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  1. You should stick to crying and whining about how your team didn't cheat their way to 4 Super Bowls. You do that better than your pathetic attempt at gloating. The crushed dreams of your undefeated season must be keeping you awake at night.
  2. So I guess you were VERY VERY wrong about this, huh?
  3. @kelleykramer who got the pie in the face?

  4. @BarackObama we used to have leaders in the White House. Those were great times! How does it feel to be so weak and ineffective?

  5. And this ladies and gentlemen... despite the destruction of the Spygate tapes before they were released to the other owners and fans... is what we call a persecution complex
  6. @jonathanchait Your article today was really scary... scary how feckless delusional liberals do not and will not ever get it... pathetic

  7. I was at the game so never actually saw the screenshots you referenced but I understand the confusion and appreciate you being stand up about it.
  8. Then I may have the TO time off by a few seconds but I am positive that they did not have to run another play before the 2 min warning. This is NY - if that had actually happened that way, you know Bowles would be getting killed for it. I am certain he did not screw up the clock in that scenario.
  9. You are right in that there was 25 seconds on the playclock when the TO was called but there were 20 seconds or so until the 2 minute warning. They hesitated for a few seconds after the play before calling the TO but that was all immaterial because the next play would wind it down to 2 mins no matter what.
  10. In all seriousness, watch it again or check the play by play on ESPN. The previous play started at 2:43 and McCoy ran for 16 yards. By the time the play clock was reset, the Bills were not going to have to run another play before the 2 minute warning.
  11. You are 100% wrong. The play clock had more time on it than the game clock did ahead of the 2 minute warning. You would be correct if your facts were correct. The previous play was run at 2:43 and took longer than 3 seconds. So by the time the playclock (40 seconds) was reset the Bills could have run it down to 2 mins. That's why the Jets called timeout. Making the mistake you are alleging would have been a huge blunder - funny how no one is mentioning that today isn't it? Don't let the facts get in the way of a good brainwashing.
  12. Can you see the sun with those blinders on? Sure don't address his warts, just reply with nonsensical generalities. How did we botch our TO's WE HAD ALL 3 OF THEM AT THE END OF THE GAME WHILE YOUR BOY HAD ZERO LEFT!!!!. You are lost...
  13. I'm keeping up just fine though you do seem to struggle with making much sense. Your only response for 3 straight posts was to say "Rex's team won". Its funny how when you defend him, you point to the first 2 seasons and act like the 4 after that never happened. He had 2 great runs and then his warts got worse and worse and worse. 1. He is loyal to the point of defiance 2. He is constantly telling his players how great they are 3. He is only interested in coaching half the team 4. His teams never have any time outs at the end of the game and his teams are always among the most penalized in the league 5. He thinks he can gameplan to win games 10-6 in today's NFL. 6. His clown act gets very tired very quickly. I could go on. I appreciate what he did when he got here in changing the Mangini culture, but he never evolved one iota as a coach. I'm glad he's gone. You obviously bought into all the bluster and BS so you'll never see him for what he is.
  14. Blah Blah Blah... how many times do you want to use the phrase "people like you"? And go on about things I never mentioned in any of my posts. I encourage you to take efforts to read more critically. I have not mentioned Bowles in any of this nor have I said that Rex did not have some very good coaching qualities or provide the franchise with some positive moments. When you have a heightened view of your own intelligence, you tend to want to lump all "people like you" together. Sorry pal, no hypocrisy here... the Jets have looked sloppy for 3.25 straight weeks and I'll call it like it is, but if you can't see Rex for what he is, I can't enlighten you. I will never want a guy who has set the forward pass back 50 years and who thinks he just won the Super Bowl at 5-4 to be my coach. Bowles is an unknown, so I will take that over the Rodeo Clown. Your snarky prep school boy act is tired and you have "ruffled my jimmies" so I will gladly accept my own invitation to ignore you further.
  15. Of course not... this is why I am happy he is no longer here. Bluster, bravado, Bull8hit and very little substance.
  16. Take the word great out and you still sound ridiculous - it does not change the fact that you are making an extraordinarily small-minded argument trying to compare who beat who and how that makes one better than the other. Talk to me in 4 years when tubby is getting run out of his second job for the same issues that caused him to get canned here.
  17. If you think this is the reason Rex is a great coach and better than Bowles, I can see why you are such a fan of his in the first place. And Rex lost to Jax and we beat them so we must be better than Rex....
  18. Profound. The outcome is only 12 hours old and we already have to stop commenting on aspects of and pertaining to the game.
  19. That was a cute little snarky retort. Funny how you end your prior post with the quote "smart Jet fans everywhere" and then can't figure out how a comment about smart fans seeing thru Rex has to do with your post. Perceptive. You don't care who Buffalo has beaten - yet are critical of Bowles for not beating a .500 team. Got it. Stick to trying to give really bad lessons in the meanings of words. Your entire post was about Rex and how he got the shaft, comparing Rex to Bowles, and whined that Rex does not get credit for last night, yet you don't care about Rex. Got it. Lastly, you used the term "rustles your jimmies". Now I have to turn my back on you.
  20. I would say that it is the smart fans that see through the fact that the guy is a clown and totally full of crap and will never be a coach that experiences success over more than a 1-2 year stretch. The Bills have beaten freaking Miami 2x, Tennessee and the same Andrew Luck led team you just pontificated about. The only .500 team Buffalo has beaten is the Todd Bowles led Jets. The jury is certainly out on Bowles and the sloppiness over the last 3 games is certainly alarming, but I'll never lament the fact that this glorified defensive coordinator is not coaching my team.
  21. Again, not sure what your point is. What Rex does is akin to the Jets beating NE in a preseason game and trying to rub it in. He has lost COUNTLESS grudge matches with teams whether it be his matchups with Baltimore, his battles with Belichick or even his team crapping out to the "little brother" Giants and propelling them to a Super Bowl run. So then he wins one and he acts like a total fool. What is your definition of successful? I would say he has had success in limited spurts but the guy will NEVER have sustained success in this league. No one said he was Kotite. Never having a QB falls on him too. The guy is admittedly clueless about offensive football and the guy who's jersey he had tattooed on the tattoo of his wife's naked body was as much his pick as it was Tannenbaum. He does NOT get a pass for that. A part of me was sad to see him go, but "the template" with this guy is flat wrong. Keep telling everyone in the building how great they are and you will be apologizing for your team's performance more often than not. Keep coaching one side of the ball exclusively and the other side will hold you back. Again - don't want that guy coaching my team.
  22. Never was I longing for the days of Chad Morton as our KR and Santana Moss as our PR as I was last night. Jeremy Kerley is Dedric Ward reincarnated - fair catch or at best, 3-4 yards and fall down. None of our kickoff returners other than Cro should ever come out of the end zone.
  23. After all that, your response is "did he win?". This is not about Bowles vs. Rex. This is about Rex. I don't want my coach feeling like he has accomplished something when his team is 5-4. You seriously don't see that his teams are always so satisfied with themselves so far from the finish line? The best coaches are the ones who are never happy with things and are not constantly patting themselves and their players on the back - even in losses or when their team commits 17 penalties. You can sit and lament the loss of a guy who just won his Super Bowl last night. Regardless of where the Jets finish, I'll take a guy who realizes 5-4 means jack over him any day of the week.
  24. This is not about what is his right.. of course he has the right to do it, it's just so bush league like his entire tired act. When he faced Baltimore twice when he was our coach and got his a$$ handed to him both times did he jump around like a school girl then too? Beating your former team to put your team at 5-4, making it to 2 AFC championships in which you lost (once blowing an 11 point lead and once showing up with a team that could not have been flatter to start a Championship game), beating Belichik once every 6 matchups - these are all major victories in Rex's mind while the smart successful coach would respond with "we have not won anything yet". Hell, after losses he'll still brag about a great defensive stand on ONE drive. I will always believe that Idzik was the bigger problem of the 2, but I could not be happier that this clown is no longer coaching my team.
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