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  1. 2016 offseason Resign Mo,Snacks and Powell. Use whatever money is remaining to add a decent wr3 and upgrade ST as much as possible. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CUT QUIGLEY Restructure Brick and Cro or cut them (If they won't restructure.love the guys but they're too expensive) Also ask Mangold to restructure. Cut Kerley he just doesn't have a place in the offense or special teams. Draft Use our first 3 picks to add an OLB,OT and a Rb to pair with Powell. Trade a 4th rounder for Mike Glennon if the Bucs will do that Winston played pretty well this year so its a good possibility. Let Fitz play it out next season while Glennon who's only 25 learn the offense and letting Petty develop.
  2. Our Oline sh*t the bed this year and we gave Tyrod Taylor complete control over 3rd down the guy did whatever he wanted. Put a solid pass rusher on this team and upgrade the oline and we are fine. next seasons schedule is going to suck a$$ though but Fitz proved himself this year in my opinion
  3. We had a great year and im so salty about yesterday this was the year! But im excited to see what Mac does this offseason. Need to build the oline and get a damn pass rusher! Our schedule next year is brutal but nothing we cant handle.
  4. We only got to see a glimpse of him but man Chris Owusu was effective for us early in the season he would have had a good year if he stayed healthy
  5. If we can afford him then yasssssss lmao. We're gonna be strapped for cash after paying Wilkerson and Harrison but I love Miller
  6. with this gailey offense I wish we still had Woodhead perfect damn fit
  7. i dont think were going to have Ivory or powell next year. Our first 2 picks should be Olb,Rb then draft a wr and an olinemen
  8. Love the guy but we really should trade him stack up on picks throw money at a high end OLB and use the picks to beef up the oline and add another rb/wr3
  9. I love Mo but i think we should have traded him. Coulda got some early picks back and added a true pass rusher and saved money.
  10. Agree I hate Giacomini and Bricks either got to restructure or get cut. Hes too expensive and his regression is so obvious. We also need to gut our special teams quigley is just awful. I wish we could get a player like Tavon Austin someone with speed who can be a good safety valve under Marshall and Decker
  11. yall gotta relax lol we just got out coached and had a few bonehead plays. Fitz forcing it to Decker sucked but our defense not adjusting to the Bills offense (which was running the same 3 running plays and abusing revis because he was playing 11 yards off of their best player) we just went 10-6 when most people thought we would be awful. Beat the Pats, knocked Andrew Luck on his ass, watched a backup qb take over the offense and lead us through a great season. Yeah it sucks losing to rex and it sucks picking 20th and not making the playoffs but damn we're on the right path. Beef up the o=line get a pass rusher and we're fine. FItz is a journeymen who just had the best season any Jet qb ever had give him a break hes not the only reason we lost.
  12. In finals of my league winner takes 500$ Todd Gurley screwed me and is out I can replace him with Woodhead,Hillman,Tre Mason or Crowell who should i pick?
  13. I don't understand why so many people hate this idea. Glennon 6'6 25 years old 29tds to 15 ints. Hes a young guy with a rocket arm who Gailey could develop into a solid quarterback. I'm all for it.
  14. Geno has been doing well since that pick though
  15. Glennon/Mettenberger and an outside pass rusher
  16. BREAKING NEWS- Jets trade for Ik Enkempali to punch Smith again
  17. SR24


    We were 1-3 at this point last year and everyone was calling for a new qb now we're 3-1 with a new qb and everyone wants geno back. I dont understand let Fitz go if we're winning games then why change anything
  18. I wish we could make Cro into a safety he'd be such a good ballhawk safety. Williams has been very impressive too this defense has been so damn exciting to watch lol
  19. SR24


    we're 3-1 2nd in the division going into a bye week. Fitz hasn't looked great but thats because hes not great hes here because of his smarts and ability to manage a game. Yes Geno has a better arm and is physically superior athlete to Fitz but i dont believe we're 3-1 if Geno is starting from game 1. Fitz has kept the ball in our possession and has brought us to 3-1. Until we start losing he stays
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