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  1. RT @YankeeRunnerLV: @HannahStormESPN @JustinVerlander @FreddieFreeman5 @Nationals @Giancarlo818 https://t.co/8iKPySzpGc Please take #GPPieF…

  2. @ciccmaher Just another gutless dirt bag liberal on a college faculty.. you are a filthy human being. Scary they let you near students!!

  3. #Releasethehannitytape ! Typical liberal pussification! What are you so afraid of Teddy?!?

  4. OOOHHH got me.... just said I'm not his biggest fan, but keep relishing paying the highest taxes in the nation and pretending it started with him.
  5. @RichRys Can't help but force your leftist views into every Walking Dead recap...shameful and so typical

  6. You must LOVE property taxes......I don't love the guy but you can easily make a case that the one who made his boyfriend the head of the Port Authority was far worse.
  7. @KeithOlbermann where do you do these little videos? Your moms basement? What a bitter little pussy liberal U are. So sleazy and pathetic!

  8. RT @BrooklynDecker: @YankeeRunnerLV @dpshow I will HAPPILY take a pie to the face.

  9. Never let the facts get in the way of making yourself look uninformed.
  10. RT @YankeeRunnerLV: @WaitressMusical Maybe Next Oct You can get @katiecouric 2take #WaitressPieChallenge 2 further help @KomenGreaterNYC r…

  11. @PLUMBINGPRO911 @AshleyJudd Yup real guts to spew hate and venom before a crowd that shares all the same lunatic views!! So courageous!!

  12. @VanJones68 What a ******* detestable pussy you are!!! How do you call yourself a man, bitch?!?

  13. @thecampaignbook **** you you little liberal bitch!! Such a faux tough guy whining and pushing for a nanny state. What a pussy!!!

  14. I could be wrong about him but the guy's career trajectory is going in the wrong direction. He made a jump in year 3 to 47 catches but has backed that up with consecutive 13 catch seasons. I could live with a roll of the dice on him but I'd rather give the opportunities to guys like Peake or Smith at this point.
  15. He had 4 receptions for 50 yards.......in a game where they were down 20 in the 4th quarter.
  16. Holmes has Chaz Schilens written all over him.....
  17. Good idea, keep the guy who is one joint away from a year long suspension and is a free agent next year and trade the guy you just re-signed and absorb the $26M in dead money.
  18. @KMart_LI be ride or die? What in the blue hell does that mean? and kick them to the curb....when they are million… https://t.co/LKMAodvf52

  19. @chyn318 Your English is an abomination. ...even for twitter

  20. @20committee Your hair is ridiculous, you look like a total dork and act like a child. "Uh yea ok" what are you 12? **** off you fat ****!

  21. @AlexNBCNews @kasie @NancyPelosi the problem with that statement is that it's patently false and Pelosi is delusional

  22. RT @YankeeRunnerLV: @jessmendoza Plz strongly consider taking #GPPieFaceChallenge like @JackieBradleyJr @RedSox doing 4much needed cause ht…

  23. RT @Jingle_BELLS_25: @TheEllenShow Would you be up for the #GPPieFaceChallenge ?! I got @RedSox on board! https://t.co/1fC2kG4fBX

  24. @SunsaraTaylor Wow, U R a revolting lunatic bitch!! How does one become so crazed and unhinged? America is great - U are a gross armpit

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