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  1. Just saying it does not make it so. The rap was well deserved... very well deserved and he is where he should be; pushing pencils in a back office for a losing franchise.
  2. This is such a misguided argument. You can never predict a year in advance what the free agent crop will be when teams re-sign players and franchise players (see D.Bryant and D. Thomas). This year's CB free agent crop was not better than last year. Byron Maxwell and Kareem McKenzie are not better than Vontae Davis, Talib and Alterraun Verner. The next argument that makes no sense is the "we were never going to contend" argument. We were 8-8 with $45M to spend and 12 draft picks!!!! No GM looks at that and says "we suck, we can't win, let's tank the season". And the argument that made me laugh out loud and spit out water is the "Idzik fell on his sword for the good of our future". That could be the funniest sentence I have ever read. Now he's Bruce Willis in Armageddon! So he made horrendous personnel evaluations both in the draft and in free agency and that was all for the betterment of the organization that he sacrificed himself for. Get a clue!!. Going 1 for 17 in draft picks rightfully gets you fired in this league.
  3. I agree totally... though after watching his offseasons in action I really have a hard time convincing myself that he had the ability to be "active" in free agency no matter how much "room" he had because of his slow-moving, low-balling nature.
  4. I am not going to give him a pass because his job was in jeopardy and he made one last reckless attempt at saving it. If he gave his coach some players to work with, they probably would not have been 1-7 and maybe he would not have been so desperate. You can't ride into town touting how your philosophy is to stockpile cap space or "room" as he so eloquently put it in that abortion of a press conference and then when it blows up in your face turn around and waste $8M of room because you realize your "plan" was a failure.
  5. For someone who hates Idzik with every fiber of my being... this is the greatest post I have ever seen.
  6. How you spend your time trying to defend this idiot is simply incredible. His cap reconciling simply amounted to waiting until guys like Holmes, Cro and Sanchez could be cut and then doing so. He then proceeded to drool all over himself in free agency last year only to waste $8M in cap space this year by trading for Harvin when we were 1-7. The guy is a steaming pile of garbage as a GM and you make it your life's work to defend him. What a sad existence...
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