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  1. Dumb ass bubba gump and his little pea brain has gotta go
  2. I want this team to get a reliable tight end. I would like to see them either sign Scott Chandler or see if they can make a trade for Martellus Bennett.
  3. He wore 94 in college but Damon Harrison has that number already. 90 is available
  4. Absolutely not, he's old and washed up. Plus, the Jets are set at Wide Receiver with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and Devin Smith
  5. Jets also got a 5th round pick in this draft from houston pick no. 152
  6. i would like one of those running backs like coleman, johnson or ajayi
  7. That the Jets could be very active and trade up 1 or 2 spots to get dante fowler jr. Said that the people in the Jets building are in love with his pass rushing abilities.
  8. I've been watching all the mock draft shows and specials the last few days on espn and nfl network etc and the consensus from everyone is Kevin White. I love this pick, kevin white to go along with marshall and decker and kerley our receiving corps is really good.
  9. I can't stand this little twirp. An 8-8 season with only 3 playoff teams on the schedule. Go talk with your imaginary sources manish Manish Mehta ✔ @MMehtaNYDN Upon first glance, Jets will finish 8-8 in 2015.... The breakdown: W, L, L, W, Bye, W, L, W, W, L, W, L, L, W, L, W, L #nyj
  10. thank god, i didnt want to play on thanksgiving and get aggravated on turkey day
  11. whoever is it QB for the cleveland browns it wont matter jets will beat them easlily, guaranteed!
  12. Fitzpatrick was having a pretty good season in Houston last year before he got hurt. 17 TD's and 8 INT's with a 95.3 QBR
  13. a few jets players still do not have numbers yet. fitzpatrick will be 14 cause its not taken and ridley was 22 with new england and i think erin henderson wore 50 with minnesota
  14. I say week 1 the Jets will open on the road in Buffalo on monday night football. Jets vs Rex it will be a very hyped game i just feel it.
  15. Just a quick look at the opposing quarterback's the Jets defense will face this season as far as difficulty: Brady, Luck, Romo, Manning, Carr are the only challenges IMO Tom Brady Ryan Tannehill Matt Cassel/E.J. Manuel Blake Bortles Zach Mettenberger Sam Bradford Robert Griffin III Josh McCown Brian Hoyer Andrew Luck Tony Romo Eli Manning Derek Carr
  16. Any chance the schedule makers would put the Jets on Thanksgiving against Dallas?
  17. Fitzpatrick was actually having a pretty good season for the Texans with 2,483 YDS 17 TD's and 8 INT's and a 95.3 QBR
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