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  1. Huge!!!! Let’s go JD!!!
  2. I would only do it if Becton came back healthy and strong. Someone’s gotta be the odd man out if they bring in Collins, I’d trade the loser of the LT competition. Especially if it’s Fant, mainly because he’s on the last year of his deal
  3. I think I'd actually try and trade Fant (as long as Becton is actually healthy) After the year he just had the return compensation would be high and he'd clear like $10 mil in cap.
  4. I'm really hoping we make this move Collins is so damn good. Jets would be in such a good spot too especially if Becton comes back strong
  5. Jags really paid Christian Kirk more than JC Jackson wow
  6. $16.5/yr for JC actually less than I expected
  7. I'd love to sign Collins too. Would mean we'd have to trade Becton or Fant but Collins is a really good RT
  8. I didn't even know he was still in the league and he's getting $8mil a year???
  9. I think that makes him the 3rd highest paid WR in the league right now
  10. That Cooper deal doesn't feel all that bad now this is insane
  11. I should have specified. If a WR comes in free agency*** it'll be Gage or Chark. I am fully expecting and hoping Jets hit WR at #10
  12. Yeah there's just no way he'd do that we'd riot
  13. I think if a WR comes in it'll be Chark or Gage
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