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  1. Man Joe D's making a lot of people on here look dumb today
  2. Yeah no need. EDGE/Corner/Wr
  3. That's what I thought no idea who his source is but he's a legit NFL guy. That'd be the biggest trade in NFL history
  4. I can't see Joe D offering that much
  5. I agree although idk how involved the Jets will really be on Williams there's a little to much smoke there for me. Joe D seems to do a good job at keeping things in house. Last year the Davis and Lawson signings just came out of nowhere and I think we're going to see that again this time too. Zadarius Smith, Austin Corbett and Justin Reid are my predictions
  6. My guess is Engram to Green Bay and Davis to the Raiders
  7. About 30mins after I responded to you lol
  8. I’d give them 35 and a pick next year for him. Apparently the Saints who are like 70mil over the cap are also prepared to offer 3 1sts so this is going to get interesting.
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