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  1. @MrWesthoff cute but he did the same mannerisms for 2 other people that weren't handicapped. Educate yourself moron. Keep sucking dick

  2. @Budheiser44 Never got called out like that did you moron? Next time come with a little more information and smarten up a bit

  3. @donlemon sure it wasn't evil.... ******* moron!!!

  4. @tom_wilso **** you a$$hole! Gazdic wiped the ice with your pussy ass you dirty ****! You got what you had coming to you jerkoff!!

  5. RT @CT1007: #PieTampaBay thanks to @RinglingBros for the pie in the face! @tampabaysmix https://t.co/n6X5allWhv

  6. RT @dbongino: Nothing says liberal "tolerance" like a liberal boarding a plane & berating & screaming at Ivanka Trump in front of her young…

  7. @mrbobodenkirk Do all you Hollywood types share one moronic brain? It's unbelieveable - no one has a mind of their own... amazing!

  8. @becbenit you are ******* gross!

  9. @CP0031 what a pussy!! Real tough guy! Attacking a guy while your pussy teammate holds him down!!Typical of a bitch who can't win a big game

  10. @DanielleMuscato **** you AssClown!!!! The fact that you wrote Jesus F'ing Christ is disgusting. Go figure - An atheist no less

  11. @BernieSanders my grandparents were great because they didn't want something for nothing and all your sorry ass wants are handouts. Pathetic

  12. @TheRealAliL Too bad. Used to be a huge fan but saw all your political hack tweets. Why does your industry feel compelled to preach? #sad

  13. @BrandonVDixon You are a disgrace dickhead

  14. @BrandonVDixon Alexander Hamilton is spinning in his grave with the gutless hackjob u pulled off. Keep up your liberal shilling a$$hole!!

  15. @JDMorgan I used to be a fan of your work but just saw what you said about Trump supporters so **** YOU TOO a$$hole

  16. @DaveChappelle shameless monologue Obama was a disaster

  17. @MrJonCryer @IanThomasGanahl @cindy541 And you are a bitch a liar and a total pussy. All Hollywood types share one uneducated brain

  18. @jes_chastain Had no idea you were so detestable. You are what everyone hates about Hollywood just another one drinking the Kool-Aid

  19. @NickARomano I certainly appreciate u referencing Bill ******* Maher's opinions on Trump. Typical gutless lib propaganda. #donereadingyou

  20. @SECbooger Remember when you arrogantly chastised Jet fans for not wanting to pay Fitz? Guess u had no idea what you were talking about.

  21. @mradamscott nice job schilling for a criminal you pathetic bitch!!

  22. @BarackObama you are a failed waif of a man

  23. @morningmika Hilarious interview with Gowdy! Was does that sound you passing a gallstone as he was tearing you up? What a hack you are!!

  24. @sarahcarmosino Pictures?!?

  25. @BarackObama I'd rather be a successful private citizen than a failed CEO of the nation. Keep doing talk show appearances you waif!

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