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  1. What about a trade with the Titans. Mo for a 2nd rounder and Delaney Walker? Draft OLB first round use the 2 2nd rounders we'd get to draft Connor Cook and an OL? Also adding a solid tight end. Idk if they'd go for it but I'd take it
  2. Mo #20 and a 2017 2nd rounder for the #2 pick would be my offer. We will have a lot of cap room again next year to add players and fill these holes so that 2nd round pick could be expendable if it means getting a franchise qb.
  3. IMO before we up any offers to him (And i believe we are already higher than where we should be) We should wait and see how the Broncos/Kaep situation plays out. If they come to terms than we're the only job left for Fitz. No reason to start throwing more money at the guy now
  4. One of the most talented wide outs in the game too. What an idiot
  5. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15185642/suspended-josh-gordon-cleveland-browns-fails-drug-test?ex_cid=sportscenterFB&sf24153892=1 When will this guy learn lol
  6. With the weapons he would have (Marshall,Decker,Forte) we beef up the oline even more in the draft Glennon could be something special. Id offer a 4th if they accept great if not then oh well move on to someone else
  7. If Goff falls to #7 I'd move up for him would still be costly but not as bad at moving up for #1
  8. Then after, bleach cocktails for everyone!
  9. Bring him in Mac!! Give him Decker,Marshall,Forte/Powell and sign Gresham. Add some oline help and let this kid go off
  10. trade Mo for another 1st rounder draft 2stud olinemen 1st round, olb/ilb 2nd/3rd 4th rounder for Kaep, sign Lamar Miller. Bang.
  11. Wilkerson for kap is just dumb lol trade Wilkerson to the giants for the 10th pick. Im iffy about Kaep i'd offer a 4th rounder and he'd have to take a huge pay cut
  12. Trade Mo for the Raiders 1st leave the draft with Wentz and Jaylon Smith
  13. Everyones forgetting Enunwas back to back drops on 2nd and 3rd down. 1 would have been a first down and the other was a shovel pass he coulda crawled to the end zone. Not all on Fitz yeah he threw 3 picks but the 5 games before that he went 13tds-1int and had the whole team rally around him. Hes our qb
  14. If we can address the need for a pass rusher through trade/free agency Im jumping all over Wentz at 20. He's got everything size, speed and a cannon arm.
  15. Gonna be interesting to see how the Qbs drop now
  16. Every mock has had San Fran taking a qb early. Wonder if they still will since the hiring of Chip or his hes going to roll with Kaep
  17. Tamba Hali or Bruce Irvin will be available via free agency. Or stock up on picks and take one in the draft. We have many needs on the team paying someone big bucks to play a position we are already strong in doesn't make sense when we have other needs that need to be addressed. I love Mo but the money hes going to want vs what we could get in return for him has me thinking a sign and trade is better for the team imo.
  18. If we can add a good pass rusher through free agency im all in on taking Wentz at 20
  19. Send them Mo, idk what happened with my first attempt lol
  20. Resign Snacks, Sign and trade Mo for picks. Add a GOOD pass rusher to this defense and noone will remember Mo is missing. He frees up money to add help through free agency and also will bring picks that we could use to upgrade the oline,rb department or even use to find a good qb in the future.
  21. Completely agree. If trading Mo means adding a good pass rusher who can get to the qb it must be done. I think if we can add a solid pass rusher to this defense without Mo it will make his absence much less noticeable
  22. Moving Mo will bring us picks in return and allow us to spend more in free agency maybe add an olb or bring in Lamar Miller. It's better for the team and should be done.
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