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  1. Hopefully Darnold will have that same work ethic.
  2. RichardTodd27

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    True. But if an organization is able to hit on it's 1st (Adams), 2nd (Maye) and 4th (Henson) round picks - I'd call it a successful draft. I'm hoping that's the case here.
  3. RichardTodd27

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    Yeah but if Henson turns out to be productive (4th rounder) doesn't that make up for Stewart?
  4. Not sure I would call Crowell a JAG (or old for that matter). Only 25 years old and has shown flashes over the past couple of years. His numbers would've been much better last year had the Browns not been behind almost every game, which caused them to go with Duke Johnson (great pass catching RB).
  5. Maybe that's just the image they're putting out there. It's like my wife complaining that I'm a totally different person when I'm around my in-laws (polite, loving husband, caring father, etc..).
  6. One thing I noticed about elite CB's: very easy to find them in free agency/trade. Unlike the other premium positions (QB, LT, Pass Rushing DE/LB) teams are more than willing to let them walk. Just look at this list (Norman, Sherman, Hayden, Johnson, Peters, etc....). Conclusion: No need to waste a 1st round pick on a CB.
  7. RichardTodd27

    Duke Johnson Contract

    I agree. Reminds me of when we got Thomas Jones (but didn't have to give up a 2nd rounder to get him). Crowell was the 2nd best free agent RB available. Happy to have him.
  8. RichardTodd27

    Jets Offensive Line

    Not as bad as people think. I'm hoping for average. But I agree, we have to start investing high draft picks in the O-line
  9. We got younger and better at 4 critical positions - (MLB, CB, C & RB). Two of our best offensive players from 2016 are healthy this year (Enunwa & Winters). We got a young franchise QB with loads of potential. Please explain how we don't improve on our 5-11 season (barring injuries of course)?
  10. Dez is just a name at this point. Had problems getting seperation last year, dealt with some drops and has always been a head case. I'm happy with what we have.
  11. I was really hoping we'd get Carlos Hyde in free agency. I felt at times (when healthy) he's been one of the more effective rbs. That said, Crowell and is younger and more durable (also my 2nd choice behind Hyde). Not sure what San Fran was thinking with McKinon.
  12. RichardTodd27

    Can we talk receivers?

    I'm actually excited about our WR's this year (especially Enunwa). Young with lots of potential. And please, no need to go after a big name malcontent WR (like Dez). Guys like Dez, Moss, T.O., Ochocinco, etc... don't seem to win Super Bowls. I'll take a big name O-lineman over a WR any day.
  13. Agree 100%. And if we do eventually upgrade at Left Tackle, still would like to keep Beachum around. Very versatile lineman that can provide quality depth and would be a great swing tackle
  14. This is one thing I always appreciated about Mac. He takes chances on guys that have had past injury issues. He did it with Claiborne, Beachum, Long and now Anderson. Low risk, high reward. It's a great philosophy and it's paid off for a lot of teams (like when the Saint signed Brees).
  15. I'm not a Mac fan by any means. But he does deserve credit for some solid moves: - Signing Robbie Anderson, Clairborne, Mclendon & Kony Ealy - Trading for Kearse & Demario - Trading up for Darnold Sure, I'd like to see Mac pay more attention to the O-line (sooner than later), but I think he's shown enough to have our trust.