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  1. After a season like this it becomes time to evaluate from the top down and from what I see it's time to clean house and commit to a rebuild. Say goodbye to the CS, I love Mac and i'll give him another shot. I'd like to see Bill O'Brien come in and shake things up if Houston is dumb enough to fire him. He has history with Hack and is a nice offensive minded HC who seems to gain the respect of players, could really turn this team around. At DC we could promote Pepper Johnson or bring in a guy like Emmitt Thomas a brilliant defensive mind who specializes in the secondary. Free agency will be interesting a decent ammount of Oline talent and Stephon Gilmore. Bringing in a guy like Gilmore who's 26 and shouldn't command a ton in salary would be a pivotal piece in rebuilding the secondary. Gilmore at the #1 and Williams as the #2 is a decent cb tandem. Snag a safety like Jamal Adams from LSU with the first round pick followed by oline in the 2nd and 3rd and we're in business.
  2. If the rumors about O'Brien are true bring him in as the highest paid OC in the league
  3. Negative, 1- highly likely Gilchrist is gone which means our best safety is gone. Pryor is a liability in coverage. 2- We still have Forte and Powell, 3- There's only 1 real stud lineman in this draft Cam Robinson who may be a reach at #6. The line can be addressed through Free Agency and in the later rounds but unfortunately our defensive secondary is a train wreck right now and this draft has some real elite level Safeties and Corners
  4. This might be a perfect draft to trade down a bit to grab Robinson however there are quit a few high end free agent olineman available idk how mac does it but he's got to get this oline rebuilt
  5. You could put any elite qb behind this offensive line and under this coaching staff of buffoons and they'd still fail
  6. Ronald Leary is set to be a free agent, nice cornerstone Olinemen to go along with Carpenter would be a nice start.
  7. Fitz gets the flu right before the game massive hershey squirts and can't play. Hack comes in throws the ball so far down the field it hits Rex in the head while hes packing all his stuff in his jeep. Hack throws for 2,000 yards and 41tds all of which go to Wayne Cherbet. Curtis Martin comes out of retirement, Eric Mangini becomes our team hydration specialist and Herm Edwards returns as the groundskeeper. Thats what I hope happens in the game
  8. If he was turning 33 then yes but 37+he's fragile, pass. Draft a safety,sign Stephon Gilmore,use free agency and the 2nd+3rd round draft picks to address the oline
  9. Pryor is complete liability in coverage sure the big hits are fun to watch but watching him get torched by whoever he's covering is awful too. Jamal Adams in the first round, Stephon Gilmore via free agency is a nice way to start the young rebuild of the secondary
  10. Free agency is going to be really pivotal in determining our draft needs. Stephon Gilmore from Buf is set to test the market hes a young guy and is a solid corner would love to sign him and take Jamal Adams from LSU or trade down and take Cam Robinson
  11. Gotta love having a top pick in the draft and having no elite talent olineman in the class -____-
  12. Also there are too many elite level corners and safeties for us to pass up in the 1st round
  13. This game is won in the trenches its as easy as that, it will be hard for us to develop a qb behind a horrendus line. I like the idea of Glennon Petty and Hack but we've got to protect these guys the oline depth in free agency is decent and the draft lacks elite oline talent not sure how we're gonna do it. Its time to sell them off the distractions and get back to the old style Jets offense. Ground and pound the ball. Draft a corner with the first pick then oline 2nd and 3rd round add a lineman via free agency and spend the rest of the cap room on the secondary
  14. We can't base our pick in this draft off of our previous drafts. Going defense again isn't sexy I know it's boring and same old typical Jets BS, but that's one of our biggest needs and with the lack of elite oline talent+the plethera of elite level corners and safeties in this draft might be the right decision. I know I hate it too, Idk why we would take a WR I saw that earlier thats the only position we have solid depth at. Maybe we can try to trade Sheldon for an early 3rd or 4th round pick idk but this is what I'd do. 1st-Cb/S 2nd-Oline 3rd-Oline 4th-Ilb 5th-TE
  15. Call up Cleveland they're looking for DE help in the draft see if they'll part with the early 3rd or 4th round pick. Need as many picks as possible to rebuild the oline and secondary. F*** Sheldon
  16. Petty could shine with a better oline, hard to have great pocket presence when you're getting demolished every play. Adding the best available olinemen via free agency needs to be the focal point of the offseason, add a few good olinemen draft one in the later rounds as well. Fournette,Marshon Lattimore or Quincy Wilson with the 1st round pick oline in the 2nd.
  17. I would rather have Mac acknowledge he made a bad pick and take a qb early instead of having him not take one to pad his ego.
  18. It doesn't matter who our qb is behind this dreadful oline. That needs to be the priority this off season, trading the pick is our best option it's not a sexy option but its a great way to rebuild
  19. Q Robbie Marshall Decker We don't need another WR
  20. 1- Get a better OC 2- Through the draft and Free Agency rebuild the damn oline. When we had Sanchez and a good oline we were a playoff team! Thomas Jones went crazy for 14 TDs and a ton of yards while Sanchez just had to manage the game. The game is won in the trenches and without a good line no qb has a chance. A good oline can make an average qb look great look at Dak! Oline should be #1 priority this offseason
  21. The draft where the Jets have a great pick is the draft where there's not one elite olineman. WHY
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