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  1. I go Wills and it aint even close. The trend in the NFL is to wait until the 2nd round to get your stud WR (M. Thomas, Davante, A.J. Brown, Deebo, JuJu, etc...). You can wait on a WR. Can't do the same for an offensive tackle.
  2. I agree Tua is a huge risk. But if there's 1 team that can afford to gamble, it's Miami. Five 1st round picks over the next 2 years gives them that right.
  3. Agree 100%. I would break the bank for both Conklin and Scherff. Two young offensive linemen that are top 10 in their respective positions. Then I'd use 2 of our high draft picks on a LT and C. This is a quick way to turn our offense around. Histrorically, investing in the offensive line always provides dividends.
  4. The new trend is go WR in the 2nd round (M. Thomas, D. Adams, JuJu, Deebo, A.J. Brown, etc...). That's where the real value is. Wr's take time to develop and are no longer worth the 1st round price.
  5. For me it's too soon to fire Gase. Unless you're a 1-15 coach in your rookie year, you deserve a 2nd chance. And we did have a ridiculous amount of injuries. But the big thing for me is that he got rid of Macagnan for us. We should give him an extra year just based on that alone.
  6. Have to disagree with you here. If I were in the fantasy football finals this weekend, I would gladly watch red zone instead of routing for the Jets to beat the Steelers and get a worse draft position.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I have no problem over-paying for a guard like Scherff or Thuney. Anytime we've done so in the past, it's paid off (Faneca, Kendall, etc...). Smartest and quickest way to turn our O-line around. Hopefully we also use 2 early round picks on a LT and C.
  8. I hope the Jets never get a "blue chip" receiver. Historically proven to be a waste of money and an awful way to build a team. Plus a lot of times it has an adverse effect on your young (developing) QB. Build the O-line and get an edge rusher (2 things we should've done last year).
  9. Same here. Hell, even took his name (on this site) because of it. Memories of the good ole days.
  10. OBJ is a prime example of how star WR's are so dependent on not only having a good QB, but also an O-line. Hopefully Joe Douglas realizes the correct way to build a team (inside out) and prioritizes O-line over WRs
  11. With all the injuries to our inside LB's (Mosely, Hewitt, Cashman, etc...), it didn't surprise me to see Copeland moving inside at the linebacker spot last Sunday (at times). He seemed fairly active with 9 tackles and a sack. But those stats can be deceiving. Just want to know what people's thoughts were about his play and whether this is how Copeland will be deployed going forward.
  12. Unbelievable. Didn't Manish just send out a tweet saying we really can use this guy? Not sure why I still follow him. Just constant Gase-bashing.
  13. Don't be so sure. Their offensive line is really banged up. I know....Tom Brady, Blah, Blah, Blah..... But pressure on the QB can change a lot of things.
  14. If the Jets took another TE (considering all our needs and the fact that we already have Herndon on our roster) I would lose my mind.
  15. Can you please expand on this? I'll be comparing Josh Allen to Quinen for years to come. Would feel much better if Allen turned out to be a dud.
  16. Give Darnold a clean pocket and some time and you'll see these receivers become stars. We saw it last week with all the of Cleveland's wepons (Odell, Landry, Njoku, etc...). They were useless because Mayfield was constantly under pressure. WR is an overrated position (much like CB). Jets need to fix the real problem (O-line)
  17. That's nonsense. Over the past couple of years, Robbie and Crowder have been more productive than Demaryous. Most of our problems on offense have to do with our awful O-line.
  18. Not sure where you get this. Tunsil's PFF grades were pretty good last year.
  19. Makes sense. But do the Texans even have a need for Leo? Hoping for Leo & a 5th for Clowney.
  20. Reading all these posts reminds me of how idiotic it was for Macc to select Q over Allen. You combine the need for an edge rusher with the importance of the position (especially compared to 3-4 DE) and I really get angry. Glad Macc's gone!
  21. Sean Lee would look good on our Injured Reserve list (where he'll end up).
  22. Thanks for posting. I'll be keeping an eye on Winovich and of course Josh Allen. Love to see what these guys turn into.
  23. Over the course of history the most impactful and successful defensive players have been elite edge rushers (L.T., Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Haley, etc....). Not sure you can win a Super Bowl without one.

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