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  1. But they're throwing money to the right players/positions: Donald - Pass rushing DT Ramsey - Shut down corner Woods/Kupp - Stud wr's Goff - QB Credit the Rams for investing in the premium positions (not RB or Safety)
  2. Is this true? I saw Fant getting bullied a bit in pass protection. Not sure about his run blocking.
  3. Looks good so far. Question is will Becton be able to stay healthy and on the field? Not easy for a guy with that frame.
  4. Maybe we'll see more 4-3 defenses? A lot of talent on the D-line.
  5. I use MyBookie.AG. Very happy with it.
  6. Agree 100%. Also, I think the Jets would've had to make a decision between keeping either Harrison and Winters Harrison's durability, versatility, and cap charge makes him a no-brainer.
  7. I don't know how you don't sign Clowney. You have the need and a now the available cap room. He's 27 and a physical freak. Please J.D.
  8. Interesting point, because they lost quite a few starters from last year's O-line. What if Wilson needs Tommy John surgery (out for close to 2 years)?
  9. Still can't believe we got two 1st's and a 3rd for this guy. Does Seattle know that he plays safety?
  10. Seems like we now have the ammo do get this guy. But my question is: Is Ngakgoue really that good? $20 Million for a guy that gets 10 sacks a year?
  11. Good point. I also recall watching clips of Fant holding up very well against Miles Garrett (who destroyed Beachum). I wasn't happy with the Fant signing either, but I do think he offers more upside than Beachum (based on age, measurables & athletic ability).
  12. Wow. Good to hear that about Cager. Wonder who he has to beat out to make the team.
  13. I have to say, I made a point to watch Fant against SF (Bosa) on NFL network last night, and he did impress. I know it's one game and all, but it makes me think that he could be serviceable.
  14. Great job, AFJF. Amazing what the white liberal mob will make you think (and force you to do). Most normal people don't think the term "Redskin" is derogatory at all. In fact changing the name probably further removes the plight of the Native Americans from our consciousness. White Liberals should stick to more important stuff, like defunding & promoting violence against the police, opening up our borders to anyone that wants to enter illegally, and taxing the crap out of businesses and job creators so that they continue to move out of their cesspool of a blue state.

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