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  1. It's a silly little exercise you are engaging in. Receivers thrown to as many times as he was are going to have a minimum of 10 drops. And you are trying to equate those 10 drops to game changing plays. I'm not using the term "bail out" because when you have a guy like Marshall, it's a smart play to throw up 50-50 balls to him in the right situation. I just don't think it takes a lot of ability on the QB's part to use him like that. I give Fitz credit, I give Marshall credit, I just give Marshall more.
  2. No they definitely had nothing to do with it. After all, team stats like this were very common for Fitz led teams on all 5 other teams he played on.
  3. 109 Catches, 14 TDs over 1,500 yards and you make the statement that he drops one for every big catch. What on earth were you watching? This team has never had a talent like him at the position and it made all the difference in the world in 2015 and because the guy had an ill-advised lateral in a game where the entire team crapped itself, we should poo-poo his impact and defer to the guy who NEVER had a season like that until last year.
  4. We were comparing the 2014 and 2015 offensive rosters when you joined in here so 2 and 3 of your "Marshall, who" list couldn't be less relevant. The comment I responded to indicates that the 2014 and 2015 rosters were essentially the same. I disagree entirely. Marshall's impact trickled down through the entire offense more so than Fitz. No one is giving him ALL the credit, just the majority of the credit.
  5. 67% of the players he drafted 2 years ago aren't even on the freaking team! What are you waiting for to judge? Milliner has been an enormous bust thus far. He had five surgeries in college, it wasn't like he all of a sudden became an injury problem. Jordan Matthews, Jarvis Landry, Donte Moncrief, Allen Robinson, John Brown all taken in the 2-3rd rounds. I'll even take Davante Adams, Marqise Lee and Martavis Bryant because Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans are out of the NFL altogether. If this is acceptable, who actually could ever do a bad job?
  6. I respectfully disagree. I think Marshall was by far the bigger addition. He made countless huge catches on balls that you would hardly consider great throws....the Giants TD and the second TD in the Pat game being prime examples. He his presence made Fitz, Decker, Enunwa, Ivory and Powell all much bigger threats..it's not even debatable. In 2014 we had Percy Harvin for 8-9 games. He has been worse than a jag ever since his trade to Seattle and was a jag for us. Owusu made a bigger impact down the stretch than he did. It was a terrible acquisition because it cost us $9M of cap space that could have been rolled over into 2015. So The Great John Idzik played with himself in free agency with $50M to spend then watched his team go 1-6 and then traded for a grossly overpaid WR when the season was lost which took cap space away from the next season.
  7. Stop, just stop. If his drafts weren't that bad he wouldn't be pushing pencils in Jacksonville right now. Milliner is only on the roster because it saves them zero to cut him. He had 12 freaking draft picks in 2014 and came away with an above-average safety and Dozier, Enunwa and Reilly who are spare parts. Enunwa at this stage of his career is not a "good" receiver. He has some physical tools but has yet to show he can catch the ball. He had 3 4th round picks (1 he cut in week 3! and the other 2 have never been on an NFL field!) His subjective grades at the time of the draft are useless as everyone knows it takes a few years to grade a draft. He was so bad that people speculated he was doing it on purpose to sabotage Rex!
  8. Mac actually wanted Hoyer first and only traded for Fitz once Hoyer signed with Houston. It was clearly not a guy he was hot after from the beginning. Marshall was an absolute beast last season and his presence filters down the entire lineup making things much easier for Decker, Enunwa and the running game. You cannot possibly underestimate what a huge addition that was for the offense. It is silly to even try to do so. And to make the 2014 version of Amaro out to be any great loss is nonsense. He was a complete non-factor all season save for the Denver game.
  9. I don't think anyone argues that he got a decent return for Revis. However, his a55 absolutely should have been fired for laying waste to just about everything else he touched in his miserable tenure.
  10. I think this is a fairly common case of fans acting like the prior year is the entire sample size. Fitz has had a very long career in the NFL and if you are looking at his career arc being one of consistent ascending, you clearly just started watching games last year. His career has been all over the map with 7 teams acquiring and then moving on from him. He bombed after he got his first payday and was extremely ordinary to downright lousy for Tennessee and Houston. He had an above average season in a sea of mediocre to lousy seasons, hardly an ascending player if you look at the last 5 years.
  11. I, like most fans, hate to see Snacks go but you can't wrap 40% of your cap into defensive lineman. He is a 2 down run stuffer... he's great at it... but not worth a huge investment when you have 3 other studs along the D-line. I also think McClendon is a great low budget hold the fort signing. Also for everyone complaining about the cap, he handled those contracts brilliantly. There will be no dead money if we move on from them after this year or next. If he had loaded up a bunch of signing bonuses, I'd be more inclined to agree that the spending was overkill.
  12. Yes because the Super Bowl was a realistic option for us last season! We should all be furious at the team's failure to go from least talented roster in the NFL to the Super Bowl in one year. All we had to do was be bold and make bold moves, right? It's really just so simple... too bad you aren't the GM because you'd show everyone how simple it is.
  13. Hilarious... yup just trade up 4 spots...just that simple... no questions asked. After all, the Titans exist in the NFL simply to help the Jets and they'd lay down and agree with no compensation. All you have to do is be bold and do it.
  14. You are aware Williams was selected 4 spots AFTER Mariota, right? I would think it impossible not to know that but then I read the original post again and realized it is indeed possible.
  15. Your team went 10-6 after going 4-12. The GM won Executive of the Year and you are acting like the sky is falling. You need to be medicated.
  16. If that was the only word that mattered your disgraced organization would be picking in the first round next month.
  17. "...without even seeming to try to make a bold move and trade up" - Just to be clear, so because McCagnan did not call you personally to let you know that he seemingly tried to trade up, you believe the thought was not even considered? "...ignoring the possibility of upgrading the QB position" - Again, because McCagnan did not call you to confirm, you believe he ignored EVEN THE POSSIBILITY of upgrading the position? All those Hall of Fame QB's available this offseason, and he didn't even consider the possibility of being interested..... I weep for the future of our nation.
  18. When compared to the nonsense in your original post, my response is Shakespearian
  19. Totally. When he allowed Watkins to make that 7 yard catch to double his yardage for the game, he showed Revis is done. Nothing says you got dominated like giving up 14 yards. Revis was on your team's cap for $5M last year so I'd say your team vastly "overpayed" (as you so sophisticatedly spell it) him vis-à-vis ours.
  20. Wow! I hope someone has informed the warden at Greystone Park that the back gate is apparently open.
  21. Yeah that game where Watkins put up 3 catches for 14 yards was a train wreck for Revis. Dude can't play anymore...
  22. The Revis deal is hardly the albatross you make it out to be. Mac is brilliant for guaranteeing years instead of signing bonus. He has 1.5 more guaranteed years. So essentially we release him after 2017 with no cap ramification at all. There was no better place to spend our money at the position last year. I'm sure when we signed him, you were upset we didn't sign Maxwell instead for a $4M cap savings. There is a difference between overpaying for what you get in production and overpaying based on what others offered. Does Revis' production match his contract? Of course not. Was his contract when it was signed far in excess of the free agent market? Clearly no based on the other contracts signed at the position last offseason.
  23. I recall and Tons of Fun up in Buffalo made a late run as well. I am sure there were other teams who called. I don't doubt for a second that the Jets were the highest bidder, just because we are talking about Revis - some said he took less to come here but I doubt it. However if you watch the last couple of years, the best free agents are signed in the first 48 hours of free agency. The mere fact that it happened quickly is no indication of overpaying the market...it's just the way it works now. The days of going on 5 free agent visits a la Reggie White are a thing of the past. Again, I hope he comes back, but if he had a better offer, he'd act on it and not just sit around. He hasn't because he doesn't.
  24. It is also the smell of a lifetime spent in his parents' basement. What I wouldn't give to have enough time in my life to post over 20,000 times on an opposing teams' blog.
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