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  1. We dont need to be bitter. We suck, I get why he wanted out he just handled it very poorly. He's moved on, we need to also. A lot of beta energy in this thread.
  2. Maccagnan started this devastating timeline: -Selected Hackenberg round 2, anyone with a clue who watched him play in college knew how tragic in the moment it was. -Passed on Deshaun Watson & Patrick Mahomes with Hackenberg & Petty in his QB room. -Selected Jamal Adams -Overall selected 1 OL in the first 3 rounds of his tenure: Chuma Edoga A special shout out to Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly for this gem.
  3. Why even get creative passing on 2nd and 3rd? Run Shonn Greene 4x and let the chips fall where they go
  4. Very good Jet but he'll forever be tied to the dumbest 4 play sequence in franchise history
  5. rewatching this game it's depressing how much more talented that group compared to this one. Vastly superior O-line and targets, Linebackers and secondary is night and day.
  6. Marcus Maye's current IG story and Lev liked a post supporting Jamal over the weekend.
  7. I pray covid doesnt rob this fanbase of the opportunity to pack MetLife for this frauds first game back. Jamal is on some straight Hulk Hogan NWO heel turn. Bump him, bump his media mouthpiece Ryan Clark. I was with him on getting paid. Live tweeting everyday like a clown has lost me forever. We traded Revis after he led us to back to back title games, trading Adams is not anywhere close.
  8. can you fill me in on what Huff, Bless or Maye said
  9. You are one of a kind SAR, love the energy!
  10. He's a helluva player but the act is getting old. HE deserves to get paid but he's a child.
  11. This is a no brainer slam dunk. Sign Warford. Becton - Lewis/Van Roten - McGovern - Warford - Fant Sign a vet WR & CB. Score points. Win Games.
  12. I wont even be mad if he takes Eason to have a young dev QB behind Sam.
  13. Today was refreshing as hell. A lot of these picks wont hit but you need lotto tickets. Load up on round 3-6 guys, cheap controllable depth for backups, dev guys and specials. If this is the plan then sign me up. We have a competent GM who understands how to maneuver up and down the board. Also love him going after elite SPARQ score athletes. We take a dev Edge with high measurables, a dev freak speed WR, a generational tackle on paper (still needs to show it on the field). The safety pick is also a nice pick, can use him in big nickel or (gasp) he coudk be a good backup if we lose a safety.

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