. After a season like this it becomes time to evaluate from the top down and from what I see it's time to clean house and commit to a rebuild. Say goodbye to the CS, I love Mac and i'll give him another shot. I'd like to see Bill O'Brien come in and shake things up if Houston is dumb enough to fire him. He has history with Hack and is a nice offensive minded HC who seems to gain the respect of players, could really turn this team around. At DC we could promote Pepper Johnson or bring in a guy like Emmitt Thomas a brilliant defensive mind who specializes in the secondary. Free agency will be interesting a decent ammount of Oline talent and Stephon Gilmore. Bringing in a guy like Gilmore who's 26 and shouldn't command a ton in salary would be a pivotal piece in rebuilding the secondary. Gilmore at the #1 and Williams as the #2 is a decent cb tandem. Snag a safety like Jamal Adams from LSU with the first round pick followed by oline in the 2nd and 3rd and we're in business.
  21. If the rumors about O'Brien are true bring him in as the highest paid OC in the league
  22. Negative, 1- highly likely Gilchrist is gone which means our best safety is gone. Pryor is a liability in coverage. 2- We still have Forte and Powell, 3- There's only 1 real stud lineman in this draft Cam Robinson who may be a reach at #6. The line can be addressed through Free Agency and in the later rounds but unfortunately our defensive secondary is a train wreck right now and this draft has some real elite level Safeties and Corners
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