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  1. 31 and going to be expensive, I’d pass
  2. SR24

    Combine WRs

    He had himself a day!
  3. SR24

    Combine WRs

    These times are crazy
  4. I don’t like any scenario that has us passing on KT if he’s there at 4
  5. Oh yeah it’s unreal. Someone on here will create a thread bashing Joe D when Davante Adams signs elsewhere
  6. No way would I go double digits on Njoku. I like him but he’s worth 7-8mil tops
  7. This place is going to be unbearable after the 1st day of free agency. “You mean the $20mil a year superstar didn’t want to come to the Jets? **** Joe D man”
  8. 10000000% yes. Metcalf Davis and Moore would be unreal
  9. Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying here. Rumors will come out that we’re “interested” yet he signs elsewhere. Conklin’s camp did the same thing to us a few years back
  10. Sign- Quandre Diggs+ James Daniels+ Njoku Trade- #38 for Cooper/Ridley/Jeudy/DJ Moore Draft- KT, Sauce and McBride with the first 3 picks. As far as 38 goes I’d take any of those WRs in a heartbeat. I think we could get Cooper for less with that contract so I’d try to get him for a 3rd and a late pick next year. I like it
  11. I’d target him for sure but let’s all be real here, he’s gonna end up using us as leverage to get a better deal from a contender.
  12. We’re passing on so much talent to drop down 10 spots, I’d want someone back who can help out this year. #10 for #20, a 23 2nd and Chase Claypool maybe?
  13. If Hutchinson or Thibodeaux are there at 4 I'd take one of them. If they're off the board I'd 1000% make this trade
  14. I’ll powerbomb my tv if we pass on KT or Hutch at 4 if they are on the board. Matt Miller’s got us taking KT,Sauce Gardner, Trey Mcbride and Zion Johnson with our first 4 picks. I’d love that https://www.instagram.com/p/CZzXEzXO4gg/?utm_medium=copy_link
  15. Combine will be big for him and Burks. I think they’re both gonna fly up the board
  16. Bill B resigned on a napkin at his introductory press conference. There is nothing wrong with NYG interviewing Flores even though they knew they wanted Daboll! Joe D said they knew Saleh was their guy yet still interviewed Arthur Smith after him it happens all the time
  17. No chance but Joe D should call about Kamara. We have picks, cap space and need playmaker. They have no QB, no HC and need picks+cap space. Kamara and Carter in this scheme would make life a lot easier on Zach
  18. I definitely want to trade for a WR but Thomas is a bit of an unknown for me with injuries so I would pass. Metcalf,Cooper, DJ Moore, Cooks are all guys I hope we target
  19. Adding DK or Cooper would be huge for the offense I’d be pumped if we landed either
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