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  1. @JWKeady Just sent your opponent another check. Keep wasting your time trying to be relevant Little Jimmy. U R a disgrace!!!

  2. @RSherman_25 Worry about your team. No one in NY wants that dickbag in this team! I'd rather ride w/a rookie than sign that a$$hole

  3. @Kaepernick7 Love that the fact that you are such a disgusting sh*tstain of a human has ended your sorry career!!

  4. @dominicibarrar @montana_rispoli That's not even close to the total charitable donations he makes per year. Nice try dickbag!

  5. @eileenwilk1 @SopanDeb Spoken like a gutless lib. Enforcing ALREADY promulgated laws is now a crock of bullsh*t.… https://t.co/e25wo6teJ7

  6. @JoeNBC U were never a republican, U are a weak gutless bitter little man. Keep gnashing your teeth while wearing your tin foil hat bitch!

  7. @Elise_Jordan You are gross! Now you leftist jokes care about debt all of a sudden when your waif president racked… https://t.co/qtQOnlWLe7

  8. @JaniceClaypole6 "Republicans aren't for Americans". Not only are you a total lunatic but you have the grammar of a… https://t.co/k5j7Nvq4vF

  9. @SenSchumer Save out abomination of a health care bill that is bankrupting families.. keep fighting for big govern… https://t.co/w0nNRQfhEV

  10. @reden419 @Elise_Jordan @morningmika Something needs to be done?!? What like shooting up a baseball field?!? U pu… https://t.co/ScIN7EZ3E4

  11. @DonnyDeutsch little Donny wants to fight at the schoolyard. Oohhhhhhh so scary. I would love to punt your bitch ass into next Tuesday!

  12. @quazy101 @SenWarren @SenateMajLdr It was fully funded every single year it was in place and it's killing us. Get a ******* clue!!

  13. @KamalaHarris You are a ******* liar!!! There are no tax cuts for the wealthy in this bill. You gutless libs have… https://t.co/ONzipp4eoU

  14. @Daedalum @laura_spurway @9NewsMelb Considering it is illegal to run into traffic, they would have every right to.… https://t.co/Av7GMD1SuK

  15. @Elise_Jordan What a vile woman both inside and out! You are the absolute worst of what America has to offer and you need some serious help.

  16. @NYGovCuomo You are a total embarrassment. I am a NYer and I am very conservative. Try to get me to leave a$$hole!!!

  17. @conchitaleef @pink_lady56 @JHasselberger @arlethapappas @GaryCam39584803 @NancyPelosi Take your tin foil hat off!… https://t.co/KoLEpmYEdf

  18. @Madonna You have shown yourself to be quite stupid.

  19. @KamalaHarris Stop playing the victim!! You come off weak and pathetic !!!

  20. RT @Snownut182: @JulieBanderas So glad to see you back!!! Are you ready to take the pie in the face this week? ;)

  21. @seanhannity keep up the great work!!!

  22. @EricDecker87 Thanks for your efforts here. You were a classy and hard working guy. Good luck at your next stop...wish you well

  23. RT @ZOOmility: .@kateesackhoff how about awesome Longmire cast & crew get #pied4aporpoise to help save endangered #vaquita ? https://t.co/C…

  24. @jonfavs Shocker! Just another sheep following the rest of your demented Hollywood pukes. You all share one gutless brain

  25. @kidd_culi @CandyHazenBell @ssnyder0117 @DZPoodle @njsmatchmaker @BetteMidler Neither did Trump. Talking about it… https://t.co/U5jKqLA7JO

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