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  1. Jesus can't believe I did lol, we've got a lot of weapons on this offense they just aren't being used correctly
  2. Don't get me wrong here im PUMPED at the way we came back and our young guys played, but Gailey has got to go. If Bowles stays we have to get an oc in here who can work with Petty and utilize the offensive weapons this team has. ASJ is a 6'6 260lb TE with great hands and who can also block and gets like no involvement in the offense. Petty has proven he can throw the ball deep with accuracy yet Chan hasn't really let him air it out in the limited times we've seen him. Might be time to bring in a fresh set of eyes to oversee the defense and get the most out of the young talent and vets we have while giving out young qbs the best chance at sucess!
  3. He was the half time adjustments king last year nice to see him light a fire again this season
  4. If Smith can come back and be effective we'd have 2 solid deep ball threats,Marshall and Decker oh and ASJ. Wow. Build up this oline with those weapons and we're in business boys!
  5. Very good point, remember though compare the defense and oline Sanchez played with to the one Petty is playing with. It was great to see Petty go out and play with fire if he plays well in these 3 big games we may just be on to something. Regardless of who are qb is though, we need to rebuild this damn oline this offseason! Bring on Miami!
  6. Nice confidence booster for Petty against a weak defense. Kid showed tremendous heart and will to win which is something this team has needed. These next 3 games are where we see what this kids really got. Petty Burris Anderson Powell Leo Q Winters played great and played with fire today it was awesome to see. Onto Miami!
  7. I can't even watch the game not on our local channel
  8. We have a solid tight end in ASJ we need to get him more involved and use the off season to rebuild our oline.
  9. Maybe just take a break from the forums for a little while it'll do you some good but hey you're right, Bowles is doing a great job with this team
  10. But to answer you dumb condescending question, yep. So what would you do with Bowles since you are without a doubt such a knowledgeable fan?
  11. He named him the starter before he was on the roster LOL you delusional? Dude had 13 picks through 4 games and kept the starting job.
  12. 3-9 with this team is pathetic im sorry. Bowles undying love for Fitz and awful defensive play should cost him his job, get chan outta here too
  13. Setting up Chan to be the fall guy when Bowles made Fitz the starter before he was even on the team, Fitz blows yet Bowles plays him anyway and it's Chans fault? Don't get me wrong Chan has been horrendous this year but Bowles has lost leadership of this team and has proven he can't make the big time decisions coaches need to ensure the development of the youth of the franchise.
  14. Ignore qb im fine with, but defense eh we need to build up this oline
  15. You guys remember when Thomas Jones demolished the league and our average qb in Sanchez brought us to the playoffs? The game is won in the trenches. Build up the damn o-line first draft an edge later use the cap space we'll have to rebuild the defense.
  16. Petty throwing deep balls to Anderson and Devin Smith............Might actually make the game watchable as long as Gailey lets #9 go out there and air it out
  17. If he doesnt go Rodgers and Gailey have to. Gailey should go regardless
  18. What would you say the market is for him if there even is any? Browns have any interest in a swap for him and J Thomas?
  19. I wonder if Mac could explore a trade with Cleveland for Joe Thomas involving Wilk or Sheldon. They're being mocked by everyone to take Garrett maybe they'd be interested in adding one of these guys and using the #1 pick on a different position. Idk how the contracts would work out but it may not be a bad idea. We could add Thomas and sign another Olinemen and either draft another one or use the pick on Fournette? idk just a fun thought
  20. "In my situation, I don't really care about the big picture," What a guy! Cut his dumbass and dress Hack every game
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