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  1. Always felt this O-line was decent and Zach Wilson didn't make them look any better. Hate to say it, but with all the high draft picks coming up, I'm actually more optimistic about our O-line than our QB.
  2. Love this plan. Take a C/G in the 1st round and a RT in the 2nd or 3rd round. Let these young (and talented) guys grow together. That's how great O-lines are built.
  3. Would love to have Moses back, but don't think it's realistic. He knows he deserves to start in this league (and be paid accordingly). And I'm sure Moses would prefer not to compete with Fant/Becton for a starting job.
  4. The concern with Becton will always be his large frame. The percentages are not in his favor (as far as staying healthy). The Jets have no choice but to draft another Tackle in the first 3 rounds (especially with Mosses expected to be gone)
  5. Yes. But there's a reason you don't draft massive 370 pound O-linemen in the 1st round. These guys never stay healthy. I love J.D., but he should've known better.
  6. Agree 100%. And credit Douglas for improving the interior (AVT) and exterior (Moses) o-line during the off season. This line has some talent. Just needs time to gel. Also, Jef fans have to get used to life without Becton. If he's healthy, it's a nice luxury. Just be grateful we have a pretty competent swing tackle in Fant.
  7. Having Fant is piece of mind. Might be the best swing tackle in the league
  8. I'd do that deal in a heartbeat. Swift is due for a breakout year and people forget how good Deebo was at the end of 2019 (when healthy).
  9. Jax is more than OK with James Robinson and Hyde. In fact, not sure how smart it was for them to burn a 1st rounder on a RB after the year Robinson had.
  10. Not so sure about that anymore (with Clare and Lewis done).
  11. Are you telling me we drafted a 24 year old safety at the top of the 2nd round (after we already took one in the 1st)? Really miss Mac.
  12. The issue some had with Wirfs was that he projected as a RT, and you don't spend a 1st round pick on a RT (only a LT). But that's silly. Especially when we already signed Fant to be our LT.
  13. I have to go Tucker. We really have a lot of depth at the Guard position between Lewis, Van Roten, Feeney & Clarke.
  14. I would think if the Jets sign Moses, McDermott would be gone (over Edoga).
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