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  1. RichardTodd27

    Bosa scares me

    Am I allowed to say that Bosa will make Jets great again (MJGA)?
  2. RichardTodd27

    Anyone else have the unfamiliar feeling...

    What, you don't want a diva, me-first wr that'll demand the ball and eventually wants to be over-paid? It's just what Darnold needs right now.
  3. Might be the right move. As much as I like Allen at #3, investing in the O-line early in the draft is something to consider. I haven no problem trading down to acquire a couple of 2nd rounders, drafting Taylor/Dillard with that 1st rounder, and a center with the 2nd rounder. Then again if we do this and Josh Allen turns out to be a stud edge rusher, I might go into severe depression.
  4. So then why are elite edge rushers always winning Super Bowls? Just off the top of my head, Super Bowl champs edge rushers include - L.T., Reggie White, Charles Haley, Strahan, Freeney, Harrison, Clay, Suggs, Von Miller. And these guys were all instumental (not just their for the ride). I know there's a handful that didn't win SB's like Derrick Thomas and Peppers. But you get my point.
  5. RichardTodd27

    Montez Sweat

    If it means getting a couple of extra 2nd rounders and future 1st rounder, than I'll sum up my feelings about Sweat in 2 words: SIGN MEUP
  6. RichardTodd27

    Trade down! And build like the saints did!

    Trading down wouldn've been the way to go had we gotten our edge rusher in free agency. Now, I'm not sure we have that option.
  7. RichardTodd27

    Cam Newton is quitting....

    Sounds like Cam's getting married!!! Congrats!
  8. You hit it right on the head here.
  9. RichardTodd27

    Remaining EDGE defenders in free agency

    I agree. There's still a gaping hole at the position. To rely on a rookie (assuming either Allen/Bosa are there) seems a bit foolish. I always believed in the philosophy that "you can never have too many edge rushers". I'm not sure Mac feels that way.
  10. RichardTodd27

    Pass Rush Help?

    Agreed. I can only imagine the reaction here if we don't get Ziggy (or any other edge rusher) and take Quinen over Josh Allen at pick #3.
  11. RichardTodd27

    Pass Rush Help?

    We're not allowed to have more than one elite edge pass rusher? Did they ban it after Giants used multiple pass rushers to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Or was it when Denver used their pass rushers to beat Carolina in the Super Bowl? Please give me Ziggy!!!!!
  12. RichardTodd27

    Houston to the Colts

    Same here. Bosa/Allen or bust for me too. But can't lie, I'm a little concerned Mac will go BPA, take Quinen Williams and he'll eventually play out of position.
  13. RichardTodd27

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    Say what you want about Mac, but his trades have been solid (Demario, Henry Anderson, Kearse & 2nd rounder, Bridgewater, etc....). I trust him more when making trades than making draft picks.
  14. I like our receiving options a lot. I know everyone wants a true #1 WR. Not me. Having an elite #1 WR usually doesn't work out well. They normally come with a heavy price tag, big egos and are headaches. It was the case back in the day with guys like T. Owens & Moss and we still see it with guys like Antonio and Odell.
  15. RichardTodd27

    Update on Justin Houston

    I still don't understand why we didn't "overpay" Paradis or Morse. We could very well not sign Houston/Ziggy and take Q. Williams over Allen in the 1st round and totally ignore the edge. But that's the beauty of Mac, you never know what he's thinking.

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