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  1. This is what I hope BPA Round 1- Treadwell hopefully MO IS TRADED FOR 2nd Round pick Round 2- Draft a LB and an Olinemen round 3- Qb,CB
  2. Just draft this Beast if hes there at 20
  3. I just really hope we don't take Lynch
  4. I'd trade for him pending a Mo Wilk trade. We trade Mo for a 2nd and a 4th then send a 4th to the eagles for Bradford. Bradford would also have to restructure that horrific contract. 1st Round take BPA (Hopefully Spence or Treadwell) then with the two 2nd round picks build up the oline to protect him. Give Bradford a decent oline for the first time in his career and with Marshall Decker Treadwell Amaro Enunwa and Forte, We could possibly get a few good years of QB play from him. A lot of what ifs haha
  5. Am I the only one who doesn't want Lynch!? If this dream world scenario actually played out and we somehow snagged the 11th pick I'd rather take Stanley then use the 20th on Treadwell
  6. A qb who can make an immediate impact. We already have a project qb in Petty I'm not opposed to another qb in this draft but I'd rather wait on someone like Hogan or Hackenberg than Lynch.
  7. If we leave the draft with Treadwell and Spence I'd have a heart attack
  8. I prefer Treadwell, But I won't be upset if Doctson is the pick either. One of them should be the pick though
  9. Treadwell plays more physical and is a phenomenal blocker downfield. A big physical possession receiver he's a prefect fit for this offense
  10. If we get Treadwell at 20 it will be the best pick of the entire draft
  11. Numerous mocks and experts are saying Lynch to the Jets is a perfect fit and I completely disagree. He may be a perfect fit for the team, but not for that first round pick at #20. This team has a ton of holes and a difficult schedule coming up we need to take a player that can make an immediate impact on the team and help us win games.Lynch is a project player who won't help us this year i'd much rather take Jaylon Smith later in the draft if we want a player who won't help us until 2017. If it were up to me the choice at #20 is down to 2 people Noah Spence or Laquon Treadwell. Spence is regarded as the best edge rusher in the draft which has been a team need for years although his off field issues are alarming, having veterans in the locker like mangold,marshall and revis could keep him in check. Treadwell has it all IMO size, speed, good hands and is someone who loves to go up and fight for the ball. WR isn't exactly a position of need but without a franchise QB the next best thing we can do is provide as many offensive weapons as possible to whoever is running our offense Fitz Geno Hoyer whoever. Marshall 6'4, Treadwell 6'3 on the outside with Decker in the slot and Forte out of the backfield would be devastating. I just hope we don't take Lynch at 20 or worse we dont trade up for him!
  12. Laquon Treadwell please and thank you. 6'3 great hands and great size. Give whoever our qb is as many weapons as possible. Marshall Treadwell on the outside Decker in the slot and Forte coming out of the backfield would be devastating.
  13. Spence,Treadwell,Doctson,Decker are all people id take before him
  14. Rather take this beast. Marshall Decker Doctson Forte. with our lack of a franchise qb we should put as many offensive weapons on the field as possible. Hopefully we trade Mo for a 2nd and spend the 2 2nd rounders on the oline
  15. Trade Mo for a first(if possible) or a 2nd and a 4th, Draft Noah Spence, use the 2 second round picks to draft olinemen, add a cb or wr in the 3rd and take my sleeper Kevin Hogan in the 4th. BOOM
  16. If Bradford can be had for cheaper than Fitz (Assuming the rumors that he will take a paycut are true) at a reasonable price I'd pull the trigger, trade Mo for extra picks. Draft him an Oline and see what happens
  17. Rumor!- Bradford is likely to ask for trade and is willing to take paycut to make it happen. Multiple sources on twitter
  18. Yeah you're right. Swing a trade and get some additional picks in return for Mo maybe a 2nd and a 4th? I'd love if draft went something like this 1st-Noah Spence, 2nd Spriggs, 2nd(from Mo trade) Nick Martin, 3rd Braxton Miller and then snag Hogan in the 4th
  19. If Noah Spence is there he should be the pick. Drafts best edge rusher. If he's gone as much as i hate trading back in the first, its probably the best move for the future
  20. Earlier I was a big advocate for trading Mo but now that all the top tier F/A's have been signed It puts us in a weird spot. His attitude through this process has been awful i guess i really just dont know what to do with him. Trade him for picks or keep him
  21. Heres my thought. Cut Breno, Sign Hoyer cheap. Draft Noah Spence Or Darron Lee 1st round. then 2nd and 3rd draft oline help, 4th round Kevin Hogan. Keep Mo. Keeping Sheldon,Mo and Williams on the line and adding a solid edge rusher would make our defense devastating
  22. After the Eagles trade the only trade up I'd be cool with is if Noah Spence or Ronnie Stanley fall to around 12-15 and we tried to move up for one of them. Spence has been all over the place on different mocks, I think he is the perfect player for our system. If Stanley is still on the board as well I'd be just as happy but I think he'll be gone.
  23. What about a trade with the Titans. Mo for a 2nd rounder and Delaney Walker? Draft OLB first round use the 2 2nd rounders we'd get to draft Connor Cook and an OL? Also adding a solid tight end. Idk if they'd go for it but I'd take it
  24. Mo #20 and a 2017 2nd rounder for the #2 pick would be my offer. We will have a lot of cap room again next year to add players and fill these holes so that 2nd round pick could be expendable if it means getting a franchise qb.
  25. IMO before we up any offers to him (And i believe we are already higher than where we should be) We should wait and see how the Broncos/Kaep situation plays out. If they come to terms than we're the only job left for Fitz. No reason to start throwing more money at the guy now
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