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  1. @Comey Your never ending grandstanding is another reason you are out on your ass!!!

  2. @JohnBrennan Non partisan your ass!! You are a disgrace to this nation and every time you open your mouth you sull… https://t.co/KJ4fgyPoaY

  3. @ScottJIsrael You are a total absurd blowhard. You should be out on your ass!!

  4. @demario__davis Demario you are one class individual. Thanks for all you gave Jet fans. Best wishes with your next team!

  5. @cameron_kasky Show some respect!!! Your comment to Rubio turned me off to your entire position. Being a victim do… https://t.co/O4sQCfB5b9

  6. @BetteMidler Joke about glorifying a violent criminal?!? And just how does one solve Puerto Rico?!? You are scary stupid!!

  7. @SoDoSlayer @BetteMidler So ******* lazy...nazi nazi nazi. Change the record you ******* pussy

  8. @johnsasmurftoo @LAWHilton @NicolleDWallace Sure And not a government subsidized one either

  9. @morningmika You are a revolting mess Crazy Mika!!!!!

  10. @Twitter the good old twitter thought police!!! You guys are shameless!!

  11. @freelanceginger A revolting mess who makes a living peddling irrational emotional blather calling someone else dis… https://t.co/6SSvzw0TG5

  12. @DWStweets You’re still around? Being disgraced 2 years ago wasn’t enough for you? Now you just remind us on a da… https://t.co/DS8UAj0VTW

  13. @NYCMayor You big ******* pussy! How do you pantywaste liberals bend over backwards for illegal aliens while giving… https://t.co/o688Pva0f5

  14. @StevePoliti Love the reasons to hate the Red Sox but why go political? Ruined the whole article

  15. @lguzmangoog @charliekirk11 What in the blue hell are you talking about? Stop trying to make yourself a victim it’s an awful look

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