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  1. I agree with most of this and ignore in a literal sense would mean he was using practice squad and rookie FA's, which he did not do. However, he took a head coach who needs boatloads of CB's to run his D and gave him an underperforming injury prone 2nd year player, a journeyman who went AWOL, an injury prone 3rd round pick that most felt was a reach and Darrin Walls. No executive who wants to give his coach a fighting chance would have done that... and I am no fan of Rex.
  2. And that is why there is free agency. When you swing and miss in the draft, you must compensate in free agency which he stubbornly refused to do. Milliner was awful save for 2 games as a rookie and he was the best of what we had and counting on a 3rd round rookie as Plan A to start or even play the nickel is foolhardy. I am not all for throwing money around but I also don't believe in tanking seasons with $30 in unused cap space after going 8-8 and having double digit draft picks to use.
  3. There's an interesting dynamic when it comes to NFL salary cap management in that when you opt not to sign players and let entire position groups like the secondary go to hell, you accumulate cap space. Funny how many people actually want to give credit for that.
  4. @ginidietrich What would you rather do? Vote for Donald Trump or take a pie in the face?

  5. Nope... as usual a Masshole totally misses the point...I am one of the few that probably cares about who did steroids during this era but the simple point is that all 30 MLB teams had at least one steroid user. Only one NFL team has been habitually caught systematically, conspiratorially and organizationally cheating. WEAR IT.
  6. You could not have said it any better. And anyone trying to compare this to MLB just doesn't get it. There were steroid users on every MLB team. For every Pettitte and Giambi there was a Manny and an Ortiz. Organizational conspiratory systematic cheating is separate and distinct from individual players doping.
  7. I am not sure what constitutes acting like a future champion, but I would be happy to move on and I suggest you do the same. Right back up the Mass Pike.
  8. When a team cheats, I denounce it. And nothing makes me happier than needling the Pats fans in here about how their success is tainted. I find it wonderfully amusing how Jet fans pointing out tainted success gets your goat so badly. Good luck angrily demanding that all of Jet Nation to "give NE their due" and labeling them "pathetic" if they don't. You have a lot of work ahead of you. If you think posting on a message board signs me up for caring what a poster who is full of venom and anger thinks about me, you have really misunderstood the purpose of a blog.
  9. Sounds a lot like you have anger issues... full of personal attacks and venom... talk to someone who cares what you have to say and while you are at it kiss Bill's rings.
  10. What about Cro? We had an offensive coordinator that comes to mind that thought he could be a productive offensive player. We should try that again....If not, maybe Marcus Coleman. He at least caught a TD in his career, albeit a Hail Mary.
  11. Awww, aren't you sweet. You want to tell me who to worry about and you want me to give them their due. So Robert Kraftian of you! In fact, make that your life's work - to make all Jet fans give the Pats their due. You should be more concerned about expanding your vocabulary and sentences beyond 3-4 words and not so concerned about offering pointless directives and criticism to people who could care less what you think.
  12. When a judge bases his ruling on the fact that Brady had no warning that he could be suspended for 4 games for his conduct, that's about all I need to hear. It would be logistically impossible to set an automatic suspension for every infraction because the facts and circumstances surrounding these infractions are so different. And yes found... you are reading that too literally. I realize it was not the forum Brady was trying to get, but they still ended up with this guy. And most legal minds outside NE believe the judge overstepped here, but that is happening all over the country with respect to bigger issues than Brady.
  13. It's perfectly okay to kid, though I can't blame myself for not getting the joke about not being an a hole fan like all teams have. Regardless, I don't think anyone is ignoring the suspension. He fought it in court and found an activist judge, who obviously is in way over his head as it pertains to understanding the practices and procedures of the NFL, to give him an injunction until the case can be heard. The NFL is appealing but nothing will happen until well after the season. Either way, the stench of their organizational cheating will follow them into the record books forever.... regardless of how many ignorant Kool-aid drinking Massholes want to whine, cry and stomp their feet.
  14. Taking the Jets out of it, I have never liked the common opponent tiebreaker if you are factoring in divisional teams. If one team plays a common opponent twice while the other plays them once, how is this remotely equivalent? Blah blah blah, win your games, yeah I know, but it is simply not a fair way to decide it.
  15. I'm going to go with, "I have no earthly clue what you are talking about." If reminding a bitter teeth gnashing Patsie that Goodell's ruling was not based upon nothing as he whined but was in fact based upon very damning evidence and doing so without any name calling or harsh rhetoric, makes me an a hole in your mind, then maybe you are just a little too sensitive for NY message boards. Yours could be one of the strangest overreaction posts I have ever seen on this site.
  16. Check out The Q Morning Show Played Pie Face Again and Lori Lost https://t.co/QC0DIzF3Q1 @Q979

  17. Or after the Cheatriots equipment manager openly admitted to it..... oh that's right, he was deflating his belly, not the balls....
  18. @Michele_Tafoya U R totally gorgeous! If u had a choice between going in a dunk tank or a pie in the face for charity, which would u choose?

  19. This is based on what? He is signed for 2 more years at very reasonable numbers and he is our best offensive player. He is one of the safest guys on the team to be back next year.
  20. #YouGotPied for iOS https://t.co/f8LfnOEe4k

  21. The good news is that with 3 teams all at 10-2 and Denver and Cincy not wanting to have to go through NE, they will be playing to win the rest of the way.
  22. I like to think of myself as a realistic fan, but to state that Pittsburgh will DEFINITELY win out with games at the Bengals and against Denver is crazy. Is there a 10-15% chance it happens? Sure, but there is no way that on 12/7 you can state that without question it will. The bottom line is beat the 2 teams you are supposed to beat and shoot for 1 out of the last 2. Houston has NE left which should get them to 7 losses, Oakland is out of it and do you really see Rex winning the last 5 games of the season? If we go 10-6, there's a 90% we get in.
  23. You wish that cloudy liquid you swallow every day was tears ....
  24. A presidential candidate is touting global warming as a bigger threat than terrorism and you chastise prayer? You are vile pigs!

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