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  1. @JoeNBC At what point was it that you cut whatever balls you had completely off? You look and sound like a pantywaste!

  2. @MarilynMosbyEsq Watching your presser... you are a total embarrassment..stop screaming like a maniac..you failed in a big way..stop crying

  3. @SarahKSilverman Wow. You are quite a pathetic lib hack, aren't you? You make me sick!!!

  4. @BarackObama keep pretending there's not chaos out there. You are a weak, impotent and feckless failure of a man!!

  5. @VanJones68 you whine and cry about a divisive speech yet you call all republicans assholes? You are a total disgrace. Typical pussy lib

  6. @Montel_Williams he couldn't call you it to your face because you ran away like a little girl!! What a pussy!!

  7. Thanks for confirming that all you artist morons really do share a brain!!!! As if you weren't irrelevant before!! Gutless liberal slime!

  8. It's not all about money, we are the only team offering him a starting job as well.
  9. I get that, however, if he signs with a team mid season - away from his favorite OC and Decker and Marshall - and has to learn a new offense mid-season, what are his odds for lighting the world on fire and parlaying that into a huge deal in 2017 at the age of 34? He just had his best season at 33 and no one but the Jets offered him a starting job. Bet on yourself, I get it, but he can't think that his bargaining strength is going to be better next year if he signs mid-season after an injury.
  10. It's funny because I can't remember the player that held out and waited for an injury to occur and then signed a 3 year $24 million deal in training camp or mid-season. You seriously think a team could have their starter go down and look to the street for a guy and be willing to pay him $12M? It's not happening....
  11. Seriously? As you were typing this sentence there was no little voice in your head saying "NOOOOOOOOOOO"??
  12. Certainly when a QB does not impress a reporter 2 days into OTA's, it is logical and responsible to state that he is not an option.
  13. The gaping hole in logic on the part of all the "pay Fitz whatever to get him back" apologists is that the only way to "go for it" is to overpay for a QB who has NEVER made the playoffs.
  14. @RossTuckerNFL They were required to spend last year and no moron after Fitz's time in Houston would have said - no save it for Fitz in 2016

  15. He then said that its only a small segment of delusional fans who don't want to sign Fitz for $15M. After all, "it's not your money". He apparently has a very weak understanding of the salary cap.
  16. Booger actually said that any fan that doesn't want the Jets to pay $15M would be sitting in the booth with him in December (whatever the hell that means) because our team won't be in the AFC championship game come January. How the hell do these morons get jobs on an NFL station. Fitz has never made the playoffs for any team yet if we do not break next year's cap to sign him, we can kiss that AFC title game appearance goodbye.
  17. This is well said, but the Jets as an organization can move on and has 2 guys on the roster who they hope can take his place in a year or 2. Fitz is 33 and this is clearly his last chance to start in the NFL. The Jets can survive a 7-9 or 8-8 season next year. Fitz will never get a chance to make this kind of money or enter the season as a starter in the NFL again. The Jets do and always have held all the cards.
  18. Are you seriously talking up Amaro and Cumberland as better than average weapons for a QB? If you combined the performance of them both, they would be in the bottom 10 for tight ends.
  19. Sweet Jumping Jehossafats! Where to even begin on this one? You keep peddling this idea that it's possible that there are offers out there for Fitz to be some other team's starter. The reason we know this isn't true is because he would have taken said offer to the Jets to get them to raise theirs. This NEVER happened. You know it and everyone else knows it. Are you serious that he would sign with a team for LESS money to be their BACKUP? And this is a Harvard graduate!! Compensation for the fact that he outplayed his contract? Any good GM will tell you that you don't pay a guy for what he did last year. He is not entitled to a credit because he outplayed his last deal. The bottom line is what Fitz "expects" is meaningless. He can sign the deal on the table and start or he can sign elsewhere for less money and hold a clip board.
  20. Wins don't matter? That's weak even for a pathetic troll. Sure, most people would blame a corner who held the opponents only offensive threat to 3 for 14 for the loss... This is about the 100th time on this site you have referenced a 6 yard 3rd down conversion in a game where the receiver had 14 yards. "Yeah he held him to 3 catches for 14 yards but it was such a critical 14 yards that it lost the game for them." Seriously, with all that time on your hands, come up with some better material or better yet, volunteer to work with sick children.
  21. By that standard every receiver that gets open every play should get yardage for that play regardless of whether he was thrown to or actually caught the ball. I was at that game and he certainly wasn't running free all day with errant passes in his direction. He held him to 3 catches for 14 yards. That is all that matters.
  22. The game Revis held him to 3 for 14 still counts Troll. Surely a spinster with over 29,500 posts on another teams message board should know that.
  23. I know, right? The Patriots hardly ever have standoffs with productive players looking for their second contract that end in a bitter divorce from the team.....
  24. I refer you back to my last post. You are entitled to your opinion, as absurd as it may be. Everyone has an opinion about the draft, the offseason, etc. Reasonable minds can certainly differ. Where you sound like a lunatic is when you definitively state things like the team drafted only depth players when none of the 2016 draftees have even taken a training camp rep.... Or that Darron Lee will NEVER be a linebacker.... Or that Paxton Lynch is definitely the next Dan Marino. Maybe....MAYBE....this draft will be terrible...maybe it will be great. Bottom line, you are not Nostradamus, you are not Gil Brandt, you have never cashed an NFL or Division 1 collegiate paycheck. You are a guy on a couch. Feel free to state your opinion, hey, feel free to state it as fact, but then don't whine when you get the extreme negative reaction you have properly received.
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