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  1. Damn it I was being so productive at work today
  2. This was tweeted yesterday but this account catches a lot of flak for being inaccurate. It’s got a lot of followers but only 1-2 are people who are connected. Definitely interesting though that a day later this develops
  3. I'll end up taking my TV out of my bedroom and throwing it through my TV in the living room if it goes down like this
  4. No way I'd give that much plus the $20+mil a year he's gonna want
  5. Pretty sure DK plummeted mainly because of his 3 cone drill, and concerns about his ability to run a wide range of routes.
  6. Definitely looks like he’s put in some work
  7. Why do so many people on here prefer Terry over DK? Their productions been very similar, other than TDs (29 vs 16) in DKs favor. DK is 2 years younger and 4 inches taller, both are freak athletes. Wouldn’t it make more sense to trade for the younger/bigger of the two if the prices are similar?
  8. I'm pretty sure I saw on Twitter yesterday that Tenn can clear north of $30mil in cap space next year with the releases of Robert Woods and Tannehill.
  9. DK AJ Terry Cooks thsts my preference if we end up trading for a WR
  10. I'd trade them #10 and #117 for #20, #52 and Claypool. Claypool has some baggage but he's still only 23, is controllable and has proven he can play at the NFL level. If I am helping a team in my conference potentially draft their franchise QB, they're going to help me give my QB a weapon. I don't need more picks I need players that can produce on the field Point value of picks traded by NYJ- 1372 Point value of picks traded by Pitt- 1230+ whatever value on Claypool.
  11. I’d love to trade with Pitt but I’d want Claypool or Dionte Johnson in a trade with them. Jets will likely miss 2-3 WRs in order to help Pitt get a QB. Gotta pay to come up to the top 10.
  12. Talks about Tyreek, Becton, AVT moving to RG etc
  13. Man I had to google it I had no idea lol. He could have just said "I expect him to be ready to go and motivated to bounce back" or something like that
  14. Speaking of Becton, here's what Saleh said today The whole clip here's what Connor Hughes tweets cracks me up
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