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  1. Just wondering, would Fant start (or be an upgrade) on any other team in the NFL? To me, the answer is probably 'no'. Even as a swing Tackle, this might be the best situation for Fant (given Becton's situation).
  2. I agree. But all indications are that Fant is a high character guy. And btw, what a luxury it is to have a swing tackle like Fant. But for us, it's a must with a big dude like Becton on this team.
  3. Same here (especially since he's an Islander fan). But I think Feeney and Lewis provide a bit more pop in the running game.
  4. This post scares me. And it's what I've heard from others. We need to sign Moses.
  5. I agree this might be the case (although I believe Fisher already signed with the Colts). But to be honest, I hope they do get some insurance for Becton. His size is an issue and it's why a lot of us prefferred to draft Whirf instead of him.
  6. Douglas needs to get Foles in here. Would be a shame with all the talent we added on both sides of the ball, that this becomes a lost season if Wilson were to go down with an injury.
  7. Not sure I agree with this. Is Fant an upgrade at RG to Van Rotten, Lewis, Feeney, Clark..... He's never played the position before.
  8. Upgrading from Fant to Moses at RT would be huge for our rushing attack. Also, having Fant as a swing tackle is a nice insurance policy for our QB.
  9. Isn't Moses considered a top 10 RT?
  10. Big question mark especially with 2 guys: Wilson & Becton. Both are high first round picks that don't have the ideal frame for their respective positions. A thin framed QB and an oversized Tackle. I love JD, his draft strategy, and what he's done so far. But if these 2 guys can't stay healthy, JD needs to be held accountable.
  11. I agree 100%. But who was available from the 4th round on that we missed out on?
  12. Medical red flags doesn't scare Douglas. I'll never complain about drafting Edge.
  13. Yes, but if Jenkins is that Road Grading Right Tackle that we think he might be, that to me takes precedence over a CB (Samuel) WR (Moore) RB (Williams) or LB (NOK). The impact on the running game and Wilson's development would be tremendous. That said, I do prefer Edge here.
  14. Yes. But Mosley's a pro-bowler and we're pretty thin at LB. Also, it's not like we're up against the cap. No need to trade away talented play making defenders.
  15. Agree. Doesn't the backup QB position bother anyone? Especially with our new, delicate QB with a small frame. Please give me Minshew or Mullins.
  16. This is the one issue I have with JD. He doesn't seem to shy away from these kind of players with injury concerns. Last year he drafted a big dude like Becton, and now he's about to draft a QB with a history of shoulder issues.
  17. Most of us have gotten on board with Wilson at #2. But some are legitimately concerned about Wilson's small frame and past shoulder surgery. As someone that's about to have his 2nd shoulder surgery in 12 years, it's not easy for me to embrace this pick (especially with Fields sitting there). I just hope in a few years from now I won't have to bump this post and say "I told you so".
  18. Can never have enough pass rushers. But I'm OK with either O-line or edge at #23.
  19. I know you're kidding, but I was hoping SF had some inside information that Jets were going Fields, which is why they gave up 3 first rounders for Zach Wilson (and not that loser Mac Jones).
  20. Not horrible last year (16 TD's / 5 INT's / 66% completion). And was a stud in 2019. He'd be the top backup in the league. No doubt.
  21. Think he missed 5 games with a hand injury. But could've been less. Jaguars were in tank mode at the end of the season and weren't anxious to play him. Very durable in 2019 (and effective)
  22. But are the Jets really misdirecting everyone? Or is it the Media and the pundits that are doing this? Hoping Fields is still in play at #2.
  23. I want Minshew and I wouldn't mind giving up a 4th rounder for him. There I said it. The backup QB position so important as we're about to draft an undersized (and already damaged) QB in Zach Wilson.
  24. Good question. For me, Zach Wilson does NOT pass the eye test. But I'm wrong a lot. Hoping for the best.
  25. Just looking at Zach's slight build has me thinking how important the backup QB position is.
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