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  1. I've said it before, I'd like to see Magic Mike either sign Pierre Thomas who's a great 3rd down RB who can catch passes or make a trade for Doug Martin.
  2. Moore would be a great signing for the Jets, this guy has major speed and can go down field.
  3. Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter Raiders free-agent WR Denarius Moore is scheduled to meet Thursday with NY Jets, per source. Jets need a speed WR to go along with other WRs Retweeted by Brian Costello
  4. I think the Jets should give Ray Rice a shot. He's a hometown guy and it would be a nice duo with Ivory and Rice.
  5. Since The Jets had interest in Stevie Johnson and Cecil Shorts III, should they take a look at some other free agents like Michael Crabtree or Hakeem Nicks or maybe Denarius Moore?
  6. I know I've mentioned this guy before on this forum, but I believe Pierre Thomas would be the perfect 3rd down running back for this offense. He's the best pass catching RB in the league.
  7. Mike Macagnan starring in this off-season spectacular, he is "Magic Mike"
  8. I wish someone would make a jets hype video on youtube with all the aquisitions so far this off season
  9. Erik Pears is a solid guard. It would just be for offensive line depth which is smart with injuries almost a given in the NFL
  10. absolutely not on trent richardson, he's slow and cant stay healthy
  11. I think Stevie Johnson would be a better fit than Cecil Shorts III because of Chan Gailey and he also played with Ryan Fitzpatrick for a few years.
  12. I like Cecil Shorts III he's a very underrated receiver in the league. He has done very well in Jacksonville with no QB to speak of. A foursome of Marshall, Decker, Kerley and Shorts would be dangerous.
  13. Brian Costello @BrianCoz Marcus Gilchrist's visit with the Jets is over. The two sides are still talking. #nyj
  14. I've seen Mike Macagnaan on this forum referred to as Trader Mike. My name for him is "Magic Mike". Yes, just like the channing tatum movie
  15. Has the Jets secondary gone from the absolute worst to the absolute best over one offseason? The only other team with this good of a secondary is Seattle. Assuming Gilchrist is signed NYJ - Revis, Cromartie, Skrine, Pryor, Gilchrist, SEA - Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, Wiliams, Lane
  16. do u think the jets will look to fill the other offensive guard spot via free agency or draft? I'm a little surprised they haven't show interest in Justin Blalock or Steve Wisniewski, Dan Conolly
  17. conte can take a walk I want gilchrist anyway
  18. Kimberley A. Martin ✔ @KMart_LI >> RT @vxmcclure23: Former Bears safety Chris Conte has a visit lined up to the Jets if the contract details with the Bucs fall through.
  19. I want Pierre Thomas. C'mon Macagnaan, this guy defines what a 3rd down back is, one of the best pass catching RB's in the league. Whoever the QB is thomas would be a security blanket for them
  20. I just looked at arizona's depth chart on cbssports.com and its a 3-4 defense. But bowles just like rex did will often switch to 4-3 during the game for a change and mixing up the defense
  21. I think that when it comes time for the Jets to pick at 6, either Shane Ray or Dante Fowler Jr. will be there
  22. Obviously, I was trying to state that Buster Skrine will be the Jets nickel corner
  23. sorry about that I hit post before i was done typing
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