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    Poll Adam Gase vs Matt Rhule

    Got to be honest, I can't believe the Jets were even considering Rhule (based on his resume). No way this fan base would approve of a college coach with limited success. Gase had the 2nd best credentials out of all the available candidates. And he fits the mold of a brilliant, young QB guru that everyone seems to want these days.
  2. RichardTodd27

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I'm just happy we aint getting an inexperienced college coach or another former defensive coordinator. McCarthy, Monken & Gase were the only 3 choices for me. Preferred the first 2, but I'll happily take Gase.
  3. RichardTodd27

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Historically speaking, Gase was the right pick. Look at most of the Super Bowl winning coaches over the past 10 years (Bellichek, Carrol, Coughlin & Kubiak). What do they all have in common? They succeeded their 2nd time around (and never one a championship during their first gig). Like it or not, there is a learning curve for coaches. Jets figured that out and made the right pick.
  4. RichardTodd27

    I think Monken is the primary target

    Great point. I'm actually excited about all of these potential hires (Monken, Kingsbury, McCarthy, etc..). I wouldn't even mind Gase. Not the case in 2015.
  5. RichardTodd27

    Kliff Kingsbury to interview with Jets

    That would be great. But are we really going to get excited about hiring coordinators? 1 good year and they're out the door.
  6. RichardTodd27

    Trumaine Johnson

    Agree about Antinio (even though he might be among the GOAT). But superstar-diva receivers usually aren't worth the trouble (especially when you're trying to develop your young stud QB). Build the O-line, get an edge rusher, re-sign Robbie, & sign Bell (or preferably Hunt).
  7. RichardTodd27

    Kliff Kingsbury to interview with Jets

    I'm all for Todd Monken. Did a great job as the Tampa offensive coordinator over the past 2 years and even has head coaching experience as the Southern Miss coach (taking them from 0-12 to 9-5). Not to mention that we're maintaing some coaching "continuity" by keeping the first name (going from Todd Bowles to Todd Monken). I hear the Johnson's consider this a big plus.
  8. RichardTodd27

    McCarthy Quarterback School

    Count me in too. And what people forget is that coming out of college, Aaron Rodgers wasn't considered a "can't miss" QB. McCarthy deserves a lot of credit for Rodgers's success.
  9. I'm concerned he aint going to look like LeVeon Bell behind our O-line. I know he's talented and all, but he's got some miles (and past injuries) on him. That said, we got a lot of room under the cap. As long as it doesn't hurt our future ability to sign more important positional players (LT, edge rusher, etc...), I don't mind paying Bell.
  10. RichardTodd27

    Bell or draft?

    This is easy. Sign Kareem Hunt for reasonable money. Video wasn't that bad and things are already starting to blow over. He's 23 and made a mistake (and nothing that compares to what others have done or that will do in the future). They'll deal with some bad press early on, but it'll all be forgotten soon enough.
  11. Great points! Edge rusher is still the 2nd most important position in football. I still think O-line should be the main focus, but a dominant pass rusher comes first.
  12. RichardTodd27

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    Fair point. But to just cut ties??? You don't think that's a bit extreme based on the video? And whatever happened to 2nd chances? I think this PC culture we live in and the #MeToo movement is getting a little out of hand.
  13. RichardTodd27

    Jets fans endless obsession with draft picks

    Normally I would agree with you, but are you going to root against Sam Darnold? We're in a different situation now.
  14. RichardTodd27

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    Careful. That's a slippery slope. What if a video surfaces of Sam Darnold doing the same thing? Are you ready to cut ties with our future franchise QB? Also, I never knew it was an employer's job to oversee morality and human decency.
  15. RichardTodd27

    Jets fans endless obsession with draft picks

    Already having a franchise QB and trading away our 2nd rounder has made tanking less of a priority this year (at least in my mind). I want to see some development (especially with our young QB). I TOO WILL NOT BE ROOTING AGAINST THE JETS THE REST OF THE WAY IN FAVOR OF A HIGHER DRAFT PICK! (I believe that's the first time I've ever said that)
  16. RichardTodd27

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    I disagree. This video wasn't anything close to what Ray Rice did. Rice knocked the girl unconscious with a closed fist and then dragged her out of the elevator. He basically showed no remorse even after the knock out blow. Hunt, on the other hand, shoved the girl; then later shoved someone into her; and at the end kicked her while being pulled away. Can't compare the 2 incidents. I'll admit things could've been a lot worse if his friends didn't restrain him. But the fact is, based on the video, there wasn't enough for Hunt to be charged. And you shouldn't be punished for what "could've" happened. Bottom line, the Chiefs overreacted. It'll probably cost them a Super Bowl appearance.
  17. RichardTodd27

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    I disagree. The NFL and the Chiefs are not in the business of law enforcement. And asking any employer to conduct a thorough criminal investigation is silly. Hunt is a 23 year old kid that made a mistake. He deserves a 2nd chance. Let the punishment fit the crime. In this case there is no crime as deemed by the legal authorities. However a suspension is understandable. But releasing Hunt altogether? Based on the video I saw, that seems like an overreaction.
  18. I'd rather they get the Pittsburgh's offensive line instead of a RB nearing 30 who hasn't played in a year and a half.
  19. RichardTodd27

    Cannon or McGuire?

    And they shouldn't. Normally when you fix the o-line, the RB problems take care of themself. Teams like Washington and Seattle are proof of that.
  20. Agree. Might also want to extend Enunwa (as well as Shell). If he stays healthy, looks like he could be the real deal.
  21. RichardTodd27

    David Johnson Signs 3 year Extension

    Not sure how much of a market there'll be for a 29 year old RB But smart move by DJ anyway. RB's have short careers and are very replaceable.
  22. RichardTodd27

    Jermon Bushrod

    He was just cut by the Saints. I know he's up there (about 34). But he used to protect Drew Brees's blind side and won a Super Bowl in 2009. Bushrod must be an upgrade on Qvale as our swing Tackle. Hope we get him. LT is too important a position to neglect.
  23. RichardTodd27

    Jets 2019 free agents, resigning speculation

    I'd try and keep Enunwa, Robbie & Dozier. Young, capable guys with upside. If Henry Anderson shows well this year, wouldn't mind keeping him either.
  24. Austin Howard cut by Indy. I know he's an RT, but has to be an upgrade over Qvale.
  25. RichardTodd27

    Dakota Dozier

    Interesting. I always liked Dozier, but isn't he a bit short for LT? I think he's about 6'4. Based on what we've seen from Qvale this season, not sure he should even make the 53 man roster.

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