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  1. @katyperry Congrats except your voices are uniformed, ignorant and unintelligent & u do a great job making sure everyone sees it...moron

  2. @JenniferJolly I respect that even if I disagree with who u vote for. Keep up the great and informative work u do!

  3. @amyschumer Was going to buy tickets then heard about your political rant.... now we won't be seeing you ever...period

  4. @Lin_Manuel way to make your SNL monologue political a$$hole!! You leftist jerkoffs can never not be in your face about your liberal BS

  5. @carlagugino Don't forget that you were nominated in the #WaitressPieChallenge . You now need to take a pie in the face!!! Go for it!

  6. @BarackObama You are a giant pussy!

  7. @ElizabethBanks You are a total political hack. You have no credibility at all. Typical Hollywood limousine liberal. You suck!

  8. @KingJames I used to be a fan but after your shameless endorsement of Hillary, you are forever on my sh*t list!

  9. @HillaryClinton You are slime!!!! We see right through that your fake smug BS! You are so awful, Trump actually has a shot!

  10. Funny....I would think there would be great value in knowing what play or defense the opposing team will run before the play starts. Seems like a lot of time, effort and risk for no value.
  11. Hell no... he was fired because his drafts were an abortion. You can't rebuild when you can't draft worth a damn!
  12. @ConanOBrien where's all the Hillary jokes a$$hole? You just shill for her each night. I hope she's paying your unfunny ass!!

  13. @Realrclark25 It's always the fault of the police! Nothing at all to do with the fact that 70+% of black children are born out of wedlock

  14. What a detestable punk you show yourself to be day in and day out!! Not mentioning the bombing but shilling for Hillary!! You're pathetic!

  15. Again, you appear to be watching different results and different plays, though his jumping offsides last year in Buffalo week 17 on an obvious "draw them off" situation could be considered game changing. Sheldon has clearly leveled off at this point of his career, his missing several games due to being a colossal idiot has probably contributed to that. If there is one of the three that is not worth the long term investment it's Sheldon and it's not close.
  16. @Kaepernick7 Hey douchebag! Refusing to stand on 9/11? You are nothing but a spoiled bitch punk begging for relevancy in a failed career

  17. Rule of thumb there is without question to go for 2. It's not chasing points when there are 4 minutes left. It is a 6% chance they miss an extra point and a 50% chance they get the 2 pt conversion. Don't know about you, but I will take 50% over 6% any day. And people saying "it should not have mattered" are missing the point. You do everything you can to put the nail in the coffin instead of saying "it shouldn't matter in the end." That said, I like Bowles and I am very happy today.
  18. @SenatorNasheed You are a disgrace and embarrassment to your district. Someone should smash a pie in your face

  19. @KeithOlbermann Wow, are you one detestable little gutless maggot!

  20. @Catriona_Rtree You are gorgeous!! Have you ever taken a pie in the face for charity? Was it fun?

  21. Totally random ? - have you ever been hit in the face with a pie or cake? LOL... so much fun!

  22. When we blasted Idzik's drafts you whined for more time. Now you want to compare 2 drafts when one guy's second draft hasn't even seen the field yet? Geno was a good pick? Delusional - just because you understand the logic of the selection doesn't make it a good selection. You don't understand the concepts that the result wins the day and the result has been dreadful. Hack has not played a down yet - Absurd comparison Maxwell was the corner who got the signed for the most money prior to Revis signing with the Jets 2 days later. You can't even get your offseasons straight. The Jets had money to spend and my very simple point was that Revis was a better value than Maxwell. Simple. Most of those posts defending him were yours. I am obviously wasting my time with someone who just ignores facts, chases his tail, compares things that are 100% incomparable and outright denies actual results as if we all did not just witness it. I wish you well but I joined this board to blog with other reasonable Jet fans and for that reason, I will be moving on from you and blocking your posts.
  23. No he wanted $18M and they got him for $12M so again the facts get in the way of the delusions. But Minnesota struck gold with that trade, right?
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