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  1. I'd be able to row boat through my tears of joy lol
  2. Young, consistent and seems like he's always on the field. I think his market might outgrow our budget but he'd be a hell of a piece to add to the OL, would be pie in the sky if we can add him and then Wirfs/Wills or Thomas!
  3. Damn me for posting a Jets update on a Jets forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Also sheds light on Brady's situation. Says throughout senior week the two teams he heard on Brady were Miami and Las Vegas
  5. Nah he can’t stay healthy I bet he goes into TV. Guys nothing like he used to be
  6. Why not just design your own stuff that’s not a carbon copy of the Jets logo? I mean cmon dude you’re literally just piggy backing off someone else’s design lol you should lose. Be original
  7. I'd cry tears of joy for weeks if we ended up with one of the T4-OTs and then Juedy or Lamb lol
  8. I can never tell which side of the fence Adams fans are on as far as compensation. One minute they don’t want to trade Adams for picks because “picks are unproven” yet at the same time they’re against trading him for arguably the best G in football?
  9. Yeah I’d sign up for landing the best guard in football for a Safety most of us want to trade anyway
  10. I’d want Adams here if we had any sort of talent on offense besides Crowder, Sam and Bell. Unfortunately we literally have like 8 positions on offense that could be upgraded and after resigning people (besides Adams) we’re gonna be low on cap as it is. Definitely going to be interesting to see how it unfolds
  11. Trade his ass wtf are we doing!?!?!!! Our offense has more holes than a golf course and we’re gonna make him the highest paid safety in the league!?!?!?!!
  12. Tampa Bay. He just moved his family there https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/philip-rivers-is-moving-to-florida-and-heres-the-nfl-team-in-the-state-hes-already-being-linked-to/ According to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, who reported in November that Rivers and the Chargers would likely be parting ways, there's "a lot of buzz" about Tampa Bay as a potential landing spot for Rivers, which is intriguing for multiple reasons.
  13. Yeah there's no way Joe D turns down a t5 LT and the #17 pick in the draft for Jamal. If he did he should be tied to the end of a bowling lane for a 2 hour kids party
  14. Should mean they're going QB at 6, now we need a team to fall in love, with Love lol and take him in the t10
  15. We're not getting a 1st 2nd and 3rd. The team that gets him also has to extend him which will be costly, take the 1st and 3rd from Dallas and call it a day! Gives us 6 picks in the first 3 rounds and we avoid that contract
  16. I'd be all for the free agency part of your plan (I'd take a gamble on Funchess for cheap) but idk if we're going to be able to afford all of them. Fowler and Thuney are gonna be at least 13mil/year each, Jones is the best CB on the market. I'll be really upset if we miss on Glasgow though his age+ versatility would go a long way with improving the offense
  17. Lmao “hey guys I got you some sweet electric bikes, now ride them out of my sight and into free agency”
  18. The title of this should be something like “Sam Darnold buys former OL parting gifts”
  19. LMAO Darnolds supposed to thank the 31st ranked OL in the league for what!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?

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