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  1. I agree it makes no sense, but that certainly appears to be what he is doing doesn't it? He's literally not getting a sniff from anyone. He's just praying Denver comes back with an offer at some point. The risk he runs is that the Jets will have moved on by then and then Denver can offer him $6M and he'd have to take it. Again, Revis had several suitors, Fitz quite clearly does not... it's really not debatable.
  2. Your statement that there were no other bidders close to the Revis deal is just wild unsubstantiated speculation. Mentioning all these potential offers for Fitz out there is silly because if he had one better than the Jets offer, one way or another a deal would get done because the Jets would either match or wish him luck because Fitz is not going to let that other offer twist in the wind for weeks. So until Fitz comes to the Jets and says "pay me X or I am signing with this other team for X" increasing our offer is the very definition of bidding against ourselves.
  3. I totally agree. However the question is at what point does he opt to come down to that price point? He is also taking a major risk that he will always be able to simply come back to the Jets when he perceives all other options to be null and void (they already appear that way to the rest of the NFL). He is taking a major risk that the Jets just don't move on and he will be left without a starting job playing the Matt Hasselbeck role for someone.
  4. Can't make that statement and then say it's okay to bid against yourself "just because". If $40M for 3 years of Revis is ludicrous, then offering a hold the fort player another $2M-$3M per year when no one else has even matched your initial offer is sheer insanity - especially when you are providing him with weapons and his favorite OC.
  5. You clearly stated that the Pats moved on from him as support that no one wanted to pay him. They did not want to pay him the $20M and as the troll indicates above, NE never intended to have him play that 2nd season on that deal. They obviously worked on a new deal but could not agree. What would NE have offered, who knows, but if he got $12M from NE to go to a Super Bowl team where he played well, it's safe to say several teams were in the $14M-$15M range that could not offer him the same shot at a ring that NE could and did. Obviously Revis will always follow the money. That is why your theory is flawed. Other teams were willing to go very high to cause the Jets to outbid them. There is absolutely no indication the Jets paid him $2-$3M/year more than anyone else was offering and that is supported by the sheer figures of what other CB's got in the first 2 days of free agency before Revis was released. No one is showing any interest in Fitz at all. So again, your idea of just paying him an extra 30% "just because" when he has no leverage, is foolhardy. He is a stop gap at best and obviously the rest of the NFL views him that way. Comparing him to the hard driving negotiations for the NFL's best CB in the last 10 years just doesn't compute. I guess we all see what we choose to see in life but one guy was available for 24 hours, the other for 4 weeks - common sense would indicate which player had more options and could use more leverage to consummate a more player friendly deal.
  6. Mac is not signing a slew of FA's because he has no cap space. Idzik signed virtually no FA's with $50M in cap space. Big difference. The rest of that rant I am not touching.
  7. The Pats paid him for year 1 at $12M but opted not to pay him $20M for another year... again the Jets did not pay him $20M a year so your point makes ZERO sense. How fast do all the big time free agents sign? They are usually gone within the first few days. Does that mean there weren't other suitors? Of course not... You have no idea what other teams were offering. The fact that he signed within 48 hours of being released by NE means nothing...so do all big time players that reach free agency. For all the criticism you want to throw out there about Revis, I still take him at his price over the other options in free agency last year any day of the week. We do know that there aren't other teams interested in paying Fitz because he has not signed anywhere or even floated the idea that he might sign elsewhere to raise the Jets offer. If he had a $10 or $12M offer, he'd be running back to the Jets to try to get them to match. This has not happened. And now that RG III is in Cleveland, what other team is waiting to make him an offer? Denver has already said they won't meet his absurd price. Again, look at the logic of this...or lack there of.... You are claiming Revis, who was at the top of his position and signed within 48 hours had no other suitors yet the guy who has languished for 4 weeks without as much as a peep from another team has all kinds of interest. No matter how you slice it, it does not add up. Anyone who understands leverage understands that this guy has ZERO and no good negotiator capitulates when he holds all the leverage.
  8. Plain and simple, it comes down to factors and numbers and not anecdotes. If you are a GM and you walk around saying I should pay a guy 25% more when I could have him for less "cause it is no big deal" you would be out on your rear end ESPECIALLY when your team is capped out. It's just such an illogical position to take. As for your take on Revis, you are flat out incorrect. The Pats had his rights only to the tune of $20M. They opted not to pay him $20M for one year. The Jets also opted not to pay him $20M for one year so your point is completely moot. I would love to see your evidence as to what the next highest bidder for Revis' services was. You have no idea what teams were offering him. The Jets had the worst secondary in football in 2014 and a boatload of money to spend in 2015. The likes of Byron freaking Maxwell were getting $10M! I will take a top 3 CB (which is how he was regarded last offseason) for 16M over a scrub for 10M any day of the week especially when we had a huge hole and money to spend. If Maxwell is worth 10M, then 16M is not crazy for Revis. Revis had several interested teams, right now Fitz has one team interested in offering him a starting job. He better take it or his career as a starting QB is likely over.
  9. AWWWWW....poor baby. I don't know if you have heard but football is a violent game and players get injured. If I'm not mistaken, I think this was the rare year in which all teams had at least 1 injured player.
  10. You just keep coming back to paying him more than the market is offering "just because". I don't consider the Cro or Revis contracts insane at all. The Cro deal was for 1 year with no cap hit once they released him and the Jets didn't vastly overpay the market value with Revis and the guarantees with him end after next season. You can't even compare because the Jets can offer Fitz things he can't find anywhere else, not the other way around. I want Fitz to be the QB in 2016 but to act like we owe him $2-$3M more than anyone else is lunacy. Why would you ever want to see your team overpay for a player? Many times you overpay because you have to in order to land the player. This is not one of those situations and EVERYONE knows it. Until you come up with a better reason for purposely overpaying when you are not in danger of being outbid that is better than "just because", you will find a great majority of Jet fans who disagree with you. I also don't want to see them have to release several players in the wake of a needlessly rich contract or resort to the credit card into 2017. Most fans don't want that either which is why the vast majority are not in favor of paying 30-40% above market.
  11. I think you are mistaking basic economics with Fitz hate. Whether we draft a QB in the first round or not, my preference is to have Fitz be the starter in 2016. However, not at any price. The "just pay him regardless" theory is why most fans would make terrible GMs. Insanity would be to pay him significantly more than anyone else is offering. His coordinator is here, the weapons are here, he has had some success here and he has played for 7 different teams during his career. If we offer 50 cents more than any other team, he is a moron not to sign here.
  12. I hear Matthew Mulligan is available.
  13. It has absolutely nothing to do with setting a limit, it has everything to do with market value. Would you pay $400,000 for a house if no one else was offering more than $300,000? The NFL has a salary cap, so what fan wants his team to overpay for players, thus making it tougher to sign and re-sign other players? Of course no one faults him for trying to get all he can, the issue is that the Jets have absolutely NO reason to consider giving in to his demands unless another team is willing to go that high.
  14. I disagree entirely. RGIII is a former #2 overall pick and ROY who is almost 10 years younger than Fitz, who had his best season at age 33. Based on where the Jets are, I still clearly prefer Fitz because I prefer the steady hold the fort guy to the flashy high upside/high circus factor guy - but this assumption that he has to get at least $5M more based off of one season when the likelihood of him even duplicating, let alone surpassing, that season is minimal. Again, if no one else is willing to pay him $7M/year, why would we pay him $10M?
  15. I'm sure this is what is holding up the Wilkerson negotiations as well. Bowles said he anticipates him starting next year which raised his sights for a new contract. Where do these morons come up with this garbage?
  16. None of Mo, Sheldon or Williams project as 4-3 ends... doesn't mean they NEVER run 4-3 but their personnel does not fit...people are clearly running out of things to write in a slow offseason.
  17. Wow... I think McLendon just added about 4-5 inches and 40 pounds once he signed with us.
  18. "The Bucs are a REAL organization, being ran PROPERLY..." You always want to start a good Thumb Thug tirade with a 2nd grade grammar lesson of what not to do.
  19. 2 down run stuffing d-lineman who gets a bloated contract or Pro Bowl caliber pass rusher still on his rookie contract? You have me sold now... definitely.
  20. The same owner who told us he'd love his daughter to date a player who turned out to be a mass murderer.
  21. You're wrong, all teams have a former Jets' employee (intern) as commissioner. During that 1983 year it's amazing how he was able to force Brady and Belichick to systematically cheat over 25 years later.
  22. @jennafischer Ah the Hollywood left...lecturing us on which rights we should and shouldn't have...so typical

  23. Not sure I follow much of this but if Mac had left $15M unspent last year on the theory that we had to be ready to pay Fitz $18M per in 2016, he should have been fired before the draft.
  24. @JKerley_11 Thanks all you gave us Jets fans! You were a class act and we wish you the best in your career moving forward!

  25. Can someone please explain to me how we have any less breakaway speed at RB this year than last year? Was Ivory a track star and I missed this?
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