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  1. Whats the excuse gonna be if he has a good game though I'm curious? He's not the best qb i get it but there's no way he can be worse than the bearded trashcan. Give the dude a fair shot at a start and if he sucks boo the sh!t outta him but save it for after the game. He's got good wrs and a decent running game have a little optimism if Fitz played well with these guys last year maybe Geno will too. He walks this year regardless but atleast makes it interesting to watch. Fitz coulda been good this year if he prepared this offseason instead of flaunting around NYC and demanding double his value. Geno worked his ass off from everything I've read he wants to play and succeed as a qb and I respect that. Not saying he's my favorite option but lets give the guy atleast 1 game with this offense before we ostracize him
  2. Maybe we give the dude a fair shot to prove himself with an offense before we figure out how we're gonna boo him. This fan base is pathetic man
  3. I'm gonna reserve my judgements til after the game. I want to see how he plays a full 4 quarters with a decent offense. I know he's not the franchise qb we all hoped for but he's never really had any talent. We'll see how today goes my expectations aren't high but ya never know. Hopefully gailey calls a lot of deep balls today
  4. It's nice to see Geno actually making reads instead of Fitz staring down marshall from the start of the play and throwing it in 1.9 seconds instead of letting the play develop
  5. I can't be the only one noticing this guy right? He's having a hell of a year and should declare his size is a draw back but this kid has a cannon. 23tds to 5ints 71% completions I think this kids gonna be the top qb out of this draft if he gets developed right. Would love to see him in Green next year
  6. They should really explore the trade market for Pryor. He's a liability in coverage I like the guy but a hard hitting safety isn't what this team needs right now he gets exposed through the air all the time
  7. I'd love this idea, if we had no other holes I'm sorry but we need to upgrade our Oline and secondary before grabbing a running back. Petty could be the future and that'd be great but if there's even a question about his long term ability to compete at a high level Mac needs to use this high draft pick on a qb
  8. More reps for Carter fine with it. Hope whatevers wrong heals quickly for him though
  9. Im telling you he's gonna play great this year come back next year on a new deal and blow just like Fitz
  10. I know Geno might be the popular opinion but I'm looking forward to seeing what this young wrs can do with a strong arm throwing the ball
  11. I want whatever drugs this guys on
  12. If Bowles is going to keep playing Sheldon at LB then trade him. He's our best player hopefully we can find a way to keep him. Team needs to switch to a 4-3 and let the strength of our defense do damage
  13. It's sad too because he's getting the benefit of the doubt because he went 10-6 last year with a cake schedule
  14. You let them play to evaluate them in real game situations against 1st team defenses. All these other young qbs are playing but i guess ours are the only ones who aren't ready. We need to see what they can do before we go draft another qb. The season is done this is the perfect opportunity to see if Hack or Petty are solid qbs.
  15. Start Hackenberg or Petty evaluate them and prepare for the draft and free agency
  16. SR24


    If petty isnt goof to go then play Hack. Geno looked decent but hes not the future. We can't keep drafting qbs without seeing the ones we already have on the roster play in regular season games. Petty or Hack could potentially be solid qbs but we won't know if Fitztrashcan keeps getting the ******* start. Hack should start next week if Petty can't I dont buy into this BS about qbs "developing" We spent a 2nd round pick on this kid PLAY HIM. WHATS HE DEVELOPING INTO RIGHT NOW ANYWAY HES LEARNING FROM FITZPATRICK
  17. I wouldnt be the slightest bit upset if Mac cut Fitz and fired bowles and gailey tomorrow.
  18. Just said so after the game. Can we get the billboard and flyover planes ready
  19. Hoping Mac cuts Fitz so Bowles can't play him lol
  20. Hoping to get the update that Fitz is out with the flu or something lol
  21. Better yet why would you want to trade him? He's our best dlineman followed by Williams. We shoulda let Wilk walk man
  22. SR24


    With Decker gone we gotta get this man more involved if our offense is gonna have any chance at competing.
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