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  1. @KSTiLLS maybe you guys wouldn't suck so badly if that was the case!!

  2. @mosesbread72 U are a total embarrassment!!

  3. @guslinton Nice try with your fun little word game but 70% of this country disagrees with you America hating gutless leftists

  4. @KingJames I am educated. U sir are not. Don't lecture me because I didn't back your criminal candidate. **** you!!

  5. @bigpen9006 @CutonDime25 Awww that's sweet. Now only Trump goons care about the anthem and flag?? U leftist scumba… https://t.co/fsYHp9yviM

  6. @BeingDarling @DanielDsheets @businessinsider 760 people shot by police this year and 9 were unarmed black men. Y… https://t.co/NbAx5KePBo

  7. @NFL I am done! I refuse to watch these disgusting assholes desecrate our nation anymore. I will spend my family's entertainment $ elsewhere

  8. @kalaharii @Shallowking @KingJames @StephenCurry30 Keep sucking the cocks of all the left winged uneducated celebs!!

  9. @brhodes What a ******* joke! Everything this a$$hole says shows he doesn't understand the system and apparently ne… https://t.co/NRI8nhYWOM

  10. @jimmykimmel @BillCassidy @LindseyGrahamSC @ChrisChristie No one gives a rats ass about your response you pompous e… https://t.co/zHDCdcZZ22

  11. @TheEllenShow Trump is divisive? Yet you shill like a leftist hack for ******* Hillary and Obama who divided us as much or more. **** you!!

  12. @StephenAtHome U come off like such an unhinged angry little bitch. Why do you hate yourself so much?

  13. @DebraMessing Awww boo ******* hoo. The old bat shouldn't be trying to take on the police who have the unenviable j… https://t.co/0mHHLjm1dN

  14. @jemelehill You love to throw around the white supremacist term like it's nothing. You are a total disgrace and should be medicated!!

  15. @cher You are the bitch!! Decrepit senile old bat thinks anyone gives a sh*t about her uneducated opinion

  16. @TishaCampblMrtn You are gorgeous! Huge fan. What was it like getting a pie in the face on My Wife and Kids? Lol

  17. @BevHillsAntifa Strategists?!? U little pussies are hilarious. Can't show your faces and beat up statues...real tough. U R total maggots!

  18. RT @RACHELFOX5: @YankeeRunnerLV @MOREFOX5 @FOX5Vegas @17strong_org I'm ready anytime, just get my co-host @SeanFOX5 on board and we're a go…

  19. @c_cauterucci Nice article about Melania's clothing a$$hole! Only a gutless pathetic lib could complain about a white shirt being too glitzy

  20. @JOEL9ONE No matter how many twitter assholes try to defend disrespecting our nation there are far more u continue… https://t.co/LPADbIt3ZE

  21. @NicolleDWallace U R truly detestable. It's shameful how you beg the left to love you daily. When u talk it's like nails on a chalkboard

  22. @espn Are you left winger assholes serious?!? #RobertLee How far left can you idiots be!! I am done with your network for good!!!

  23. @kodybears @RVAwonk Look at all the communists whining they don't pay enough taxes!!! Seriously it doesn't get more delusional

  24. @DSChazelle Just another leftist Hollywood demagogue lecturing the lowly commoners. U assholes will never get it.… https://t.co/uPBeOWOl7Z

  25. @Deplorable_45 @FoxNews @HeyTammyBruce That pesky Fox News always in the way of your side owning ALL the tv media o… https://t.co/V9TivG2gj2

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