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  1. How do you say Vick sucked when he played but it wasn't a bad move? You grade a move or a draft pick on the result, nothing else. You keep touting horrible signings and draft picks that produced awful results as being good moves....just stop with this "smart at the time but ultimately sucked" as a means of praising someone's performance.
  2. You have officially shown you know nothing about cap management or contract structure. The Revis contract is not even close to the Sanchez or Santonio Holmes contract. Where to even begin? Revis was guaranteed years instead of a signing bonus. They can move on from him after 1.5 years and it costs them NOTHING, and they guy still plays at a high level. Guys like Sanchez & Santonio were giving the team ZERO production and could not be released for years because of all the dead money that would have hit the cap. You simply don't understand these concepts. Orgs like the Pats and Steelers are paying their QB's significant money (albeit for Brady a lot of that is under the table). The Jets could afford to pay Revis that contract because they don't have a franchise QB. They got the best free agent at their biggest need position (outside of QB). You also have no idea how to grade a draft. Perceived value on draft day does not equal a good pick. If the guy does not turn out to be any good, how is it still good value 3 years later? Still touting Percy Harvin, huh? Never gonna let that go...He is done. He has been done since his Minnesota days. He got Harvin for an $8M song and a 6th rounder. How do you keep ignoring that? You love Clueless John for his obvious cuts and his hoarding of cap space but then he wastes a significant portion on Harvin in a lost season, it does not work out, and you love it. Enunwa is not a starter....stop trying to convince fans who watch each week that he is...sounds foolish. Intelligent fans don't try to tout a players college stats after they are in their 3rd pro season with no impact so you should probably stop with Amaro. I hope he turns it around, but I am not mortgaging my house on it. What you are clearly trying to do is apply conflicting, illogical standards to a myriad of blunders, screw ups and fubar moves to defend the indefensible.
  3. You do realize 8-8 to 4-12 is the wrong direction, correct? Can we at least acknowledge that much here?
  4. We have to trim the fat on this roster, definitely! Cut all the fat guys!
  5. This is just such a diversion. People hire cap gurus to deal with the complexities of a complex system, no doubt. That does not mean that some cap decisions are not 100% obvious. Cutting Mark Sanchez, Bart Scott, Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie were moves ANYONE would have made. The fact that the NFL salary cap system is complicated and people specialize in it does not make EVERY decision complicated. NO ONE would have paid Santonio Holmes $8M off a season where he had 200 yards and was injured and a cancer. Please explain to all of us where the savvy was in releasing him or any of the afore-mentioned players. I would love to hear you tell us how any of those 4 players had even a remote case to stay on the team at their bloated salaries.
  6. If this isn't the definition of delusion, I don't know what is. A guy drafts terribly, releases his own picks and if they should somehow attain success with another franchise, he then gets credit for originally drafting the player and is absolved of any blame for releasing him in the first place.
  7. What is laughable is that you shamelessly promote a failed GM and some of his biggest failures you try to inexplicably spin into smart moves. Even with Decker, this team needed WR's. We were starting David effing Nelson!!!!! And you think we were set at the position. Saunders was the worst 4th round pick that season and in this team's history and you think it was a genius move! Why do you keep bringing up Jordan Mathews and the Eagles, it's really strange. There are a slew of other guys like Lee, Moncreif, Landry, Robinson, Adams, Brown and Bryant in ADDITION to Mathews and your guy missed on ALL of them. Your guy whiffed on 16 out of 18 players, not just a few. We had 12 picks and came away with Pryor and you'll take that any day. Seriously, you should be a Browns fan because you'd be on their message board talking about how their last 15 years wasn't really that bad and Manziel was a solid selection. Amaro was never a stud before the injury and this regime clearly didn't think much of him before the injury so yes that is Idzik's fault. Idzik failed in every facet of the job and you cling to the fact that you think he got fired for a bad press conference. The press conference was horrible and his talent evaluation was much much worse.
  8. A "C" is average and Idzik was a disaster, not average. While he drooled all over himself in the press conference, that was not the reason he was fired. He was fired because he couldn't evaluate talent, which was the concern when he was hired in that sham interview process in the first place. It is scary that you can say that a guy who goes 2 for 18 in draft picks was not fired for the moves he made....what are your feelings on the engineers who built the Hindenburg? And you have no idea that he would have spent money last year... he operated so slow and low balled everyone, there was no guarantee that we'd sign anyone of significance with him in 2015. Revis is not breaking our back. If Revis had 3 more guaranteed years he would be, but you don't seem to understand contract structure so that's lost on you.
  9. There's an easy explanation, we aren't in "cap hell", and it's a super annoying term as well.
  10. You'e right it was a great pick.... seriously... most teams cut their early 4th round selection by week 3. You sure you aren't really JetsFaninDenver? You and he are the only ones I have ever seen try this hard to spin the Idzik era as a modest success... you guys must love what Cleveland has done of late.
  11. If John frigging Idzik gets a C, then no GM in history could ever get below a B. It's amazing that anyone would argue that he was even average. He was a complete and total dumpster fire. Getting the cap space gets him ZERO credit, ZERO. You know full well those bloated deals for borderline worthless players were a forgone conclusion to be released but somehow you amazingly think he should get credit for that. You are aware that the Jets offered DRC only a 1 year deal and then it took Clueless John 3 hours to return the phone call, right? I am not in love with DRC, the point is he needed to address the position instead of playing with himself and he failed miserably with your "great signing" of Patterson. Harvin again, was a disaster. The trade after they were 1-6 was a pathetic attempt by a pathetic talent evaluator to hold onto his job. He was a declining player for years and now he'll be lucky to have a job in the NFL this year. His precious plan that all Idzik apologists tout was to build through the draft and never spend a dime on a prime free agent (he's super lucky that Decker's wife wanted to be in NY). However, it's really tough to build that way when you go 2 for 18 in the draft. The bottom line is that YES he was THAT bad, YES he was a disaster, NO he didn't deserve another year and the organization is light years better off as a result.
  12. If you want to give a guy credit for releasing Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Bart Scott and the 2013 version of Antonio Cromartie, be my guest. As has been stated a million times on this board, there isn't a football executive on the planet that would not have released those players and their bloated salaries. No I do not give him credit for that. Once again, no idiot takes an 8-8 team with $50M and 12 draft picks and says "well, time to start over". No Idzik apologist ever addresses this. Harvin was a disaster - if this schmuck's plan was to roll over cap space, why did he obtain a guy for a pro-rated $8M which cut into their 2015 cap space when the season was lost? Again, no Idzik apologist answers this one. The fact that you actually give credit for the Harvin TRADE (not a signing we lost a 6th for that slop) is frightening. It was a total waste of a pick and of the bloated salary space we could have rolled over. He expressed passing interest in Vontae Davis and DRC, though there were about 7 corners available. His inaction there was inexcusable especially based on where the market has gone since. How on earth can you say the Patterson signing made sense? You are aware of how that turned out right? The guy had played for 7 teams before that, and this was your answer at the position? Quincy has 200 yards to his name while receivers like Landry have 2000 yards. If you would like to take the position that he will be better than guys like that, let alone guys in the 1st round like Benjamin, Cooks and Beckham, be my guest. You will lose that one big time. Why do you always bring up not trading comp picks as an argument in his favor? It has nothing to do with his awful drafting record. He knew he couldn't keep all 12 on the roster so trade OUR 4th, or the Revis 4th or OUR 5th and move up once or twice. He had 18 picks - 3 of which were 1st rounders, 2 2nds, 2 3rds and 3 4ths and he turned that into Richardson and Pryor, that's it. A Pro Bowler on the verge of being out of the league and a solid starter. That is an awful awful record. If he had another season like you would have given him, we may never have recovered. I will never understand how any human watches the last 3 years and says, "I wish the great Johnny Idzik was still at the controls of this ship, we were better off then."
  13. 8-8 record, $50M in your pocket and 12 draft picks - doesn't equal let's all just tank the season and then next year we'll go for it. I put together a long list of WR's he passed on in another thread for you and you had no answer then and you don't have one now for how he missed on ALL of them. Stop making Enunwa out to be a Pro Bowler. He has some intriguing physical traits but has shown that he struggles big time in the most important trait for a WR - catching the ball! - he even dropped a shovel pass that could have put us in the playoffs. He had 2 top 15 picks the year before - one has been a major bust so far and the other can play but is a total moron and could be on his way to a year long suspension if he doesn't straighten himself out.
  14. All I can say is that if I ever leave my current job, I want to work for you! He had 12 picks and parlayed that into one starter and 3 spare parts! That is a bad draft for a guy with 7 picks, let alone 12! I don't believe he actually tried to sabotage Rex, I believe he was so ungodly bad that people speculated about it. The evidence, my friend, is how awful he was. Most of his moves were okay? Again, would love to work for you. I will not say EVERY move was bad (Ivory was a decent move) but if you think he had more hits than misses, I don't know what you are watching. Getting criticized for not signing a cover corner in 2014 was BS? His coach's defense was predicated on corner play, we had $50M in cap space and he played with himself and we went on to have the worst pass defense in the league. So exactly what part of this criticism was BS?
  15. I assume you have spoken to him about this and he is comfortable with you speaking on his behalf in contradiction of EVERY other report out there.
  16. Yeeesh....we're going to just have to agree to disagree here. For you no Super Bowl = wasted talents. I could not disagree more with your oversimplification of what classifies as "wasted talents".
  17. It's the basis for your argument that is absurd. You state quite simplistically that his talents were wasted because they did not win the Super Bowl. That is YOUR standard it really isn't logical.
  18. Yup, and thanks for your service. It's actually been about 5 times that amount of time and no SB. However, it is simplistic and silly to argue that all players who never won a SB had their talents wasted. That is what precipitated a lot of the feedback you have received since posting that.
  19. Wow, that's a lot of anger and a lot of absurd declarations all wrapped up into 2 poorly written lines. Thanks for letting me know what team is the topic of this site, because until you pointed it out, I was totally unaware. You look rather foolish now....even more foolish than when you claimed that the Jets wasted Brick's talents.
  20. Look how Houston has wasted Watt's talent...or Indy has wasted Luck's talent... or any team with an above average player that has never won the Super Bowl has wasted that above-average player's talent. It's an epidemic.....
  21. @jimmykimmel obamacare not a disaster? Like you have a clue as to how it effects small businesses. Total detached Hollywood lib a$$hole

  22. Maybe if your posts were a little clearer than the water in the Boston Harbor, it would be easier to follow exactly what it is you are trying to say.
  23. Dummy? Wow, that's unfortunate. I have said all along that I want him back at our price and that he had a very good year. Again, and we seem to be thick on this point, when looking at the offensive turnaround last season, I give more credit to Marshall than Fitz.
  24. Wow, why would you ever go there? You do realize your precious QB has never made the postseason, right? Marshall has always been a Pro Bowl player, Fitz has never sniffed the Pro Bowl.
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