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  1. Yep it sucks but if I can get #18 from Dallas and #82 I'm pulling the trigger. 2 1sts, a 2nd and 3 3rd round picks+ 30-40 mil in cap space can go a long long way into rebuilding our offense, as well as improving our edge and cb rooms
  2. I lean this way as well and would 100% trade Jamal. My question is what do you do at 11 if Lamb,Jeudy and the 3 OTs are gone? There's no OT with a 1st round grade and the top centers have late 1st round early 2nd rnd grades. I'd gladly take Epenesa but I know half of the people on here would lose their minds lol
  3. Pretty sure Peters got extended already. Gladly take Conklin and Judon though lol
  4. It's no secret we need an OT and as these mock drafts keep flying out the one thing I'm noticing is how far apart the Tier 1 OT's (Wills,Thomas and Wirfs) are from the Tier 2 OT's. Based on who's ahead of us I'd say 5 teams are in the mix for the 3 OTs (DET,CLE,NYG,JAX and ARI) Having said that would you trade our #11 and #79 to Arizona for #8? Or the same trade to Jax but we'd receieve a later pick to get #9. Our chance at an OT greatly increases but if we somehow miss out we should have Jeudy or Lamb there as well. https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp I used this to make the trade Edit- I personally wouldn't make this trade before yall start flaming me lol but I think it's a fair question given our needs and the way the OL talent in the draft is starting to come together
  5. I care if my GM can draft, acquire good players and structure good contracts. That’s about it I couldn’t care less what interviews he does or doesn’t do besides the media always crushes us anyway regardless of what we do. **** em
  6. Yeah wtf Stafford literally has a fractured back you figure there’d be a little bit of speculation lol. I don’t think Washington is going to pass on Young he’s a freak and now they’ll have Montez Sweat and Chase Young ffs. They’re not going to give up on Haskins yet too much invested
  7. I thought it was a black van with TVs on the side? 😂😂😂
  8. I respectfully disagree. Edge has been a hole for an entire decade if we can draft a top prospect on the edge you do it. Again though only if Wirfs Wills Thomas Jeudy and Lamb are gone!
  9. If you can’t get Jeudy Lamb Thomas Wills or Wirfs then what do you do? Just reach on the next best OT?
  10. It will be a great night if we can leave with one of Wills,Thomas,Wirfs,Jeudy,Lamb,Epenesa
  11. I’d bump Epenesa up to more probably. Idt Joe D will reach on an OL if he can get a solid edge rusher imo. I’ll be so happy if we get Wills though!
  12. I’d gladly give up a 2021 3rd/4th rounder for Costanzo,Scherff,Cooper,Yannick or Dupree 100%. This offseason has blessed us with being full of the talent we need. Free agency has a few solid options for OL, There’s like 3 edge rushers and a ton of CBs.Then the draft is loaded with OL, WR and mid round Edge/CB talent. We have to take advantage of it and spend on an Olineman and a Cb/Edge. Idk how anyone could be against signing any of the above especially after what we watched this year!
  13. Last night I got to witness a bar full of bills and pats fans watch their season end and boys I gotta say. It was a great time
  14. Seems like way too much imo. Dallas still has to pay like 5 different studs and would have to pay Jamal. There’s a 0% chance they’re giving us 4 picks as well. We’re quick to forget the team getting Adams also has to pay him so having said that I think we’ll be lucky to get a 1 and a 2 for him
  15. Nope nope nope nope nope
  16. Can someone explain to me how much a deal effects the cap? For example let’s say we have $80mil in cap space, sign Joe Thuney to a 4 yrs/48 mil contract. What would our cap hit be after that deal??
  17. I guess we'll agree to disagree. I think we've got too many holes to pay a safety that kind of contract
  18. Our offense has more holes than a golf course and we also need a CB and an Edge rusher. Moving Jamal immediately accelerates the offensive rebuild and helps build around Sam. For me that's more important than having the best safety in the league, not to mention the guy already revealed himself when he had his melt down mid season. Trade him, draft WR and OL in the first and be done with it.
  19. Love Jamal but the draft is loaded with OL and WR talent. We should trade him and invest that money on offense and building depth and talent in our premiere defensive positions (CB,Edge)

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