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  1. Agreed. You can also put Zion Williamson in the same category. I wouldn't be surprised if Becton is one of those players that's constantly dealing with different ailments and injuries during his career. Much like I wanted Josh Allen over Quinnen last year , I wanted Wirfs over Becton this year. Hope I'm wrong about both draft picks.
  2. This move should've happened a long time ago. Very comfortable with Flacco as our backup QB.
  3. What better (and realistic) option was out there? If Darnold has to miss a couple of games due to Covid 19, Flacco is more than capable to fill in. Wasn't the case last year.
  4. I agree. Not sure why I follow him on twitter either. But I have to say, Manish has made me into a full fledged 'Gase fan', based on how unfairly he's treated him and this disgusting agenda he has.
  5. Interesting. He's pretty tough to look at as well. A very punchable face. How's Manish's campaign to get Gase fired going?
  6. I love the additions we made on the O-line, but this is going to be a real rough year for the Jets (especially early on). It's gonna take a while for them to get on the same page considering the circumstances. Btw, I'm very high on Cleveland this year. They had the worst Tackle duo in the league last year. What a difference. And their interior O-line is already solid. Look for Baker and Odell to have big years.
  7. I'd be very happy if we DON'T sign Ryan. Already have a lot of talented, young CB's that can step up this year. Signing Ryan won't allow us to develop these guys. Enough signing these above average veterans. Time to develop our own draft picks.
  8. Wow, Manish still going after Gase. Has anyone ever seen this level of hostility from a beat writer towards a coach?
  9. That's a good point. Seemed like Clark was the O-lineman that JD had his eyes on and knew he'd get in rounds 4 or 5. I know there were a lot of big name interior O-lineman that went in the 3rd round (when we had 2 picks). Have to trust JD's judgement here. But I hope he got it right. Becuase usually when you're unable to secure quality O-lineman in the mid rounds of draft, you have to turn to free agency and spend big bucks on C/Guards (which should be avoided)
  10. Not that it should matter, but does Warford fit the Gase prototypical althletic O-lineman? For what it's worth, he seems to be a difference maker.
  11. What about Winters? When is he getting injured?
  12. I like Cam, but I feel like he's almost too good to be Darnold's backup. Darnold doesn't need someone like that looking over his shoulder. Why not Flacco or Matt Moore.? We're living in the age of covid-19. Having a viable backup QB is a must.
  13. That makes sense, but I kind of preferred the in house options (Adams, Dixon, etc...)
  14. Possibly Lamar Jackson? I heard he might be a better fit at safety than corner.

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