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  1. Revis to safety????????????so

    That's a Top 5 reply ever.
  2. Lol that's great on so many levels
  3. Von Miller

    I hate the Giants , but Miller is the closest thing to LT I've seen in my life. Complete stud.reason Denver beat pats & Panthers
  4. Still proud of this team

    Indeed the future looks bright and maybe this team exceeded expectations ,but expectation change very fast this team should've been in the playoffs.we will be fine. Need a home run type RB and a bad ass edge rusher in the draft.
  5. This Reminds Me of Detroit '97

    I guess I see your point ,but I wasn't old enuff too drink my miseries away back when ( legally )
  6. How are you feeling?

    Numb & disappointed some say they had us pegged for 8or 9 wins fine,but it was right there For the taken and they came out flat, tight or whatever. Losing to that buffoon twice a year only makes matters worse , but he sold his soul to the devil for that , I'm sure he won't be coaching in the NFL in a few more years. It is what it is as they say. Hey we'll get a higher draft pick that would be 5-6 spots higher than what we would've picked,( difference maker Hopefully 4 next year) 31 teams & fanbase will be Disappointed in the NFL by year end , I wasn't ready 2 be one of them yet. So I'll drink my grey goose slowly & marinade in the pain knowing that the sun comes up tomorrow.
  7. No more nonsense, we are scoring a TD and winning this f?ckin game

    fitz is a good BACKUP QB. wow 4-1 was a long time ago
  9. The Jets Are Not Good

    This does not feel like a playoff team , no two ways about it
  10. This D that's designed and scheme 2 cause turnovers needs to cause a turnover