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  1. Last night was amazing but we need to win some damn games first. No September wins since like 2019
  2. Love BP, dude was first class on and off the field. Sucks we didnt make the playoffs on the Fitz/Marshall/Decker team. He balled his ass off in that Giants game
  3. Because we're a 6/7 win team at best this season developing young players. No shame in that, we just aren't a playoff contender type yet.
  4. Dont root injury on anyone and Russ is a good ass dude. Wishing him a speedy recovery. With all the qualifiers out of the way, Karma is finally swinging in our direction!. Two top 10 picks on deck
  5. Build it brick by brick Joe! Glad we finally rewarded one of our in-house guys
  6. It was an absolute garbage sequence. On paper the game was a blowout. To me we were right there if the refs correctly call a fumble on the Pats opening drive, Wilson doesnt vomit on his jersey and that sequence goes different.
  7. Today was a kick in the junk no doubt. Was hype all week and had the family over for a bbq. As disappointing and lackluster as Wilson was, we need to relax and take a step back. Lawrence was awful, Fields mediocre in spot duty and Burrow in year 2 was shaky. Give the kid a legit chance, the talent is oozing from his pores and he appears to have a good mental makeup and attitude. It was a sh*t week but there were some bright spots today. Carter is a baller at RB, dude reminds me of a stronger Leon Washington. Elijah Moore was open all day when he was man'd up. We'll see what's what in Denver next week
  8. Day after, love the pick even more. End of the day these guys have to play and perform but I really think we built a potential Walter Jones-Steve Hutchinson left side of the line.
  9. WE'RE BUILDING A WALL AND SEATTLE IS PAYING FOR IT! Love we got this moose. Becton-AVT playing side by side wrecking fools for a decade. Finally a GM that understands football
  10. His act is old as the day is long. Know what pisses me off with these woah is me Jets fans who recite a decade of draft picks? WHY WATCH THE DAMN TEAM IF EVERYTHING EVER WILL ALWAYS FAIL. Joe Douglas has a ton to prove and I have anxiety about these picks but you know what, how about give dude a chance. Greeny is the type of dude who will be anointing Wilson the first jump ball he hits back endzone to Mims. We're a scarred bunch. We endured the Idzik 12, Mac's addiction to Dunkin Donuts and Gase's opening presser. We finally have the coach on the same timeline as the GM, with a structure which doesn't have them both reporting individually to the owner. Get Excited!
  11. My vote is for alcohol. Both arent the answer and this is depressing.
  12. We dont need to be bitter. We suck, I get why he wanted out he just handled it very poorly. He's moved on, we need to also. A lot of beta energy in this thread.
  13. Maccagnan started this devastating timeline: -Selected Hackenberg round 2, anyone with a clue who watched him play in college knew how tragic in the moment it was. -Passed on Deshaun Watson & Patrick Mahomes with Hackenberg & Petty in his QB room. -Selected Jamal Adams -Overall selected 1 OL in the first 3 rounds of his tenure: Chuma Edoga A special shout out to Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly for this gem.
  14. Why even get creative passing on 2nd and 3rd? Run Shonn Greene 4x and let the chips fall where they go
  15. Very good Jet but he'll forever be tied to the dumbest 4 play sequence in franchise history
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