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  1. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Since the Ravens won the Super Bowl, they've been too the playoffs or have been in the playoff hunt (like last year) ever since. Without him, they're trash. Having a competent QB makes all the difference. And Cousins is more than just competent. He's a top 7 QB (statistically).
  2. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Agreed 100%. A chance to sign a top 7 QB (statistically over the past 3 years) in his prime? Getting Kirk Cousins is just too good to be true.
  3. Love the twitter campaign from Jet fans. We need to take it a step further. I was thinking of tweeting something like this: Hey Kirk, your kind aint welcome here. Sincerely, Denver/Minnesota/Arizona fan PS: We're mostly atheist in these cities and are very fond of Bruce Allen
  4. The playoffs; coincidence or not?

    I think you could simplify things a bit with the commonality of the offensive line. The teams that invest in the O-line usually make the playoffs (except for the Cowboys who dealt with injuries). Minnesota, Rams & Jax all revamped their O-lines and saw dividends. Steelers, Titans, Saints, Falcons & Eagles all have multiple 1st rounders (and pro-bowlers). Time for the Jets to start doing the same.
  5. Draft pick you'd trade for Nick Foles?

    I agree. Especially when you consider that Cousins, Darnold, Rosen & Mayfield probably won't be an option for us. If those guys aren't there, please tell me a better option as our 2018 starter? Keenum? McCown? W/O the guys I just mentioned, I'll gladly take Foles and a mid round QB.
  6. Offensive Line

    Agreed. I'm all for taking a Left Tackle in the 1st round, but please no guard. Almost as bad as taking a safety.
  7. McShay Mock 2.0

    I disagree. Can't see the Giants passing on a franchise QB at #2 with a 37 year old Eli on his last legs. Very few teams have the opportunity to pick this high at #2. Giants aint going to blow it.
  8. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    I disagree. If the Eagles are offered a 2nd round pick for a guy that will presumably rot on their bench behind Wentz - pretty sure they're taking that deal
  9. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    People are forgetting what Foles did in 2013. The guy was phenomenal (top 3 QB that year). After watching what he did in the postseason, I'm willing to take a chance on him (late 2nd rounder).
  10. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    I'm starting to feel this way. If we miss out on Cousins, Darnold & Rosen, I'd have no problem giving up our late 2nd rounder.
  11. Interesting. If this is true, than it was foolish of the Redskins to trade for Alex Smith so soon. It took away some of their options with Cousins.
  12. Wentz, Foles or Cousins?

    I disagree. Eagles should be thrilled to get a 2nd round pick for a guy that's going to bolt in 1 year. Not saying we should give them a 2nd rounder, but need to keep our options open. Chances are we're not getting Cousins, Darnold or Rosen.
  13. Wentz, Foles or Cousins?

    Based on what we saw from Foles in the playoffs and a few years ago, I have no problems with the Jets giving up a 3rd round pick (or late 2nd) for this guy (assuming we already missed out on Cousins and a top 3 college QB).
  14. Cousins vs Stafford

    Just once (2015). And over the past 3 years, I don't recall Cousins having any Pro-Bowl weapons around him. Statistically, we're talking about a top 7 QB over the past three years. How a quality QB like Cousins is available, is beyond me.
  15. Cousins vs Stafford

    This statement is no longer true in today's NFL. Teams going from worst to first in one season is becoming the norm (see Rams, Jax, etc...) Cousins could put us in the same boat.