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  1. Agree. Might also want to extend Enunwa (as well as Shell). If he stays healthy, looks like he could be the real deal.
  2. RichardTodd27

    David Johnson Signs 3 year Extension

    Not sure how much of a market there'll be for a 29 year old RB But smart move by DJ anyway. RB's have short careers and are very replaceable.
  3. RichardTodd27

    Jermon Bushrod

    He was just cut by the Saints. I know he's up there (about 34). But he used to protect Drew Brees's blind side and won a Super Bowl in 2009. Bushrod must be an upgrade on Qvale as our swing Tackle. Hope we get him. LT is too important a position to neglect.
  4. RichardTodd27

    Jets 2019 free agents, resigning speculation

    I'd try and keep Enunwa, Robbie & Dozier. Young, capable guys with upside. If Henry Anderson shows well this year, wouldn't mind keeping him either.
  5. Austin Howard cut by Indy. I know he's an RT, but has to be an upgrade over Qvale.
  6. RichardTodd27

    Dakota Dozier

    Interesting. I always liked Dozier, but isn't he a bit short for LT? I think he's about 6'4. Based on what we've seen from Qvale this season, not sure he should even make the 53 man roster.
  7. RichardTodd27

    Would You Make This Trade?

    Not very realistic. Has any team ever given up a 2nd round pick for a backup QB? That's insane.
  8. Agreed. We need to upgrade Qvale. He might be the worst swing tackle in the game and could damage our prized QB.
  9. RichardTodd27

    Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

    Not sure how we get a deal done with the Jags (aside from draft picks). They don't seem to have any glaring needs and are a Super Bowl contender. Pretty sure they value Bortles over Teddy and Fowler over Lee.
  10. RichardTodd27

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    Rookies are more vulnerable (psychologically). A lot of promising young QB's have been ruined because of poor protection (David Carr comes to mind). They start to hear footsteps and don't bounce back the way veterans do.
  11. RichardTodd27

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    Because Darnold is the future. Bridgewater probably won't be here next year. Don't want to risk ruining Darnold's future with a poor O-line.
  12. RichardTodd27

    New York Jets Offensive Line Stats, game 2

    I don't feel comfortable with Qvale as our swing tackle. Hopefully Beachum/Shell stay healthy and we can find a tackle after final cuts.
  13. RichardTodd27

    Undisputed: Should Sam still start with a bad OL?

    The problem I saw the other night was Qvale. He's horrible and got pushed around a lot. If Beachum doesn't stay healthy, we're in trouble and probably shouldn't take a chance starting Darnold.
  14. Happens to the best of us. Hopefully Robbie's learned from it and grown as a person, blah, blah, blah....
  15. RichardTodd27

    Todd Gurley just got PAID.

    For the most part, I agree with this post. But I do think Levian is the better RB. Seems niftier and less reliant on his O-line. Whereas Gurley was quick to dump on his O-line during his down year in 2016. But next year I wouldn't advise paying a 27 year old that kind of money with all that wear and tear and the arrow pointing down.

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