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  1. Maybe Claypool or Dionte Johnson from Pittsburgh? Could see either being apart of a trade down with Pitt if they come up to the t10 for a QB. 10 for 20, their 2nd and Johnson/Claypool something like that
  2. Haha all good man! Hell if he wasn't in jail I'd take him lol
  3. My point was you don't really ever know what you're getting in the draft. Raiders made Ruggs the first WR taken and a year later he's out of the league. Drafts just the ultimate crapshoot imo especially at WR
  4. Sure there's been a few guys that have come on strong as rookies but banking on a rookie who's never touched and NFL field to come in and be your WR1 is a big gamble. Hopefully we can end up with someone like the guys you listed, but we can also end up with a guy like Ruggs, Corey Coleman, John Ross, etc
  5. Brandin Cooks, Metcalf, Mclaurin, Claypool go out and get somebody. Can't count on a rookie WR to come in and be a WR1 this year
  6. Our WR room is not good and desperately needs a talented veteran presence. Davis has not been and will never be a #1 WR
  7. We can’t sign stars can’t trade for stars can’t draft stars
  8. If this happens I’m gonna go ******* crazy at my job
  9. Go get DJ Moore/Mccaffrey it’s time for the Panthers rebuild
  10. It would be hilarious. If he can be had for a 3rd/4th Joe D should be all over it. Hunter Quinnen Lawson and JFM is wild
  11. Trade them back the 4th they gave us for Chris Herndon......
  12. I agree there’s got to be a backstory or something behind the scenes we don’t know
  13. I hope they bring in Collins he's so good on the right side. I think you let Becton and Fant duke it out at LT if Fant wins you can extend him if he loses trade him. I like Fant a lot but he's a much better left tackle than right, and Collins is a dominant right tackle.
  14. There are quite a few guys left who could be had on cheaper deals that are worth looks. I think he may take a shot or two on guys like that but I don't expect any big names like Mathieu or Gilmore. I'd expect someone like Hurst, Conklin, Rashad Penny, Marlon Mack, Patterson etc
  15. I’ve always felt like he could do more with the opportunity, he wouldn’t be a bad option at all. I can’t see him costing more than a few mil
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