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  1. @johnlegend You are our national embarrassment. Can we get rid of you?

  2. @SandraSmithFox Wow. You are so spot on!! Great job calling out Marie on the racial BS. You are awesome!

  3. @U2 if you want people to support your causes don't insult our president assholes!! I just withdrew my contribution jerkoffs!

  4. @HillaryClinton Great speech a$$hole!! Too bad that you are a huge loser!! The guy you piss and moan about kicked your ass. Cry about it!!

  5. @SenSchumer Could you be a bigger pussy?!?

  6. @katyperry Keep pushing for open borders. You are part of the problem

  7. RT @edlamour: @PhilMurphyNJ Looks like your sanctimonious tweet backfired. Guess what, Phil? NJ does NOT want to be another sanctuary stat…

  8. @David_Gergen @CNN @PamelaBrownCNN @jimsciutto Hey Mumbles...what's the concocted impeachable offense today?!? Wa… https://t.co/kBkjjEzBpg

  9. @davidgregory Funny that you think all this fake hysteria is journalism

  10. @toddrundgren typical Commi - you can only have one view - u people are such a pathetic mob sharing one warped brain!

  11. @David_Brody Keep telling yourself that. Aren't your brothers and sisters rioting and burning down a building some… https://t.co/fB7WqyLNxc

  12. @gwayne919 Take off your little tin foil hat. It's a shame u don't realize how pathetic it is to yearn for the go… https://t.co/pe5tYVkSBs

  13. @SenBlumenthal the sky is falling the sky is falling!!! Stop whining over nothing you big baby

  14. @Kaepernick7 still unemployed a$$hole? Love it when an America hating a$$hole's agenda blows up in his face

  15. @StephenAtHome Such a detestable weasel Maggot! You are a pussy liberal and then make cocks jokes about Trump? What a little bitch u r.

  16. @StephenAtHome what a ******* detestable Maggot you are! Nothing but a left-wing pussy shill. Pathetic

  17. @HamlettKayla What a great sport! They let you off easy though. Lol. Hope you didn't get any on that gorgeous shirt!

  18. @pcpontificates @edkrayewski @GovHowardDean That pesky Constitution always stumps liberal assholes

  19. @PiperPerabo please!! More left wing Hollywood assholes with no education and one shared brain!! Can't get enough of you libtards!!

  20. @DebraMessing you epitomize everything that everyone hates about Hollywood...get a ******* clue

  21. RT @YankeeRunnerLV: @stephmackenzie7 As a big sports fan how bout taking #GPPieFaceChallenge like @RedSox doing 2help raise awareness 🙏 htt…

  22. @SenWarren You are such a disgrace on foreign policy. Go mourn the loss of terrorists somewhere else Fauxcahontas!!

  23. @woodhouseb Wow! You are a huge pussy!!

  24. @timkaine Why do you insist upon showing yourself to be an ignorant pussy every chance you get. This did NOT require approval! Get a clue!

  25. @brianbeutler Apparently you have amnesia over Schmuckie Schumer saying no Bush nominee would get a vote in 2008

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