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  1. @BustaRhymes **** you and your pussy ******* politics bitch! No one is interested in your pussy liberal views. **** off has-been!!

  2. @JoeNBC How does a grown ass man like yourself become such a total leftist pussy - like yourself ?? So weak and pathetic!

  3. @RichRys If you are the one authoring these Walking Dead recaps, you sound like a bitter ******* douche politicizing them...typical leftist

  4. @JLo Your little speech was a ******* joke last night!! You are such a shallow narcissist a$$hole! So ignorant and uninformed!!

  5. @GovInslee You ******* twerp!!! Your pathetic leftist bullsh*t is shameful. You have no ******* balls!!

  6. @POTUS I am a supporter but your equating us to Russia is a ******* disgrace!!! U R out of your mind to make that comparison! Disgusting!

  7. As in Devonta Freeman...you know, the guy that should have gotten the ball 3 times from the 23 yard line after averaging 7 yards a carry last night?
  8. I agree it's a terrible play by Ryan but these 2 situations are not comparable. Herm settled for a 53 yarder with Doug Brien (never known for his strong leg) in a stadium that's notoriously hard to kick in against a defense that they struggled to run against all game. Freeman averaged 7 yards a carry, they were in perfect kicking conditions with a top 3 kicker and it would have been at worst a 40 yarder they were settling for.
  9. @netflix Done with you assholes !!! Stay the **** out of politics !!

  10. RT @pscully1812: Disgusting irony: Hollywood promoting movies about the Boston bombing this week, while protesting a ban on terrorists! F…

  11. @UCBerkeley people of tolerance and diversity torch their campus to prevent a gay man from speaking and pepper spray a woman! #GutlessLibs

  12. RT @markarodrig: What are the odds that fax news channel and patriot channel on Sirius XM are both not working??? Blocking the truth I see.…

  13. @Starbucks Nice job assholes! I am done with your left wing BS! My entire family will never step inside your place again #boycottstarbucks

  14. @chefemhahn Was a huge fan of yours on the show. You had a great run. Disappointed to see you go! Best of luck going forward!

  15. RT @4GPACT: Ellen DeGeneres we would love if you participated in the #gppiefacechallenge https://t.co/Q6zMvbOaDN

  16. RT @4GPACT: Ellen DeGeneres we would love if you participated in the #gppiefacechallenge https://t.co/Q6zMvbOaDN

  17. RT @StrokerAce90: Thank you @jessebwatters for reporting @nbcsnl's Writer @katiemaryrich who Cyber Bullied 10yr old Barron Trump - #Watters…

  18. @AmericaFerrera U R a ******* disgrace...just another Commi Hollywood limousine lib sharing a brain w/the rest of that assclown community

  19. @STEVER_13 You really came to his rescue and showed how much you love him...really inspiring!

  20. @Jenny841 Yeah. No government experience...what a terrible thing!! Typical lib who believes almighty government is such a precious thing

  21. @chelseahandler **** u **** Hollywood. Keep crying like a little brat...he's your president douchebag

  22. I don't disagree in general but what QB is keeping the #1 pick of the draft on the bench for 2 years?
  23. @repjohnlewis read the Constitution!! U don't get the result you want so the new president is illegitimate? U sound like a huge crybaby!

  24. @DeeterRuns I would be happy to debate facts. Where do u want to start? 116% premium increases, the rise of ISIS, less than 1% GDP growth..

  25. @amyschumer I was going to buy tickets but then I remembered what a cheap political hack you are and decided not to. Great career move!!

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