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  1. I know I posted earlier but I wanted to add something else. I'm also not making any trades until draft day because if Murray goes #1 and someone trades up with SF i'm sprinting to the podium to pick Bosa. We are in the best position out of any team in the draft imo. We can stay put and get a game changing player at 3 or fleece a crosstown rival, or another team for a boat load of picks. But if we were to receive a good deal I'd do something like this. I'd alter the trade a little bit i'd do #3,#68 and Lee for 6,17 and 37. As trade talks begin I'm signing Ansah asap to a 1yr prove it deal small $ it guarantees us some sort of edge presence at #6 I'm taking Sweat if he's gone and I can't get an edge then Juwan Taylor. at 17 I'm taking D.K Metcalf guy is a physical freak 6'4 4.3 speed add him with Robby/Q/Herndon/Bell/Crowder and we've got a young fast offense. at 37 I'm hoping Bradbury/Ford are there but would also be ready to snag Erik McCoy the C out of A&M.
  2. Gotta be not signing Morse/Paradis or Houston. Signing one of the 3 completely changes the dynamic and the direction of the draft. Also Roberts contract is little odd
  3. So many possibilities. (Oliver and Burns, Quinnen and Greedy,Taylor and Metcalf/Jonah/Bradbury) We're really in a win/win situation here. We either get our edge at 3 (Bosa/Allen) or we get the chance to add a few key pieces. I will say this though imagine that dline with Oliver Burns Leo and Henry Anderson jesus lol
  4. Few things here 1- No shot im sending the giants back anything more than #3 for #6 and 17 in fact I'd probably want an additional 3rd because F*** the Giants 2- Isn't Taylor widely regarded as better than Jonah? I feel like Jonah may be there at 17 3- Idk why but I feel like doubling down on one side of the ball is the way to go. Imagine leaving with Quinnen and Greedy or Taylor and Metcalf/Jonah/Bradbury
  5. Then after those we'll trade Metlife stadium for Julio Jones and a years supply of flinstone push-up pops
  6. Trade #3, 96 and Lee to the Bucs for Evans and #5 then trade #5 to the Broncos for Von Miller and #10. Use #10 draft Ed Oliver/Taylor/Greedy/Jonah. Would be a much better scenario
  7. nope I’d go 2020 2nd rounder and like a 3rd/4th then I’d trade down with NYG (if they’re actually trying to come up. I’d take 6 and 17 for #3 and I’d snag Ed Oliver/Juwan Taylor at 6 and then Jonah/Greedy/ at 17. No shot I’m paying him 22 mil and giving them #3
  8. Didn’t we send #6 and 3 2nd rounders to move up with the colts? No way in hell im moving from 3 (guaranteed edge rush stud or Q Williams/Oliver)to 6 for an extra 2nd and 4th. You want to move up on our dime it’s gonna cost more than that we gotta fleece whoever we trade with for it to be worth it.
  9. Apart from Macs top 6 picks (Sam,Jamal,Leo) has he made more than 2 good picks? I don’t think it’s a ridiculous concern especially when the players that will be there at 3 are very elite talents at a position we’ve needed to fill for years
  10. I take the sure thing at #3 and fill the void at edge that’s lasted a decade these top tier prospects are game changers (Bosa/Allen even Q)I don’t think #6 and #17 are enough to pass on that and I also have 0 faith in mac to select the right players later in the drafts.
  11. Im about as anti trade down as you can get but if I had to trade down there are really only 2 trades i’d move the pick for. I’d trade #3 for #6 and next years #1 (idt 6+17 are enough to miss out on Bosa/Allen) or i’d trade #3 and Lee for Von Miller and #10 and then take Jonah/Greedy/Metcalf at 10. I wouldn’t trade passed #10 either.
  12. When we snag Bosa or Allen this defense is gonna be scary
  13. We need a team to fall in love with Haskins and trade up to #2 for him
  14. Hoping NYG trades with SF leaving us Bosa at 3
  15. Im about as anti-Mac as possible but he has had a solid offseason so far. Having said that, he is also the #1 reason I'm 300% opposed to trading the pick. Outside of the high 1st rounders (Adams,Leo,Sam) his only really good pick looks like Herndon. Being that Edge has been a need for like a decade I don't trust Macs drafting and player evaluation abilities enough to pass up on Bosa/Allen. Stay at 3 and lock down the edge.
  16. Man the offseason really is boring after free agency and before the draft
  17. Right but why pass on elite level edge rusher when that’s been our biggest need for like a decade? I guess maybe it would make more sense if I had faith in our GM but apart from Herndon he hasn’t hit on anything solid from the #6 pick and on
  18. Preachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t understand the obsession with trading down when it’s almost a lock that 1 of the top 2 edge rushers is going to be there at 3
  19. Give me Allen or Bosa all day
  20. I would stay out at #3 and take Bosa or Allen whichever falls to us. If we can land one of best edge rushers in the draft (Bosa/Allen) you’ve got to take them. I might be reaching here but with one of the two there’s no reason this defense can’t be a top 5 unit in the league. I know we want weapons for Sam but a top defense is a hell of a weapon to give the team.
  21. For the most part Mac has made 1 good draft pick outside of pick #6 and it's Herndon (not a Mac smear post I love what he's done this offseason and hes a trade wizard but his drafts have been awful lets be honest). People really want to give this guy more picks and pass on the 2 best edge rushers in the class? Sorry but Bosa/Allen addition has the potential to put this defensive unit among the best in the league we can't pass that up.

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