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  1. Not so sure about that. If the Jets are able to put together a great year (this year) Macc should get most of the credit and could use it to land another GM job. Not saying Macc deserves it, but stranger things have happened.
  2. Do they need D-line help? How about Leonard Williams straight up for him? A trade like that would make me feel much better about drafting Quinen (when it was already a position of strength).
  3. I think Doulas has to do something to put his stamp on this team. Remember, if the Jets are successful this year, all credit goest to Macc. But if Douglas makes a couple of moves, he may be able to share some of the glory.
  4. This reminds me of the time I met Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet (on separate occasions). Surprised to see how much friendlier and down to earth Keyshawn was Chrebet. Just my personal experience.
  5. What's sad is that Macc actually sold this vision (ignoring the O-line) to Woody during the interview process. Here's how that conversation might've gone: Macc: I know most GM's want to build from the inside out and assemble a great offensive line, blah, blah, blah......not me. Woody: But isn't the game won in the trenches? Macc: Yeah whatever...Here's my plan. I'm going to spend 1st round picks on safeties, undersized MLB's and Defensive Linemen. And btw, I don't care if Defensive Line is already a position of strength and we have other glaring needs (like at Edge, C and LT). And I'm going to keep drafting them defensive ends and have our coach either rotate them or play them out of position. Woody: Hmmmm. Keep talking. But what about the O-line? Macc: Don't worry about the damn O-line, Woody. I told you, it don't matter. We'll address it in the 5th round or later. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I also plan on giving outrageous contracts to non premium position free agents like RB and MLB. Even though those guys are a dime a dozen and easy to come by. Woody: Interesting...I think I found my man. Macc: Glad to hear it. now where do you keep your coffee machine?
  6. They'll be attached at the hip. No doubt. But that's how it should be. But, Gase was one of the better HC candidates out there and it seems like you can the say the same thing about Douglas as a GM candidate. Headed in the right direction!
  7. I heard Joe Douglas had a grandmother that was half black, making him 1/8 African American. We should be good.
  8. Sounds like Joe Douglas is pretty well respected and qualified. Hope we get him. I would also hope the Johnson's fired Macagnan with a plan in place to replace him. This process (finding a GM) should not take too long. Otherwise it won't look too good (not that it does right now).
  9. I want to see how Q, Polite & Edoga look this year. If they look legit, Macc deserves credit and the right to keep his job (even if the Jets go 8-8)
  10. Not blaming Macc for Chad, blaming him for drafting a position (DL) that's already considered our strength, while we have other glaring needs that need to be addressed (edge rusher, center, etc....). Now good luck trying to get Q. Williams on the field. Seems like we keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
  11. I see nothing wrong with this. Right now you can't even pencil Quinen in as a starter. He's a rotational player. Got guys ahead of him You can blame Mac for this
  12. Lol! Future reference, that stuff has to be captured on video.
  13. If this is the case, how about moving Leo to DE and switching to a 4-3? Got to make room for Quinen. This is what happens when you draft BAP instead of for obvious need (Josh Allen).
  14. Listening to people compare Josh Allen to Von Miller really made this a no brainer pick for me. But Mac has a history of doing this. I've defended Mac in the past (mainly for continuity reasons and not wanting to start all over again). But this pick put me over the edge.
  15. Seattle O-line wasn't so bad last year. Big upgrade at LT (Brown) and their running game was actually pretty successful. I'm not sure how well this German fellow did. From what I hear he was very structured & disciplined, but did have a very cold & distant personality.
  16. I picked Q. I just hope in 3 years we're not regretting taking him over Josh Allen as our much needed edge rusher. Picking Allen made too much sense for Macagnan.
  17. Am I allowed to say that Bosa will make Jets great again (MJGA)?
  18. What, you don't want a diva, me-first wr that'll demand the ball and eventually wants to be over-paid? It's just what Darnold needs right now.
  19. Might be the right move. As much as I like Allen at #3, investing in the O-line early in the draft is something to consider. I haven no problem trading down to acquire a couple of 2nd rounders, drafting Taylor/Dillard with that 1st rounder, and a center with the 2nd rounder. Then again if we do this and Josh Allen turns out to be a stud edge rusher, I might go into severe depression.
  20. So then why are elite edge rushers always winning Super Bowls? Just off the top of my head, Super Bowl champs edge rushers include - L.T., Reggie White, Charles Haley, Strahan, Freeney, Harrison, Clay, Suggs, Von Miller. And these guys were all instumental (not just their for the ride). I know there's a handful that didn't win SB's like Derrick Thomas and Peppers. But you get my point.
  21. If it means getting a couple of extra 2nd rounders and future 1st rounder, than I'll sum up my feelings about Sweat in 2 words: SIGN MEUP
  22. Trading down wouldn've been the way to go had we gotten our edge rusher in free agency. Now, I'm not sure we have that option.
  23. Sounds like Cam's getting married!!! Congrats!
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