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  1. This is a no brainer slam dunk. Sign Warford. Becton - Lewis/Van Roten - McGovern - Warford - Fant Sign a vet WR & CB. Score points. Win Games.
  2. I wont even be mad if he takes Eason to have a young dev QB behind Sam.
  3. Today was refreshing as hell. A lot of these picks wont hit but you need lotto tickets. Load up on round 3-6 guys, cheap controllable depth for backups, dev guys and specials. If this is the plan then sign me up. We have a competent GM who understands how to maneuver up and down the board. Also love him going after elite SPARQ score athletes. We take a dev Edge with high measurables, a dev freak speed WR, a generational tackle on paper (still needs to show it on the field). The safety pick is also a nice pick, can use him in big nickel or (gasp) he coudk be a good backup if we lose a safety.

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