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  1. Demarcus Robinson is another cheap WR available he’s only 27
  2. I’ve never seen this place this positive
  3. 108 total tackles last year and only 26 years old doesn't sound too bad. His PFF grade from last year is horrendous though 37.7 but I know PFF isn't the end all be all
  4. Yeah makes no sense to me why he went there. Usually you take a one year deal so you can get a bigger deal next year, might be hard to produce in the worst offense in the league lol
  5. I like Chark but I think he's going to get more $$ than we think. He's a talented player though still only 25
  6. Will Fuller would come really cheap worth the upside
  7. Hope we get 1 of Randy Gregory, Gilmore, or Williams,
  8. Connor Hughes live talking Marcus Williams right now
  9. Gilmore, Zadarius, Marcus Williams all still available
  10. Feels good to have some fun on day 1 right??? I'm having a blast over here
  11. It feels so nice to watch a GM use resources to actually fill needs on the team
  12. Will Dissley got the same contract for 200
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