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  1. While I continue to disagree with just about everything you post on here, it's not so much your pessimism that strikes a raw nerve as it is the certainty with which you state your sky is falling predictions as well as the misguided confidence with which you state them. The GM has had 1 year to grade and he improved the win total by 6 and you state that he is failing us and we should believe you because you know better than all how the next season will turn out. You know for sure that all they guys they drafted suck. You know for sure that we passed on the next Dan Marino in Lynch. I will state that I know 1 thing for sure, I will trust the guy who has made a career out of evaluating players because I know for sure that he will do a better job than a guy with no NFL background sitting on his couch.
  2. I thought it would be tough to look sillier than you did in your last post but you managed to do it. So in your opinion, 24 teams did not NEED Dan Marino? Whether they needed a QB or not, if they were as certain as you are that Dan Marino was there, they would have taken him. THAT, I am certain of. Teams like NO, Pitt, NYG, who have a settled QB would certainly have taken Dan Marino in round 1. In fact it is absolutely certain that if Dan Marino was available, he would have gone #1 and not in the late 20's as the 3rd QB off the board. How do you know 5 teams tried to trade up? Only Dallas has gone on record about this and Dallas also passed on Dan Marino in round 1 so that blows your theory, doesn't it? You think that you can fool people into believing you know what you are talking about by being super simplistic and misguidedly certain about a complicated and imperfect process of finding a franchise QB.
  3. I just love the armchair Kipers with so much misplaced confidence in their ability to scout these guys better than professionals. I have no idea what either guy will become and while we all have opinions, to speak with such certainty makes you look foolish. Don't forget that 24 other teams passed on Lynch, so obviously not many thought he was the next Dan Marino.
  4. If your sole criteria for judging a 3-4 defensive end is stats, you do not understand the job of a 3-4 defensive end.
  5. Whenever anyone on this board questions their ability to be successful in life, I hope posts like this give them confidence.
  6. At least you gave them until their first rookie minicamp to declare that all 7 players are busts and non-starters. That's more than enough time to evaluate them. I mean some guys are super unfair and illogical and declare an entire draft as 5hit the minute Mr. Irrelevant is announced, but at least you took a fair and logical approach.
  7. I am considering not renewing because Mac signed all the wrong priority free agents. There were at least 6 Hall of Famers available after the draft and I know this because I looked them up in 20 draft guides and 3 of them said they had "upside" and 4 of my buddies I drink with agree. Mac missed out on all of them and I am furious.
  8. So based on your system of judging O-line, Mangold does count as a "1" to get you to at least 2 out of 5? That's a silly statement. I want to see them address the O-line too and if it was up to me, I would use the remainder of their picks in this area, so I am not content with the state of the line by any stretch, but the sky is falling approach to judging it as it stands is a bit of a stretch.
  9. I know there are stupid people in the world, yes, doesn't make me stop shaking my head at the stupidity.
  10. If you think it is commonplace for teams 1-32 to anoint their first round picks as starters (especially from 20-32) within 10 minutes of being selected, then your NFL viewing has been limited to the Rex Ryan era exclusively. Show me the guy drafted after Lee that was named an instant starter by the team last night.
  11. Any time you hear the word degenerative... be afraid!! That's why CC Sabathia's knees are about 108 while the rest of him is 35.
  12. They both went to Ohio State. They are both African-American men. They both have an "L" in their last name. That's about where the similarities end so by your analysis there have probably been 500 other Gholston's in the last 10 years.
  13. I too am furious that prior to training camp and 13 seconds after he was selected, we didn't just anoint him the starter like that idiot up in Buffalo used to do as soon as a guy was drafted. I am so-so on the pick myself, but to call it a failure because Bowles didn't name him the starter over Henderson immediately after he was picked is insanely illogical.
  14. Obviously it is posturing but how incredibly insane it sounds when a moron acts insulted at a $24M offer to play QB in NY. He is going to force the Jets to go in a different direction and in doing so, he will have thrown what was left of his career away.
  15. It was a great trade but we traded down in the second round in that one. I think the poster was referring to the last time we traded down in the first round.
  16. You are 100% right. We traded the equivalent of a 2nd rounder to get him (I think we moved back more like 14 spots), but I only mentioned it because that is the last time I can remember them trading down.
  17. Don't forget about the infamous Doug Jolley trade!
  18. I agree 100%. Even if we had the top pick, I wouldn't want the guy to start Day 1. I just don't think it helps Fitz at all if the Jets and Denver add another QB in the draft.
  19. The only thing Fitz could possibly be holding onto is interest from Denver, but no matter what happens with Kaep, they are not paying Fitz anywhere close to $16M. Once/if the Jets move on, Denver could offer Fitz $5M and he'd have to take it. I think Denver could have interest in Fitz but they are smart enough not to be dragged into a bidding war for a journeyman and Mac is taking the same approach. If I was advising Fitz, it would have been to sign before the draft because again, if the Jets draft a guy or if Denver drafts a guy, that further weakens his already weak position.
  20. Try to get the most money yes but with each passing day it becomes obvious that no one is going to match the Jets offer let alone pay him what he is asking. If the strategy is to get the most money, just watch what happens to his market if/when the Jets draft a QB and/or sign Hoyer. He won't be able to approach even $7M if the Jets are out of the running. That's just looking at it from the financial side. From the football and career side, his position makes even less sense. This was his last shot to start in a setting he could be successful in and he is throwing it away. I don't fault him for wanting the most money possible, I just find his stance in the face of a market that is anything but in his favor to be more and more bizarre each day.
  21. He needs to hire a capologist because he franchised their best defensive player instead of just letting him walk? If they go with Geno as a 1 year stop gap (which I am not in favor of) how does it become something they can't recover from if there is a different starter in 2017?
  22. Drop out of high school. Get job replacing urinal cakes. Get fired from job replacing urinal cakes. Move into parents' basement. Be first to accumulate 100,000 posts on every NFL team's blog (Your almost 30% of the way there for this one!) Become a ward of the state.
  23. Bid against yourself just for the hell of it. Topping your already highest offer on the table is the very definition of bidding against yourself. If his current options are play for us or retire I would not pay him a penny more than he has already been offered.
  24. Again, you have no answer for any of this stuff. You support the Vick signing but hate the Revis signing. Revis is still playing at a high level. Vick was hot garbage and you think this comparison is in YOUR favor? Wow. You (still) love the Jalen Saunders and Geno Smith selections. You choose to disregard how contracts are structured. You give credit for things like cutting Santonio Holmes. (Still can't answer what GM in the NFL would have paid him $8.5M that year). You still think Percy Harvin was a great move and the guy is not on an NFL roster a year later. Debating this further with you is a complete waste of time as these posts are coming off more and more troll-like with each passing hour. The Idzik era, in spite of your relentless and feeble attempts to champion him, will go down as a miserable failure. You can incredibly lament his dismissal. I will just enjoy the fact that I can finally trust our FO as I root for my team.
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