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    Von Miller

    I hate the Giants , but Miller is the closest thing to LT I've seen in my life. Complete stud.reason Denver beat pats & Panthers
  2. Indeed the future looks bright and maybe this team exceeded expectations ,but expectation change very fast this team should've been in the playoffs.we will be fine. Need a home run type RB and a bad ass edge rusher in the draft.
  3. I guess I see your point ,but I wasn't old enuff too drink my miseries away back when ( legally )
  4. Numb & disappointed some say they had us pegged for 8or 9 wins fine,but it was right there For the taken and they came out flat, tight or whatever. Losing to that buffoon twice a year only makes matters worse , but he sold his soul to the devil for that , I'm sure he won't be coaching in the NFL in a few more years. It is what it is as they say. Hey we'll get a higher draft pick that would be 5-6 spots higher than what we would've picked,( difference maker Hopefully 4 next year) 31 teams & fanbase will be Disappointed in the NFL by year end , I wasn't ready 2 be one of them yet. So I'll drink my grey goose slowly & marinade in the pain knowing that the sun comes up tomorrow.
  5. No more nonsense, we are scoring a TD and winning this f?ckin game
  6. fitz is a good BACKUP QB. wow 4-1 was a long time ago
  7. This does not feel like a playoff team , no two ways about it
  8. This D that's designed and scheme 2 cause turnovers needs to cause a turnover
  9. Just wow!!!! This is awful I'm embarrassed right now
  10. I'm diggin the Metallic green On helmets
  11. I'll take a win and lick are wounds , but dam this team Needs to make some changes aSAp
  12. Wow if Geno didn't miss all those tackles this might actually be a game
  13. I think we are just gonna have to bite the bullet & give greenbay a conditional fifth rounder for Rogers
  14. I was just thinkin with the D what happen 2 all the forced turnovers , the better question is what happen to all the tackling
  15. When your hangover and have to drink cause of your football team u know its bad!! Cheers!
  16. Wow that must have been a kick ass party at the jets hotel last nite
  17. So far this season we've been kickin a$$ in the 3 quarter , hopefully that trend continues.
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