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  1. Can someone give specific examples of Watson’s “predatory” behavior?
  2. Gonna try and stay positive: Glad the becton injury happened now as opposed to week 3. Plenty of time to shift gears and sign a quality tackle. Lot of options out there
  3. Wonder what it’ll take to get Jenkins in here. Ultimately I can’t see the bears giving up on him just yet.
  4. Some decent options still out there (especially at RT): Bryan Bulaga Daryl Williams Marcus Cannon
  5. Have to say, it is a little discouraging that Darnold had a better rookie year than Zach.
  6. Baker’s big mistake was playing through his injured shoulder last year. People forget how good he was his rookie year (27 TD’s) and in 2020. Baker’s not elite, but big upgrade over darnold. Especially since they’re only paying him $5 million. Hell, for that amount I’d take him on the jets.
  7. Amazing how people can spin stats to fit their narrative. Well done and shame on P. Kings.
  8. You need to lower your expectations. Zach set the bar pretty low by throwing 9 TD's against 11 Int's in his rookie year. But he's smart, hard working and at times passes the eye test. I'll take 20 TD's against 10 Int's with a completion percentage at 58%.
  9. We need a better backup QB because Zach Wilson threw 9 TD's and 11 picks last year. I'm not just worried about Zach getting hurt, also concerned he'll play like he did last year. We needed a better contingency plan than Flacco/White.
  10. Disagree. I really wanted Mariota as our backup QB. Young and exciting QB that can beat you with his legs > a 38 year old has been. Can easily see him Mariota resurrecting his career. Wouldn've been a nice insurance policy.
  11. Baker was pretty banged up last year and needed surgery. Showed toughness just being out there. And no I wouldn't want Zach to throw 21 picks next year. Just want him to do better than last year's horrific 9 TD's and 11 Int's.
  12. I love the anti-Baker sentiment from Jet fans. As if we already have our stud franchise QB. Wouldn't mind if Zach put up identical numbers to Baker in his first 3 years. 2020 Browns 62.8% 3,563yds 26 TD's 8 Ints 95.9 2019 Browns 59.4% 3,827yds 22 TD's 21 Ints 78.8 2018 Browns 63.8% 3,725yds 27 TD's 14Ints 93.7
  13. Agree 100%. But lets see if the Browns can get what J.D got for Darnold.
  14. Wouldn't mind bringking Cole back. But 2nd round is usually the best place to get your star WR (Adams, M. Thomas, AJ Brown, Deebo, etc......).
  15. The Jamal trade really was incredible. Can probably say the same thing about getting a 2nd and 4th rounder for Darnold (after seeing what Matt Ryan and Wentz went for). And then you see studs like Amari Cooper and Robert Woods going for peanuts (6th rounders). Have to really appreciate J.D. (who also got a 6th rounder for Blake Cashman).
  16. I disagree. Becton's been injury prone for 2 years now. The time to worry was 2 years ago when we drafted a 370 pound Tackle. Got to look at his eventual replacement (or at the very least some quality depth).
  17. Agree 100%. Can't trust big Becton to stay healthy and Fant is good (and should be extended). But Fant can't be considered a "difference maker" or "dominant LT". Can definitely upgrade. Not solidifying our Tackles could be disasterous for the Jets (especially for our QB).
  18. Jet run defense was really hard to watch last year. Don't remember the last time it was this bad. I'm hoping Sallah is a good enough defensive mind that he can figure it out. Very concerning.
  19. Love JD's draft philosophy of focusing on the O-line early in drafts and not wasting 1st rounders on non-premium positions (S, TE....). I'll give him the benefit of the doubt just based on that.
  20. Probably did. But more of a chance for Moses to start in Baltimore than here (with Becton healthy).
  21. Why not? It happened when Tannihil tok over for Marriota in Tennessee. Unfortunately, ZW's performance last year shouldn't make anyone believe that we should be "all in" with him for this year. Why not have a legitimate backup plan we can all get excited for (like Minshew)?
  22. Jets fans should be sick to their stomach with this news. Much better (and younger) options out there with higher upside (Minshew, Trubisky, Marriota.......). The status quo at 2nd string QB is unacceptable. (And would be almost as bad as the Jets drafting another safety at pick #4 overall).
  23. I start to get a little sick in my stomach when I hear talk of the Jets drafting a Safety or Tight End in the 1st round. Please stick with the premium positions in round 1.
  24. Always felt this O-line was decent and Zach Wilson didn't make them look any better. Hate to say it, but with all the high draft picks coming up, I'm actually more optimistic about our O-line than our QB.
  25. Love this plan. Take a C/G in the 1st round and a RT in the 2nd or 3rd round. Let these young (and talented) guys grow together. That's how great O-lines are built.
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