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  1. Trading into the teens and getting Garret Wilson would make me very happy
  2. If Garrett Wilson is on the board with the Seattle pick I really hope we take him. I’d try to go Edge, WR, Cb and LB with the first 4 picks. That’s after throwing a bag at Jesse Bates or Marcus Williams
  3. Been a big Mims supporter but after listening to that it all makes sense. I remember his draft reaction/call being very odd didnt seem happy at all
  4. Traded #7 for #18.#48,#80 and a 23 2nd from the Browns. I was hoping to get Devin Lloyd at 18 but he went before Traded up from 49 and #111 to move up to #43
  5. Man I’m hoping a couple of QBs rise up to push Kayvon closer to us
  6. Eh we’ve got so many holes I’ll be hard to disappoint on draft night. I just really like Linderbaum but Edge,CB,WR,TE,OL in the 1st would make me happy
  7. Yeah I don’t think they’re going to let Scherff walk. We should be interested in they do, but they’re it going to. My preference for the OL is to draft Linderbaum and kick Mcgovern to RG but the drafts a long long way away
  8. Hoping we get one of Scherff, Bates, Marcus Williams, Gallup, Schultz. Idt Washington is going to let Scherff walk though
  9. I’d love to draft Linderbaum and kick McGovern over to RG. Definitely keeping Fant around too. Idk if Joe D could get Scherff to sign here but I’d be all for it
  10. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2022-free-agent-rankings-free-agency Marcus Williams/Bates, Gallup, Schultz are all guys I’m hoping JD targets. Scherff too but I think he gets a deal done in Washington. This defense desperately needs a safety who can come in and create turnovers
  11. I’m far more concerned with the defense than I am with Wilson. That pick was brutal but he made some good throws, had 3+ passes hit his target in the hands and they didn’t catch it.
  12. I’m assuming we won’t have a shot at Hutchinson so I’d resign Fant and draft Neal+Linderbaum if both picks are in the top 10. You can move Mcgovern to RG then go BPA at CB/Edge/TE/WR/LB with the rest of the draft. Our 2nd rounders will be early too especially with Mccaffrey out for the year.
  13. 3 of their last 5 are tough matchups too. They’ve got the Bills and the Bucs twice so hopefully they lose out
  14. Their 2nd rounder is gonna be early
  15. Yet people will still say him going up to the booth made no difference lol glad to see the improvement because he was a train wreck during the first few weeks
  16. I can’t believe he actually said that. I try to stay positive and funny with this team but holy hell this guy just sounds terrible in these conferences and interviews. All he had to say was “Zach could probably play this week but we feel he’s still not at 100% so we’re going to roll with Joe and will re evaluate after the week” what a clown show
  17. Mike Whites not starting because he can’t throw a deep ball or stretch the field. The obsession is weird I don’t get it. Mike White had a good game because the Bengals sat in deep zones all game giving up the underneath. Does anyone here think we beat the Titans with White at QB? He’s immobile and cant really stretch the field which is how we pulled off a W against them. He’s a quality backup but Saleh and co desperately need a W and Flacco brings a better ability to stretch the field which is why he’s starting. It sucks, it’s boring, I don’t want to watch it but that’s why he’s starting.
  18. If he’s healthy play Wilson
  19. We’ve got to add a quality TE as well. Jalen Wydermyer is the #1 TE prospect this year and could be a day 2 target. If not then get some sort of free agent TE with some upside but that positions gotta be improved
  20. Not surprised at all by this. Get Wilson healthy and let him get a chance to come back and compete at 100% health. Lots of people are down on Wilson and he hasn’t been great but 2 career backups have gone off since Lafleur went upstairs, I’m excited to see what Zach can do when he’s back.
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