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  1. Dudes good but hopefully he lays off the booze
  2. Start Petty this whole year to pros. 1- He gets NFL experience and we get to see what he's got, 2- If he sucks we know what we have and we'll have a better pick, hopefully more willingness to trade up for a top pick. It doesnt matter how good our WRs are, How stacked our defense is until we have a QB who is realiable and consistent. Maybe a trade for Romo/Cutler is an option I dont really know but we're just wasting time with Fitz right now. Nobody wanted Bradford and he's not looking to bad running an offense he's known for 2 weeks. We gotta do something to get a reliable QB
  3. This guy is lost in the redzone Fitz has 30 attempts Forte is averaging over 4 yards a carry and has only ran 15 times wtf are we doing
  4. Revis is also a great tackler and could really excel as a safety
  5. Simple solution move the struggling Revis to guard the #2 wr but Williams with some safety help on the #1.
  6. SR24

    Losses are ok

    Woah he looks pretty good. For the record im not saying we should tank and lose every game im just saying instead of everyone freaking out when we lose just realize we're destined to lose until we have a legit qb running our offense!
  7. Fitz is too worried about a quick release the dude barely let plays develop yesterday hes gotta slow down, and Gailey has to stop being a moron in the red zone.
  8. SR24

    Losses are ok

    im not hoping we lose every game, but if we do atleast we'll have a solid pick in a draft with a few good qbs. Unless we do what we did last year and secure the worst pick out of all teams that didnt make the playoffs and miss the playoffs
  9. How else will we get this beast?
  10. So then lets do what we did last year fail to make the playoffs and also secure the worst draft pick for teams who didn't make the playoffs. Fitz will never succeed its not in his genes the guys a journeymen. If there was another qb id be all over him but the guy just can't do it. Today wasn't even really his fault im just saying the 1year 12 mil was dumb as hell
  11. From a franchise standpoint, you do whats best for business. A season where the playoffs are a reach and with the incoming draft class I would rather have saved the 12mil and rolled with Geno/Petty whoever cause its not gonna matter whos playing qb
  12. With how our schedule is this year giving him 12mil for a year was dumb. However the whole squad wanted him back. Today wasn't all on him though, cant miss extra points, our defense failed to make adjustments yet again, Revis got demolished, play calling was shady. It was a sh*tty loss. Blame goes everywhere and this is coming from someone who wishes Fitz was still a free agent.
  13. Perfect plan to fix our qb situation. 1-Find a bridge thats really high up with jagged rocks at the bottom 2-Jump off the bridge head first
  14. http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft2015/insider/story/_/id/12836848/christian-hackenberg-tops-way-too-early-2016-mock-draft-nfl-draft Look who's the #1 pick in Mcshays way to early mock for 2016
  15. Macc said theres a chance Hack will start this year, that makes this pick way more exciting. I think a lot of people hate this pick because it's just not a sexy pick and people are tired of drafting qbs to just sit and not touch the field before we get another one. If we're gonna have a true open qb competition this year this pick makes the offseason even more interesting
  16. I don't mind Hack. Im not a fan of the 2nd round selection with Alexander on the board. Cook is still there through the first 10 in the 3rd Hack would be right there with him. But if Mac believes in Hack then let's get on this roller coaster
  17. Well atleast we took another qb who's gonna sit on the bench ugh
  18. We have to trade up for Spriggs or try and trade this pic for a quarterback in the NFL already
  19. Mac move up and get Spence before it's too late!!!!!!!
  20. I'm moving up in the 2nd for Noah Spence, If Jaylon Smith is there in the 3rd I'm taking him. Lee Spence Smith Mauldin Harris in 2017. Wow.
  21. It would make sense to ask around and if all the players we like on the board are gone maybe a trade for a qb would make sense. I would rather trade up in the 2nd if possible and Snag Noah Spence though
  22. Round 2- Noah Spence round 3- Jaylon Smith linebackers of the future
  23. If somehow Myles Jack is there hes gotta be the pick even over spence
  24. If Spence is there you have to take him
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