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  1. sign and trade. grab a few picks draft an olinemen and an olb in the 1st round
  2. The only qb I like in this draft is Goff and they dudes gonna be gone real quick haha. Roll with Fitz again for another year and see what we can get next off season
  3. Have to disagree I'd take Austin over Kerley in a heartbeat
  4. Tavon Austin. Line him up in the slot let him work down low under Marshall and Decker almost like an Edelman role or even out of the backfield on 3rd down. Gives us a real threat at as a KR or PR. Idk if it'd be possible to even get him or if the rams would listen but he would solve the wr3 problem and the special teams problems as well. If the rams are open to it i'd pull the trigger
  5. He looks like Randy from trailer park boys get him out of here
  6. I would do it but it would have to be for a late pick. He is a game changer when hes on the field and putting him with Marshall and Decker would be amazing. I'd do this in a heartbeat
  7. not sure but with Peyton being owed 19million for 2016 and Osweiller set to hit free agency they could be forced to tag him in fear of losing their qb
  8. I know its a longshot but man that'd be fun to watch
  9. Who would you rather have? Denver is going to have a decision to make with Ossweiler and Miller both being free agents and only having 1 tag. If they tag Ossweiler i'd love to make a run at Miller and add arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL to our defense but it would mean saying goodbye to Wilkerson.
  10. Wish we were in a position to draft Goff kids gonna be a stud. Hackenberg has a cannon for an arm and good size could be a really good fit
  11. If Hackenbergs there in the 2nd you think we take him? I'd love to see Connor Cook but i bet hes gone and we have so many other needs
  12. I think moving Cromartie to safety along with Pryor is something to look into. Cromartie was #1 in balls deflected this year he's just older and gets beat put him up top and let him ballhawk but he'd have to restructure his contract. idk its just a thought
  13. Keep Mo or Sheldon and trade whoever we don't keep. Try and get a first round pick take Elliot and a pass rusher in the first round
  14. SR24

    Joe Thomas?

    I'd love to have him mashing people with Mangold and Carpenter
  15. SR24

    Joe Thomas?

    Looks like he wants a new team and we could use the Oline help. Wonder what it'd take to get him out of Cleveland
  16. SR24

    Trade Targets?

    Wish we could snag Tavon Austin from the Rams guy would give us a pr,kr,3rd down back and slot wr help
  17. Agree. Resign Snacks, Franchise+Trade Mo load up on picks upgrade the Oline,Rb,Lbs and throw the money for Mo at Von Miller or Bruce Irvin. (In a perfect world)
  18. I disagree a good NT is very hard to come by I would resign harrison then the decision comes down to Mo. Franchise him then look to trade him before the draft load up on picks bring in OT,LB,RB help and use the money we'd give Mo for Von Miller or Bruce Irving.
  19. Any players you'd realistically like to see Mac go after via trade this offseason??
  20. Idk if they'd listen but a perfect rb/wr for this team would be Tavon Austin from the Rams. He's one of the fastest most elusive players in the NFL he'd be awesome catching passes out of the back field, awesome returning kicks/punts and can line up in the slot and run quick short routes. Pie in the sky but he would fill numerous needs on this team just dont know what his price tag would be
  21. Would love to see us bring in Ruben Randle or Travis Benjamin. Randle would be a dynamic #3 in this set and Benjamin is so fast he could be utilized like Edelman
  22. 2016 offseason Resign Mo,Snacks and Powell. Use whatever money is remaining to add a decent wr3 and upgrade ST as much as possible. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CUT QUIGLEY Restructure Brick and Cro or cut them (If they won't restructure.love the guys but they're too expensive) Also ask Mangold to restructure. Cut Kerley he just doesn't have a place in the offense or special teams. Draft Use our first 3 picks to add an OLB,OT and a Rb to pair with Powell. Trade a 4th rounder for Mike Glennon if the Bucs will do that Winston played pretty well this year so its a good possibility. Let Fitz play it out next season while Glennon who's only 25 learn the offense and letting Petty develop.
  23. Our Oline sh*t the bed this year and we gave Tyrod Taylor complete control over 3rd down the guy did whatever he wanted. Put a solid pass rusher on this team and upgrade the oline and we are fine. next seasons schedule is going to suck a$$ though but Fitz proved himself this year in my opinion
  24. We had a great year and im so salty about yesterday this was the year! But im excited to see what Mac does this offseason. Need to build the oline and get a damn pass rusher! Our schedule next year is brutal but nothing we cant handle.
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