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  1. Another African American coach not given a fair chance
  2. No way. Zach Wilson is unwatchable. team won’t play hard for him.
  3. Agree. McDermott’s only value was that he can kick inside to guard (and back up our tackles). But with Mitchel back, no need.
  4. To me, it’s looking like Herbig is a bigger asset than Fant. Gives us more in the running game.
  5. I’m surprised jet fans aren’t concerned about our horrible run defense. With all the talent we have, I’m putting this on our coaches (including Saleh). What we witnessed against Miami is inexcusable and needs to be fixed. It’s great that we have guys that can get to the qb and shut down opposing wrs. But if we can’t stop the run, we’re not going anywhere.
  6. Duane Brown gives us more in the running game than Fant. But can’t see him lasting through the season at 37 with a bum shoulder. But all of a sudden, when Fant and Mitchel come back, we’ll become a pretty deep O-line.
  7. Question is, does AVT have the size (and arm length) to hold up at LT? Liked what I saw Yesterday
  8. Why not? Oline is the most important unit on the team. Makes the offense go and keeps the defense off the field.
  9. Not sure why we don’t sign a RT. A few good ones still on the market (D. Williams, Shell, Massie….)
  10. Looks like peters to the cowboys. But Williams, fisher and Bulaga were all, at one time, above average
  11. Can someone give specific examples of Watson’s “predatory” behavior?
  12. Gonna try and stay positive: Glad the becton injury happened now as opposed to week 3. Plenty of time to shift gears and sign a quality tackle. Lot of options out there
  13. Wonder what it’ll take to get Jenkins in here. Ultimately I can’t see the bears giving up on him just yet.
  14. Some decent options still out there (especially at RT): Bryan Bulaga Daryl Williams Marcus Cannon
  15. Have to say, it is a little discouraging that Darnold had a better rookie year than Zach.
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