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  1. We need a qb who can keep the ball in our possession and limit turnovers although neither qb is our savior I gotta go with Fitz. Hes an experienced Veteran who knows Gaileys offense he's just got to stay healthy
  2. I just feel like this offseason has been so insane and all the fans are pumped about what our gm has done Hes gotta have a trick up his sleeve to bring in an instant impact qb. If you had told me we'd have Marshall,Revis and Cromartie on the same team this year i would have laughed at you. No matter what happens we gotta trust in our gm cause he's killing it right now!!!!
  3. Idt we can even afford Brees haha but man it'd be cool seeing him in Ganggreen
  4. Im not saying we need to fix every problem but our gm has done a pretty good job of fixing the big ones. we still dont have a qb we can rely on to A-be on the field for 16 games and B-Limit the interceptions but we do have a high pick which gives us leverage is all im saying just curious to see if anyone thinks we do anything with it thats all. I'd be content with adding Beasly and giving Geno/Fitz a legit shot
  5. ^So you're saying Fitz is a solution to our lack of a good quarterback problem?
  6. I think we are a qb away. Our defense should be able to carry us into playoff contention and the addition of Marshall is key but without a solid reliable qb its tough. Only realistic way i could see us making the superbowl this year was if we traded for Brees and that's not gonna happen :/
  7. Clearly Fitz and Geno are not the answers to our problem. There's the possibility of Mariota but anybody think we'll trade our 6th pick for a different qb?
  8. Im all for Bradford but not with the first round pick haha. But seriously if we're trading our 1st pick for a qb it would have to be for Foles imo
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITsO6z9IEEs 3:03 Cromartie on First Take this morning
  10. Yeah i ****ed up on Richardsons contract my bad
  11. And i watched first take this morning and Cro said he was going to want "more money than people expect" interesting
  12. Could we bring him back and afford Wilkerson at the same time? and afford Richardson the year after?
  13. We really should consider drafting Scherff with the #6 pick. If our qb situation can't be fixed right away giving him as much protection as possible isn't a bad idea
  14. We really should consider drafting Scherff with the #6 pick. If our qb situation can't be fixed right away giving him as much protection as possible isn't a bad idea
  15. Might just be me but with that 6th pick I wouldn't mind seeing Brandon Scherff mashing people alongside Nick Mangold, or seeing Vic Beasley at OLB adding to our insane defense. Love everything we've done so far this offseason
  16. We have a few options at qb-Fitz?,Mccoy?,Matt Moore?,Geno? I am not sold on Mariota I would much rather see us resign Wilkerson and draft Brandon Scherff, Vic Beasly or Dante Fowler. Unfortunately none of those qb options are long term though
  17. Great day to be a Jets fan boys! But now my big question! Who's gonna be our qb!?!?
  18. If we don't go Mariota then who we got throwing the ball Geno? Fitzpatrick? We we could have nabbed Hoyer to a short deal. Would love Beasly but man we gotta get a qb who can make throws first
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