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  1. @RobinRoberts “Bye Felicia”?!? U ******* scumbag!! What? She’s not keeping it real?!? You gutless leftist asshol… https://t.co/xDpLtndyOm

  2. @angela_rye Seriously?!? Who the **** are u to say who represents the “community”?!? U R a total classless disgrac… https://t.co/HHPVbmCBLI

  3. @oliviervernon54 Stick your leftist politics up your ass!! And stop disrespecting your country like an ignorant prick!!!

  4. @SenSchumer There’s no compromise when all you want to do is tax and grow government. Are you crying today for Kat… https://t.co/UMdf6bD3uq

  5. @AprilDRyan I hope Sarah brings one to the next briefing and smushes it in your leftist face. Get a life!

  6. @GQMagazine Isn't the pussy left supposedly for tolerance?!? Oh right that's tolerance for those who already agree… https://t.co/QysDt6DYTZ

  7. @SenatorMenendez Hey a$$hole… The ACA is bankrupting me and my family. Premiums have gone up over 150% in four year… https://t.co/V2NeavV5nG

  8. RT @Randyman1912: @RepMaxineWaters @alzassociation https://t.co/TYa3QVzlAc

  9. @Twitter Your watchdog bullsh*t is insane!! The thought police are in full force and effect tonight!!

  10. @AynRandPaulRyan Nice try snowflake. You lib fascists hate the first amendment ! You control every network and hat… https://t.co/7EPXIrspzd

  11. @Pipmyride99 @mariclaire81 @sbethtodd @AshepardShepard @Jonathan_62313 @realDonaldTrump Yeah let's compare portfoli… https://t.co/8WEW9aQ2WD

  12. @KeithOlbermann You are one sick ands twisted **** aren't you?!? Shove your pussy leftism up you ass!

  13. @PhilMurphyNJ Yeah but you want to make us a sanctuary state! You big ******* dork! Keep playing politics with our safety a$$hole!!

  14. RT @JayCaruso: Senator, How much have you donated to cancer research? David Koch has donated $1.2 BILLION. Tell that to your 9 yr old…

  15. @DLRbmore The old Dick's Last Resort birthday pie in the face!!! #pieintheface https://t.co/v4KLpS8uMi

  16. @jimmykimmel My family's Obamacare premium just went up 58%. Are u going to have a tearful monologue for me?!? a$$hole

  17. @EdgeofSports @KSTiLLS @Loghornfoghorn1 @NYjusticeleague @Kaepernick7 @rolandsmartin @MakeItPlain @womensmarch… https://t.co/DVrOAxuX1c

  18. @jimmykimmel Riddance a$$hole!! Typical leftist. U can't have a debate without attacking the person. U are scum!!

  19. @Twitter you assholes love the sensor conservatives don't you?

  20. @OScandrick32 Grow the **** up you big baby!!! People dont take kindly to u assholes desecrating the flag & anthem! Deal with it!

  21. @CharlesBHenryJr @nathanteuscher @RealMikeWilbon No one gives a sh*t about what they are saying because of the disr… https://t.co/RCIG22DOCB

  22. @danmuggleton That's hilarious! U got 3 people in their mother's basements to like it!!!

  23. @billyeichner @TeamCoco @AHSFX You are truly a detestable Maggot

  24. @JebBush @POTUS Were u as tough on the San Juan mayor? This is why U have fallen out of favor with Republicans and… https://t.co/0nelnsLXlO

  25. @lenadunham could you be more repulsive?

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