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  1. It's sad too because he's getting the benefit of the doubt because he went 10-6 last year with a cake schedule
  2. You let them play to evaluate them in real game situations against 1st team defenses. All these other young qbs are playing but i guess ours are the only ones who aren't ready. We need to see what they can do before we go draft another qb. The season is done this is the perfect opportunity to see if Hack or Petty are solid qbs.
  3. Start Hackenberg or Petty evaluate them and prepare for the draft and free agency
  4. SR24


    If petty isnt goof to go then play Hack. Geno looked decent but hes not the future. We can't keep drafting qbs without seeing the ones we already have on the roster play in regular season games. Petty or Hack could potentially be solid qbs but we won't know if Fitztrashcan keeps getting the ******* start. Hack should start next week if Petty can't I dont buy into this BS about qbs "developing" We spent a 2nd round pick on this kid PLAY HIM. WHATS HE DEVELOPING INTO RIGHT NOW ANYWAY HES LEARNING FROM FITZPATRICK
  5. I wouldnt be the slightest bit upset if Mac cut Fitz and fired bowles and gailey tomorrow.
  6. Just said so after the game. Can we get the billboard and flyover planes ready
  7. Hoping Mac cuts Fitz so Bowles can't play him lol
  8. Hoping to get the update that Fitz is out with the flu or something lol
  9. Better yet why would you want to trade him? He's our best dlineman followed by Williams. We shoulda let Wilk walk man
  10. SR24


    With Decker gone we gotta get this man more involved if our offense is gonna have any chance at competing.
  11. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2016/10/jets_todd_bowles_says_hes_not_considering_benching.html smh
  12. Time to start Petty see what hes got while we devise a real thorough offseason plan on how to improve this roster. Tank for a pick while evaluating our young qbs on the roster
  13. At this point the only qbs we should be playing are Hack and Petty. We've got a 6% chance of making the playoffs and it will get even worse when Fitzthetrashcan plays on the road on MNF. Lets evaluate Petty and Hack and see what we've got with them. I don't want to hear any crap about "They're not ready yet, they need to develop" give them live reps in a real game rather than holding a clipboard while Fitz forces the ball to Marshall every single time he's 1on1 with a corner.
  14. Can't blame marshall for Fitz throwing it to him when hes smothered by a dback everytime he's 1on1. He's had some big drops but hes also a big weapon
  15. Fire Bowles/Gailey. Cut Fitz. Let Petty and Hack play so we can evaluate our young qbs in preparation for the draft. We have a 6% chance of making the playoffs this year, it's done
  16. 94% chance we don't make the playoffs per cimini and espn stats. Clean house on the coaching staff let Petty and Hack get reps during the season so we can evaluate our young qb situation
  17. Someone make a gofundme for this
  18. Gailey and Bowles must go. Once petty is healthy let him start. We could cut fitz for all i care our season is over anyway. a 94% chance we don't make the playoffs after this loss per Cimini. Let Petty play and even let Hack get reps so we can see what we've got
  19. Gailey and bowles need to be shown the door. together.
  20. Macc needs to fire him immediately after this game. Hes clueless
  21. Thats exactly what I said brother. This is absurd
  22. Not sure why it posted twice
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