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  1. Over 20.5K posts on another team's board...as Tony Montana once famously said "why don't you go work with blind kids....lepers...that sort of thing".
  2. I agree with the second part of this as I am content with what is happening so far but let's not compare this offseason to the 2014 mess of an offseason. We had a ton of money to spend and no talent on the roster as opposed to now where we actually have some talent on our roster and little money to spend.
  3. Ideally, but how can anyone criticize a GM for not extending a player when you have no idea what that player is asking for? It presumes there was even a reasonable deal to be made at that time which can't be presumed.
  4. I think "dumb" is a bit harsh to describe a move that prevents your best defensive player from simply walking out the door for a 3rd round compensatory pick in the 2017 draft. It simply buys another year to work out a long term deal, trade or you get one more year out of him. Still lots of cap to be freed up with additional obvious cuts and restructures. I am not worried.
  5. U R flat out gorgeous! If the writers asked you to take a pie in the face for last nites episode, would you have done it? LOL

  6. @jennafischer Did you see Chuck Schumer's flip flop on the exact same issue?

  7. @seanhannity I have never disagreed with you in my life but are you really okay with a potential nominee who said Bush lied about WMDs?

  8. Until you apologize for the "Bush lied us to war" comments, I will never vote for you...many people around the country agree

  9. You need to apologize for saying Bush lied about WMD!! I would never vote for you in the general election because of that comment

  10. I am anti-establishment candidate and a staunch conservative and I was embarrassed for you on Saturday. You called GWB a liar - disgraceful

  11. @KatiePavlich Trump screwed the pooch with me Saturday. Blaming Bush for 9/11 and saying he lied about WMD are unforgivable statements

  12. @realDonaldTrump Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction? You are a total embarrassment as a candidate!

  13. @DonaldJTrumpJr U might want to advise your dad to stop blaming bush for 9/11. I would have voted for him but that comment was unforgivable

  14. Did I think it was a catch? Yes. Do I think it is evidence that replay doesn't work when horrendous calls are routinely overturned season after season? No.
  15. Milliner's contract is fully guaranteed. No team is trading for him to pay him over $4M and releasing him saves zero. We will have to ride it out with him for one more year and see if he can play more than 5 games.
  16. You are flat out gorgeous! Love the clip of you playing pie face!! Had you ever been hit with a pie or cake before that? LOL

  17. Wake me up when you don't feel like you constantly have to carry the water for your team's legitimacy.
  18. That doesn't make it any less sad or insecure....
  19. Yup, it doesn't appear insecure at all that less than 24 hours after your team went down, you were posting on other teams' message boards..... totally normal. I know when the Jets lost to Buffalo last month, I couldn't wait to run to the Chargers message boards and tell them we were still better than them....
  20. This is a completely pointless article. Tom Brady is the reason that team is where they are and he was the reason they were able to be gift wrapped a Super Bowl last year. Revis is a much more important addition to a 2014 Jet team with no talent and no QB than he is on a team that owes all of its success to Tom Brady, Belicheat, Ernie Adams and the Deflator.
  21. Okay and I don't entirely disagree. The post I initially responded to was one where you indicated "we were never going anywhere that season" and your prior post you said Favre threw balls up for grabs and it worked early in the season and didn't work late. My two points of issue are 1) At 8-3 we were certainly going somewhere so it was not a foregone conclusion we would tank and 2) There were no if any jump ball TD's that year so it was not all about throwing balls up for grabs....certainly he threw many incomplete passes where he would muscle up and try to throw it out of the stadium, but it was not a matter of having success early with that and not having it late.
  22. Of course we tanked and Favre's play steadily declined. I agree his record in bad weather was bad late in his career. However, I seriously doubt that he tanked simply because it was cold and he didn't feel like playing. He obviously had surgery on the arm prior to Minnesota, so there was something there. As far as throwing up balls for grabs and hoping working early...to who? Cotchery, Coles, Keller and Stuckey? Most of those early season TD's were on crossing routes or play action throws over the top to open receivers, not jump balls. I went to every game that year and do not remember one jump ball TD. The only improbable catch I recall was Cotchery's in NE after he had been interfered with and still made a miraculous 50 yard reception and Favre followed that up with a beautiful read and throw on a slant to Cotchery for a TD. The bottom line is that at 8-3 and off of a win in NE and a win in TEN, no one on this earth had the opinion "you know, it doesn't matter, we are never going anywhere with this team". To look back and say we were never going anywhere is just not honest.
  23. I seriously doubt that after the Jets handily beat unbeaten Tennessee in Tennessee to go to 8-2 that you felt in that moment that we were going nowhere. No honest fan would make that statement.
  24. @jadapsmith So it should just be about color even if the merit isn't there? U really think they want only whites and they R racist? Getaclue

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