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  1. Killed our cap? Who else were you signing other than him last offseason? Remember the team sucked and had no talent on account of your hero's horrendous drafts. I am aware of what he gets in 2017 making it likely they don't cut him which is why I said after next year. You think with Maxwell getting $13, Revis would sign for $10M for 1 year....yeesh... there is simply no reasoning with you. Revis doesn't get to tear up the contract - the Jets do!!!! I am literally astounded by the nonsense you continue to peddle. You were called out 5 different times to name the several pro bowlers your hero drafted and you just continue to ignore all the facts that get in the way of your delusional theories. I have had my fill of this nonsense....... I implore you to find the team with the cheapest owner and worst executive (who will still be 5x better than your hero) and you will be much happier that way.
  2. If he sucks as bad as you say he does, then they can cut him after next year with ZERO cap hit. The structure of the contract as far as guaranteed years as opposed to bonus was brilliant. They will likely tear it up after next year as he converts to safety. He is on no fast track to $70M but don't get the facts get in the way of your delusions. He was a consensus top 3 corner and was paid like it. No one in the NFL wanted Fitz and he was negotiated in a different manner. Simple common sense. You apparently have no feel for how silly you sound trying to compare the negotiations of two polar opposite players. I'll take $39M for 3 years of Revis long before I would have paid $13M per year for Maxwell. You should really just go find a team that refuses to sign anyone and is content to suck.
  3. But seemingly the rest of the NFL has no use for Idzik's players. But I know they are all great, it's all a media conspiracy, he deserved 3 more years to suck, Mac should have not signed anyone in 2015 and we could maybe build a roster of guys making the NFL minimum or rookie money and brag about all the cap space we have and how we never overpay for anyone. You obsess about Revis and how you claim to have personal knowledge of the other teams interested and then brag about Tommy Bohannon. I could see you in 1996 whining....if we had just given Kotitte 3 more years to execute his Plan.....
  4. It's crazy how that works isn't it? I can negotiate a better price for an old beat up used car than I can for a Ferrari.... what a novel concept!!!! You mean I can actually take my time and wait it out with the old beat up used car but I might have to act quick with the Ferrari? It's not a one-size fits all strategy? I thought all GM's were supposed to treat all players equally under the law... maybe I'm confusing that with the Constitution... I don't know...
  5. Wow and apparently you look like a NY Ranger from 1940. Crazy! Here we go with the Revis nonsense again.. they aren't paying him $17M per season. He is getting a guaranteed $39M over 3 years. I guess I have to explain to you how guaranteed money works, right? You routinely misunderstand concepts, facts and even NFL rules (like spending up to a floor) all in the name of defending your precious moron GM who will go down as the worst NFL GM in 20 years. Time well spent on your part. If you don't understand the concept of an inflated market from year to year, not sure I can help you. Revis would have come cheaper in 2014 than he would in 2015 as would all other corners of similar caliber. It's not even debatable. But then again you are the lone person on the planet that thinks the Vikings got the better of the Bradford deal so we should not be surprised. Again, name the several Idzik pro bowl players... still waiting on this one...
  6. Mac HAD to spend that money to get up to the cap floor because your guy drooled all over himself for 2 offseasons. And by free agency standards, he did quite well. Being a contrarian just to be a contrarian is not sophisticated, it is just annoying.
  7. The only thing hilarious about this post is the fact that after all the ineptitude of this fool of a GM, you consistently waste your time making the absolute worst sports arguments ever made to defend him. When a move blows up in your face like Milliner or Patterson or Goodson or Amaro, you don't get to go back and say it was a good move because he had a plan at the time...that's madness. Milliner had 5 surgeries in college for God sakes and you act like it was just bad luck that he's always injured. His drafts get worse with age and you pine for more time with him running things. Even after they drafted Milliner (who struggled as a rookie, then got worse) when they let Cro go, they had a huge hole and he tried to fill it with the likes of Patterson and McDougle. All Idzik sympathizers tout the fact that he saved money by not signing anyone which is the reason I blame him for the spending purge in 2014 to fix the position. Saving money that year only necessitated drastic measures to fix it. It's hilarious that this concept still seems to evade the Idzik apologists. His plan was a joke, his drafts were a joke and his tenure was a joke. But to you it is a media bandwagon conspiracy... AND you believe he deserved another year...some people will believe anything.... I'm still waiting on the several pro bowl players he drafted...maybe at some point you will acknowledge that was a silly statement.
  8. It would not have been $17 million if we signed him the prior year.... yeesh... you just aren't getting it. You state the fact that Patterson was a fallback like it is somehow news to all of us. He played for 7 teams!!! He was a journeyman with an injury histroy. Dee Milliner had 3 picks in 2 games... guess what? He sucks. Telling me what Patterson did in a 4 game stretch is like me saying Geno is a Hall of Famer based on his play in the final 4 games of '14. Do you realize your argument falls flat on its face because we know what the result was? A total disaster. Yes Patterson coped an attitude and yes he was injured and yes he went AWOL = what conclusion? BAD MOVE BY A BAD GM! Going into '14 the only selection he made at corner was a 6th rounder. Hardly a great "plan" if you are going to build through the draft. Marcus Williams was signed mid-season off the Texans practice squad so how does that equate to a plan going into 2014? CB was one of the MANY reasons we went 4-12 but clearly that and QB - you know, the one HE drafted - were the team's 2 biggest holes. Somehow all of the suckage at a variety of positions including WR all relate back to your boy's ineptitude. I know it hurts for you to hear it, but he was the worst football GM in the modern NFL era. McClendon hasn't played yet so to try to compare a fill in who has yet to actually fill in to a guy who was an abortion of a signing is simply madness. Yes they were both signed as replacements...most FA's are... and they both have N's at the end of their names... other than that, can McClendon play a down first? I am still waiting for you to list your guy's SEVERAL pro bowlers that he drafted....
  9. McClendon hasn't played a down in a Jet uniform...how do you compare that to anything? Pretty much across the board, Jet fans liked Snacks, appreciated him, but don't want to pay that kind of money for a 2 down player at the deepest and best unit on the team. That has nothing to do with Idzik ignoring a position entirely and the only guy he does sign was a total abject failure who was on his 7th team. Let me guess... you still love the Kyle Brady pick, don't you? If you can defend Dimitri Patterson, you are obviously not worth engaging in any serious debate. It's easy to argue if you simply ignore all the areas in which you are shown to be wrong. Who mentioned anything about the Revis trade? I mentioned re-signing Revis a year earlier when he signed with NE as opposed to a year later. It was much more of a seller's market when we actually signed him as opposed to the year before when we should have signed him. I'm still happy we have Revis. On Sunday when we are trying to defend AJ Green, I'll take him all day over the likes of Dimitri Patterson, Dee Milliner and Dexter McDougle.
  10. Refer to your own post!!!! You said Idzik drafted several pro bowl caliber players and when your insane statement gets called out, instead of defending it, you change the subject and you run to try to compare it to Mac who's only draft with actual results to this point is one year old. How many rookie Pro Bowlers do you typically find? And guess what? Mac didn't have 3 first rounders in 2 years and 18 picks in 2 years. And Idzik had the 9th overall pick - that will be your next argument - that the 6 pick was so much better than 9 so it explains away the difference between Milliner and Leo. Not only does Idzik not have several pro bowlers, he has a fringe pro bowler that has been suspended for 5 games in 2 years and is one joint away from spending a year out of football, a safety that is solid but has not sniffed the pro bowl and a 3rd wideout/hybrid TE with 270 yards receiving to his name. The rest of his 15 picks in the 2 years produced absolutely nothing. So after your attempt to change the subject, tell me who the several pro bowl level players are that Idzik drafted... your statement, not mine.....
  11. You obviously misunderstood my post. What I said was cheaper than the overhaul they went at corner in last offseason - meaning the MARKET was cheaper. You took that to mean sign a cheap player. Ignoring it in a cheaper market only made them have to overpay to fix it last year when the cap went up and the market for corners went up. I do not consider having a competent starter at the most important position on your defense (based on Rex' defense) as "going for it." Instead, he drooled all over himself in the offseason, they had the worst secondary in football, the team sucked and he's now a pencil pusher which is all he should have ever been in the first place.
  12. You are like the lone guy standing on the Titanic telling everyone "Nothing to see here". He ignored Revis (who would have been cheaper the year before), Talib and Flowers. The problem with all of your arguments is that after a move like Patterson blows up in his face, you actually still argue that it was a good move. Patterson played for 6 other teams. He was a journeyman at best. And we know the result was an unmitigated disaster, yet you look back 3 years and say "definitely a solid move". You can defend the guy like he's your fun uncle all you want. He was the worst GM for any team in the last 20 years. You simply don't take a team that went 8-8 with a rookie QB, 12 draft picks and $50M to spend and say "yup, time to break it all down."
  13. Richardson and Pryor and???????????? Several usually infers more than 2.
  14. Or he could have signed any one of 4 other corners that would have come more cheap than the secondary overall we underwent last offseason. Leaving huge gaping holes in your roster has never been a solid "plan". Do I really need to bring up the name Dimitri Patterson?
  15. You can't possibly be serious!! A first and a fourth for Bradford... a guy any team could have signed 6 months ago? That is a brutal trade for the Vikings.
  16. @jetswhispers Amen!!!!!

  17. @TonyStewart AMEN TONY!!! Huge fan of yours and love that you are speaking out against this moron! Wish more were like you!

  18. @neyneyzone6 Ridiculous comment. If it's his right to act like a jerk it's our right to call him a jerk. Freedom of speech works both ways

  19. Just trying to steal 15 more minutes of fame before your career totally CRAPS out, huh? You'll be irrelevant again in a week jerkoff!

  20. @Kaepernick7 Dirtbag!!!!!!

  21. @RepRichardHanna How on earth you could come out and support that disgusting woman is astounding!!!!! You are a disgrace to your district!!

  22. @JohnCena Shilling for HRC? Are you for real!!!!! What a total disgrace!! I will never watch you again.

  23. @EricaRHill thanks #leftistmedia

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