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  1. I also won't be surprised if we take another Lb tomorrow in the 2nd to compliment Lee
  2. Thats fair but I will say Pryor went from being useless to arguably our best defender last year. Bowles knows what hes doing i think before we jump on Lee like typical jets fans we should see what hes got first. I agree its definitely not an exciting pick but LB was a need on the team and Mac felt strongly enough about Lee we were trying to move up so Rex didnt grab him
  3. Todd Bowles took Calvin Pryor to new places last year we all thought pryor was a dud. Trust the man
  4. Gurley had the knee injury though, and Leonard Williams had a hell of a rookie year. Cant blame Mac for taking the #1 player in the draft man
  5. Read up where I said I would take Spence tomorrow if hes there C*nt Rag
  6. I'll enjoy watching our Defense demolish people. Spence coming off the edge while Lee is flying all over the place fu*king people up.
  7. Trying to find someone to take Mo for a 2nd rounder. Leave the 2nd round with Spence and Spriggs or Whitehair. Solidifies the Linebacker position while adding another stud Olinemen. Get a pure edge rusher in Spence, while Lee flies all over the field wreaking havoc. Can't beat it.
  8. Im still taking Jack Spence Ragland or J Smith tomorrow if they're there
  9. I'm taking Jack Ragland Spence or J Smith if they're there
  10. Nah. Good size best hands in the draft and is a phenomenal blocker as well. He also runs solid routes I love the guy
  11. Hopefully Mac pulls a trade for Bradford or Glennon tonight. Fitz will be competing with Sanchez for the starting spot making 3mil a year lol
  12. Bradford,Glennon,Hoyer Hack,Hogan,Cook. Fitz you are most certainly replaceable my friend
  13. He'd rather not play than accept the only team even willing to offer him a contract lol **** off guy
  14. "From @AdamSchefter: Ryan Fitzpatrick has told people he would "Rather not play football" than play for the #Jets at their contract offer"
  15. He's a big physical WR but what most people don't realize is his ability to block down field is incredible. Imagine an Offense with Marshall and Treadwell on the outside, Decker in the slot and Forte coming out of the backfield? Could be the best WR group in the NFL
  16. 1-Jack- Would be a steal even if hes only around for a few years (never know with that knee) 2-Spence- Apart from QB this team needs an Edge rusher and with us getting 1 more year from Mo, Adding an edge rusher could set this Defense up for a great year 3-Treadwell- Put this man on the opposite side of Marshall, with Decker playing full time in the slot, and adding Forte out of the backfield. Whether Fitz,Geno,Hoyer are playing qb, they will have arguably the best receiving core in the NFL to throw to.
  17. No Noah Spence or Treadwell? Figured someone would have 1 of them
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