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  1. You hit it right on the head here.
  2. RichardTodd27

    Remaining EDGE defenders in free agency

    I agree. There's still a gaping hole at the position. To rely on a rookie (assuming either Allen/Bosa are there) seems a bit foolish. I always believed in the philosophy that "you can never have too many edge rushers". I'm not sure Mac feels that way.
  3. RichardTodd27

    Pass Rush Help?

    Agreed. I can only imagine the reaction here if we don't get Ziggy (or any other edge rusher) and take Quinen over Josh Allen at pick #3.
  4. RichardTodd27

    Pass Rush Help?

    We're not allowed to have more than one elite edge pass rusher? Did they ban it after Giants used multiple pass rushers to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Or was it when Denver used their pass rushers to beat Carolina in the Super Bowl? Please give me Ziggy!!!!!
  5. RichardTodd27

    Houston to the Colts

    Same here. Bosa/Allen or bust for me too. But can't lie, I'm a little concerned Mac will go BPA, take Quinen Williams and he'll eventually play out of position.
  6. RichardTodd27

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    Say what you want about Mac, but his trades have been solid (Demario, Henry Anderson, Kearse & 2nd rounder, Bridgewater, etc....). I trust him more when making trades than making draft picks.
  7. I like our receiving options a lot. I know everyone wants a true #1 WR. Not me. Having an elite #1 WR usually doesn't work out well. They normally come with a heavy price tag, big egos and are headaches. It was the case back in the day with guys like T. Owens & Moss and we still see it with guys like Antonio and Odell.
  8. RichardTodd27

    Update on Justin Houston

    I still don't understand why we didn't "overpay" Paradis or Morse. We could very well not sign Houston/Ziggy and take Q. Williams over Allen in the 1st round and totally ignore the edge. But that's the beauty of Mac, you never know what he's thinking.
  9. RichardTodd27

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    I made it a point to watch Qvale last preseason. I think he's horrible and should not be anyone's swing tackle. Need to address the tackle position in the draft (as well as center).
  10. RichardTodd27

    For those who complain about current management

    The story of that clip was the reporter. What a disrespectful, condescending A-hole. I'd love to find out where he is today and punch him in the face.
  11. RichardTodd27

    Discussion on centers

    Wow, Gase sounds like a nut. You'd never think that by looking at him (at least not at his eyes)
  12. RichardTodd27

    Justin Houston

    You might be right, but how could Ray ask for that much? The guy really hasn't done much. Injuries obviously has something to do with it. Ansah on other hand has put together a couple of good seasons. Happy with either.
  13. RichardTodd27

    Justin Houston

    Houston had 9 sacks in 12 games last year (and 10 the year before). We might have to pay this guy something substantial. If we still have the cap room, I don't see why not. You can never have too many elite pass rushers (and as of now, we pretty much don't have any )
  14. RichardTodd27

    Jamison Crowder Stat Comparison

    You're paying for youth. Tate's on the wrong side of 30. Always liked Crowder. Became Cousin's top target out of nowhere a couple of years ago. Great signing.
  15. Wow! What confidence. I hope you're right, but another losing season like last year, it's going to be hard to justify keeping Mac.
  16. Calling Dr. Williams...Dr. Daryl Williams. Before he got hurt last year, he was very well regarded. Not only do our tackles suck, but we have no depth. Sign him!
  17. RichardTodd27

    Anyone Talk About Daryl Williams?

    Even if he is just a slight improvement, I'd take it. Also, nice to have some Tackle depth to protect our young QB. The position is too important to have just Beachum and Shell there.
  18. RichardTodd27

    Anyone Talk About Daryl Williams?

    Was just thinking about Daryl Williams. Amazing how people don't think we have a need at Tackle with Beachum and Shell. Couldn't be more wrong. Beachum has one year left and Shell is still a question mark. Spend money on this guy. God knows we have plenty of it to spare.
  19. RichardTodd27

    Who is Plan G at Edge rusher?

    I would take Ansah or Houston and draft Allen. Can't have enough pass rushers. Plus, at their age (Ansah & Houston) they might be looking at more situational roles.
  20. RichardTodd27

    Paradis on TV and explains what he wants

    I take this as a positive for him signing with the Jets. This will be his last chance to really cash in. Hoping he takes our money.
  21. RichardTodd27

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    More info on Hudson please? Is he a top tier Center?
  22. RichardTodd27

    Bell or Paradis, gonna have to pick 1

    Easy decision. I'll go with the guy that will still be playing football in 4 years - Paradis
  23. RichardTodd27

    Jamison Crowder

    I disagree. Best free agent wr on the market (when you take age into account). Look at his numbers when he had Cousins as his QB.
  24. Had him in fantasy (league with IDP). Was actually pretty good the past few seasons, but more of a tackle guy. He's not the pass rusher you're hoping for.
  25. Wouldn't Trent Brown be an upgrade in the running game? The guys is almost 400 pounds.

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