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  1. Randy Gregory or Jaelyn Strong
  2. Switch to a 4-3 and let the secondary rack up the picks. chill out yall
  3. Forget that the only trade we should be doing would be with Cleveland for 12,19 draft Gurley and Randy Gregory(If there) and then try and make a trade with the Bucs for Mike Glennon
  4. Hell no Austin has done nothing
  5. SR24

    Go get a QB.

    Negative. Trade with Cleveland for 12,19 Draft Gurley and Randy Gregory then swing a trade to the Bucs for Mike Glennon. Or! Just draft Fowler or Cooper if either are there
  6. The guy is entering his prime, pay the man and draft a young stud. No way we should let him go
  7. trade with the Browns for the #12 pick and Josh Gordon. Draft Gurley wait a year on Gordon game over. or Trade #6 for 12,19 Draft Gurley and Randy Gregory if he falls far enough
  8. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/myers-brees-rivers-possibly-mix-jets-article-1.2157881 thouhts?
  9. #6 pick to Browns for 1 first rounder and Josh Gordon for next year.... lol
  10. Don't get me wrong i dont really want either but if we were to trade with them for a qb it would rather be Cousins. RG3 is nothing but injury and trouble
  11. I'd rather go for Cousins if the Skins draft Mariota
  12. Sign Greg Hardy, trade our #6 pick to Browns for their 2 first rounders hopefully grab Scherff and Melvin Gordon.
  13. If we got Hardy we could trade our #6 to the browns for their 2 first rounders grab Scherff and Melvin Gordon if hes there. Game over
  14. Am I the only one who thinks we should make a run at Greg Hardy and try and sign him for cheap?
  15. But Scherff needs to be a Jet
  16. Not so high on Hardy?
  17. Hear me out- Trade our #6 to the Browns for both their first round picks Draft Scherff!!! and whichever Rb/Wr is there at 19 (hopefully gordon) and try and sign Greg Hardy for cheap since we still have some $$ to play with and Wilkerson still has a year on his contract+next year we could Franchise tag. Our pass rushing need is solved,We get an awesome Olineman to mash people with Mangold and if we got Gordon too we would be in a perfect spot
  18. Not sure if hes available or not but hes a speed back and he'd come cheap but LaMichael James is worth atleast looking into
  19. I'd be intrigued by a trade with the Eagles for Bradford and 2 first rounders and more picks but i dont think id do it. But if i did I'd draft Melvin Gordon at #20 if hes there. And if Mariota is a bust the eagles 2016 first rounder we would get could be a high pick. 2 1st rounders in 2016 would be awesome but Bradfords such a gamble when healthy hes good but problem is hes never healthy
  20. I'd Rather take Brandon Scherff if he's there. Watching him Mash people with Mangold and Dbrick would be awesome
  21. Put your helmet on before you post another dumbass thread like this
  22. I would like to see Simms get a shot to compete
  23. If we can get Brees and still have money for Richardson and Wilkerson when their contracts are up im 100% for it
  24. Saints would have to eat a big chunk of that contract if he was even to come and giving up the #6 overall pick for someone his age is definitely questionable. But! our team is built to win right now so in a way it makes sense but in numerous ways it doesnt. I wish we could get him and keep the 6th pick but his asking price is gonna be crazy
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